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Crooked Iain McNicol Revives the Noble Nazi Role of Informer


For reasons one can only guess at this post has received a very high number of hits, the 5th highest for a post on this blog in its nearly 10 years of existence.  It has generated a lot of controversy – both for and against.  Although I disagree with the critics I do suggest people read what they have to say and my responses.  The above has been linked to on the soft left Nye Bevan News FB page and there is both a statement by Allmark and a discussion, largely hostile.  Below I include a number of posts on that site which bear out what has been said:

One particularly irresponsible post was that of Alan Thomas Friend and Unblock Natasha Allmark — A word to the left.  Irresponsible because there is a lot of direct evidence that Ms Allmark has indeed been threatening people with informing on them, that her politics seem remarkably flexible, e.g. she is apparently a member of the Lib Dems, has attacked Corbyn and yet claims to have voted for him.  Work that one out!


This is quite clearly a threat to go to the Compliance Unit to people who have engaged with her on FB

UPDATE – Proof Natasha Almark is an Informer – Do NOT Have Anything to Do with her

Fancy That – From Lib Dem hater of Corbyn to member of the LP in just weeks!!  

Natasha Allmark

This is not the first time that I have been suspended from the Labour Party.  In 1992 I was suspended in the Kinnock purge which saw about 30 members of Brighton & Hove Labour Party suspended or expelled.

In a further rerun of history, Brighton Labour Party (which then consisted of just the 2 Brighton constituencies not Hove) was also suspended.  This was at the behest of his Nobleness Lord Bassam, who has played a minor bit part role in the current witch hunt.  Bassam is the Labour leader in the House of Lords, who have declared UDI from Jeremy Corbyn.  I shall dig out and put on line a pamphlet I wrote years ago The Noble Sayings of Lord Bassam, which retailed things Bassam had said when he was on the Left.
I recall this because when I was suspended nearly a quarter of a century ago, I was interviewed at the offices of Hove Labour Party by Joyce Gould, Labour’s then Witchfinder General.  I had been sent a copy of her investigation report into Brighton Labour Party and it had made interesting reading.  A left wing member of the National Executive Committee, whose name shall not be disclosed, even after all these years, handed it to me.
Lady Gould was not at all amused and asked me who had given it to me.  My reply was to tell Ms Gould that being Jewish she would understand that there is nothing lower in the eyes of Jewish anti-fascists than the informer, the low life who sent thousands of Jews living incognito under Nazi occupation to the gas chamber or the Gestapo torture chamber in return for their own freedom or often not even that.
Although I cannot verify the information I received the following post from someone I trust:
Natasha Allmark. Anyone that have her as a friend block immediately it’s been reported to me she’s been passing information on to the block squad

I immediately messaged her:
You will therefore understand why I am unfriending and blocking you.

There is nothing more despicable in life than an informer. Thousands of Jews living incognito under Nazi occupation were betrayed to the Gestapo and thus died in the extermination camps because of informers. If the allegation is correct, as it would appear to be, then you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. Doing the dirty work of the corrupt General Secretary of the Labour Party Iain McNicol. As someone already suspended from the LP I am unconcerned about what I write being passed on but that does not excuse you.

It is a sad reflection of the politics of the Right of the LP that people are encouraged to become informers, the lowest of low life’

This is the state of the Labour today as the Right endeavours to win the leadership election by hook and by crook, by removing the right to vote of ordinary members on the most spurious basis.  I therefore advise anyone who is a member of the LP to block this woman immediately and unfriend her.

Tony Greenstein

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