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At a time when Israel is using Coronavirus to pursue Ethnic Cleansing Please Help to Keep Jenin’s Al Tawfawk Centre Open

Let’s Keep Palestinian Children Safe – Since Israel is Doing Its Best to Endanger Them – Please Donate Generously

With Coronavirus Raging in the West Bank I am asking you to support the Children of Jenin and Donate to the Al Tafawk Children’s Centre which this blog has adopted.

Jenin was the subject of a massacre in 2002 when Israel used military bulldozers to demolish homes with their inhabitants still inside them. The effects are still felt today.

In the past year many schools have closed in Jenin as a result of Trump having cut US funding to UNWRA. The Al Tafawk Centre is the only one left standing.

As Israel is doing its best to increase the spread of the pandemic amongst the Palestinians of the West Bank, to the extent of destroying clinics that Palestinians have set up, along with water pipes and solar panels, we ask you to dig deep and help keep the Al Tafawk Centre in Jenin open. The Nazi type mentality behind this kind of behaviour beggars belief. I was told yesterday by one Zionist troll on Facebook that destroying clinics was about Israel’s ‘security’.

The situation of the Palestinians in the West Bank is desperate. Their health systems are unable to take the strain. Independent initiatives to set up isolation tents and clinics have been met with the Israeli bulldozer.

It is not ‘permitted’ to set up a clinic in the Jordan Valley but it is permitted to build settlements, attack farmers and steal Palestinian water. Israel’s goal is ethnic cleansing.

The situation in Jenin’s refugee camp is very bad. There’s no work and a serious lack of medical facilities. William, one of their trustees told me that

‘A lot of people in the camp don’t realize the gravity of this pandemic. They still go out and meet up with others. Children still playing outside. That’s why Mona, the Co-ordinator of the Al Tafawk Centre decided to keep the center open. She cooks food for them as well but she will soon be out of funding.’

Mona who is the Co-ordinator at the Centre and a teacher has written this message:

Dear all, A few weeks ago the life that we knew, changed. COVID-19 hit the world. As hard as this pandemic is on us, it is disastrous in any refugee camp.

The ALTafawk center is a place where the youngest residents of the refugee camp in Jenin (north of the Westbank) can escape for a little while from their harsh reality of their very young life. Our main focus is to help them in building a better future for themselves by giving them a proper education, but also, given the poor living conditions in the camp, to provide the children with at least one healthy meal each day. The majority of these children come from families that are really struggling to survive in desperate circumstances, meaning that sometimes their parents are incapable to give their children basic necessities.

We want to continue to give our children at least one meal a day for them to keep their immune systems as strong as possible, but we also want to be able to give the medical support when the pandemic will reach the refugee camp. More than ever we need your generous support.

I know I have asked you for support in the past but I’m asking you again. It is the poor and dispossessed who will suffer most from this pandemic. However badly off we are as a result of the murderous incompetence of Boris Johnson and his ‘herd immunity’ the Palestinians of the camps are in an even worse situation.

Please give generously and as much as you can afford.Many thanks

We will pay the costs of transmission via Western Union as the Palestinian Authority Bank are a bunch of crooks who cannot be relied on. For more information about the Centre see their Facebook page.

Please Donate to:
Account Name: The Brighton Trust
Account Number: 91420311
Sort Code: 09-01-28


Or alternatively please donate via our crowdfunder Go Fund Me

Thank you
Tony Greenstein

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