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“The fools, the fools, the fools” neither by bombs nor lies will they prevent us
showing The Political Lynching of Jackie

about 7.15 pm on Tuesday evening, the World Premier of The Political
Lynching of Jackie Walker 
was due to take place at Blackburne House,
Liverpool, on the fringe of the Labour Party Conference.
very fact that this film had to be shown in a small venue near the Liverpool
Philharmonic rather than at the Black E was because Momentum’s The
World Transformed
 had banned it and Jackie Walker (along with Free
Speech on Israel 
and Labour Against the Witchhunt).  The
World Transformed has strict limits to its transformation even if the rightward
moving Red Pepper chooses to keep silent.
is 99% certain that the phone call came from a Zionist group. No one else had
the motive. The person who made the hoax bomb threat spoke of a ‘Jewish
taking place. Zionist hatred of anti-Zionist Jews, ‘self
or ‘kapos’ and Jackie Walker in particular is
far higher than that of British fascists. Anti-Zionist Jews are subject to much
greater anti-Semitic abuse by Zionists than by non-Jewish anti-Semites. Indeed
one of their favourite complaints is that we too weren’t exterminated in the
concentration camps.
The Board of Deputies tries to counteract the results of their extreme religious authority
stupidity of these Zionists, who imagine that they can shut down debate and
even a film with the threat of a bomb is reminiscent of the funeral oration by
Padraig Pearse in August 2015 for O’Donovan Rossa, a prominent Irish Republican
fools, the fools, the fools! —they have left us our Fenian dead, and while
Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace.”
have a particular interest in this film since the title of the film and the
play of the same name are taken from a blog which I wrote, The Jewish Labour Movement and its Political Lynching of
Jackie Walker
on September 17th 2016,
over two weeks before Jackie was suspended for a second time in the wake of the
2016 Labour Party Conference. As the Jewish News admitted 

title is a reference to an article by Marxist commentator Tony Greenstein, who
wrote: “The attacks on Jackie Walker and others are political, a
determined effort by the Israel lobby to make Britain’s Labour Party safe for
Israel and Zionism.”

previous May Jackie had been suspended and then reinstated within 3 weeks, as a
result of a discussion she had had with a friend over
the question of Jewish involvement with slavery. The Jewish Labour Movement
refused to accept Jackie’s reinstatement. The JLM, who are supposedly
‘left’ Zionists, lied and defamed Jackie in an effort to secure her
This was one of many vile, racist tweets that were a consequence of Jewish Labour Movement attacks.  Not once has the JLM condemned these tweets
More Zionist abuse of Jackie
lies that the JLM told gave rise to a vicious tirade of racist abuse and social
media posts attacking Jackie as a Black person and denying that she was even
Jewish.  Being Black meant that Jackie was the ‘wrong sort of
Of course where the JLM led, the openly fascist Zionists
I noticed, in the run up to the 2016 Labour Party Conference, that the JLM were
targeting Jackie, including withdrawing an invitation to speak to John
McDonnell, and I saw in this vendetta nothing less than a political lynching.
active in this campaign was Momentum’s racist boss Jon Lansman who threw Jackie to the wolves by removing her
as Deputy Chair of Momentum. As did the Zionist ‘Trotskyists’ the AWL.
then there has been a steady stream of vitriol and abuse by those seeking to
portray Jackie Walker as a racist and anti-Semite.  Repeated attempts
have been made to prevent meetings at which Jackie was due to speak and at
which her play The Lynching has been shown. 
attempts at shutting down the free speech of a Black Jewish woman have not been
made by fascists but by the Zionist Board of Deputies of British Jews.
Jackie and I spoke in Brighton and  Nottingham, the BOD phoned the venues beforehand attempting to get the
meetings called off. Similar attempts were made to prevent Jackie appearing in
Bradford and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Pure distilled  hypocrisy from @boardofdeputies
if the hoax bomb caller was unknown there can be no doubt
that he was doing the work that Marie van der Zyl, Jonathan Arkush and the
Board of Deputies have been doing these past two years.
The Board of Deputies doing their best to label Jackie Walker an anti-semite
if their methods were slightly different the objective was the
same.  To prevent Jackie Walker exercising her right of free speech.
Defence of the pernicious and racist Israeli state was the aim of both Marie
Van Der Zyle and the hoax bomb caller. Whereas Ms Zyle merely threatened,
cajoled and lied to the owners of venues which she contacted, the anonymous
person who phoned on Tuesday simply promised to blow people up Israeli style.
The Zionists and anti-semites blend into one another
the past two years the BOD has been accusing Jackie Walker of ‘anti-Semitism’.
For example in November 2016, when trying to persuade a church in Bradford to
cancel a meeting at which she was due to speak, the Board described Jackie as “an unapologetic Jew-baiter’. Yet these
hypocrites, afraid of the backlash against this bomb hoax, describe it as
an ‘anti-Semitic bomb threat’. 
Even the racist Sun gets worked up by ‘antisemitism’
this week the Sun reported that the Labour MP for Tel Aviv
South and Liverpool Riverside, Louise Ellman had:  “blasted the attempts to promote her worldview,
saying it was “disgraceful” for banned activists to be tolerated by other party
members. Dame Louise told a Jewish Labour Movement meeting: “Jackie
Walker, suspended by the party, is going around this conference with her show
The Lynching of Jackie Walker.”
This Zionist was puzzled how Jackie, suspended because of a diagnosis of antisemitism, could be a victim of anti-semitism
surprisingly the BOD’s take on this came as something of a shock to some
Zionists who couldn’t quite work out why it was anti-semitic to attack an
‘anti-Semite’. The person the Board demonised yesterday as a ‘Jew
has now become the victim of anti-Semitism! This has proved
too much for some of their own stupid supporters.
if the BOD are serious in what they say then they should abandon their
demonisation of Jackie and support the showing of this film. Indeed they Board
should ensure that it is shown in synagogues and Jewish communal halls in all
areas with a significant Jewish population.  After all they wouldn’t
want the terrorists to win would they? 

Most people are unpersuaded that Jesus has any relevance to today

reaction or lack of it of the mass media has been conspicuous by its
absence.  Nothing in every paper bar the Guardian and nothing of course on
the BBC.  If this had been a bomb scare directed at a Zionist event then
the cameras would have been popping away.  Luciana Berger MP, who has been
given a police escort to protect her from fake anti-Semitism, would have been
mouthing off .  The Blessed Margaret Hodge would have compared herself to
a victim in Auschwitz.   
Clearly the rabid writer was a little bit confused!
So inane and dishonest was the Guardian’s coverage that this reader assumed that the bomb threat was directed against the Zionists! 
Guardian need not have bothered to cover the story. The headline over its piece
was Jewish event at Labour conference
abandoned after bomb scare. Leaving aside the fact that it wasn’t a ‘Jewish
event’ the clear impression was left that this was another Zionist event that
had been disrupted.  After all the Guardian has done more than most to
conflate anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism and to portray being Jewish as being a
Although some 100 people were prevented from
watching this film on Tuesday, the bomb hoaxers will inevitably experience what
is known as ‘blowback’. The inevitable reaction to this latest Zionist attempt
to close down free speech is that far more people now will want to see what it
is that the Zionists are trying to close down.
If the Board of Deputies are sincere in their condemnation then should ensure the film receives the widest possible circulation

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