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After having kept silent for fear of a racist backlash from the Israeli loving EDL and similar low-lifes, London shopkeepers, not least Muslim ones, have embraced a Boycott of Israeli  Dates.  Read a cross post from Inminds  below. 

London Shopkeepers Embrace ‘Boycott Israeli Dates Campaign’



London Rhymes with Palestine
12 July 2012
Join the campaign

Please us help distribute Boycott Israeli Dates leaflets this Ramadan. Its very simple, just tell us how many leaflets you can manage and give us a delivery address to send them to. For more information please see here

To find out more about the campaign please visit Boycott Israeli Dates Campaign

With Ramadan just a week away and this years ‘Boycott Israeli Dates Campaign’ in full flow, the capitals shopkeepers have wholeheartedly embraced the campaign with dozens of shops in London already displaying the campaign posters in their shop windows and stocking bundles of leaflets to give out to their customers.

Customers have reacted very positively to this act of solidarity by shopkeepers with the Palestinian people suffering this Ramadan under brutal Israeli military occupation: “I feel if this shop has gone to the trouble to put up this poster for the benefit of its customers.. for my benefit, to inform me which brands of dates to avoid and thereby not contribute to the crimes being committed against my brothers and sisters in Palestine, then it shows they care for their customers and I am very please to shop here..”

Photos courtesy of London Rhymes with Palestine. London Rhymes with Palestine is a group of “International civilians in solidarity with Palestinians, calling for a free Palestine, with equality & the right of return for refugees.” To find out more please visit their Facebook page

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