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Black Lives Matter Demonstration in Brighton Meets Palestine Lives Matter

Another Monster Demonstration Against Racism and Police Violence

This was the second demonstration in Brighton for Black Lives Matter. On June 13th there was the biggest demonstration I have attended in Brighton in over 40 years living here, over 20,000.This wasn’t as big.  I estimate between 8,000 and 10,000 but it is still one of the largest demonstrations to have been in Brighton.

Brighton and Hove PSC had a special banner for the occasion welcoming BLM. We had , as would be expected, a wonderful reception from the mainly young people on march with people showing us the clenched fist. What is amazing is that so many young people instantly recognised the connections between Black Lives Matter and Palestine solidarity. [see For 6 years Black Lives Matter Were Attacked as ‘anti-Semites’ by the Zionists – Today they suffer from amnesia]

Five days after George Floyd was murdered, Iyad Hallak, a 32 year old autistic Palestinian man was gunned down by Israel’s notorious Border Police because they ‘mistook’ the phone in his hand for a gun.  A ‘mistake’ they have never made in the case of an Israeli Jew. Iyad was gunned down despite his carer screaming at them that he was with her and was disabled.

Not one of the Israeli police has been arrested.  There is apparently an ‘investigation’ going on but in Israel all investigations end with at best a slap on the wrist. [see When George Floyd was Murdered There Was Outrage – When Iyad Hallak, an Autistic Palestinian was Murdered, Noone Said Anything]

That is what is so wonderful about BLM that it consists of, mainly White young people expressing their solidarity with Black people in this country and the United States.Below are some photos.Tony Greenstein

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