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One of the drawbacks of being a well known activist, or as the Zionists say ‘notorious’, is that I am frequently contacted directly by Palestinians in Gaza, either via Facebook, Paypal or even directly by email, asking for help.

Some of the messages, indeed most of them, are heartbreaking but unfortunately I am simply not able to respond positively in the vast majority of cases because I don’t have the money.

That is why I am appealing directly to you. I have set up a Crowdfunder here and if you can afford to  please give generously, however large or small your donation.

It might also help if I copy some of the messages I have received, whilst redacting any information that might enable the person to be identified:

Please help me buy medicine for my child. He burned his foot while burning wood to prepare food. I did not have gas and he screams in pain


Hello my friend, how are you? I hope you donate to my children. They are crying and suffering from extreme hunger. I have no food and no drinking water. The situation here is getting worse

To my dear-hearted friends, I am a woman. My house was bombed, which led to the death of my husband. I have seven children. We live in a tent. Now I and my seven children are at risk of death due to malnutrition and severe cold. I appeal to you to donate in order to buy clothes, food, and blankets. Please donate in order to survive.

My friends, I appeal to you on this day to donate in order to save the life of my brother who was injured due to the bombing. I appeal to you to donate in order to buy treatment for him. Please donate and do not hesitate in order to save the life of an orphan

My brothers, I salute you. I am your brother, the orphan Ahmed and I do not remember a day when I was happy in Gaza. My house was completely bombed, which led to the martyrdom of my father. I appeal to you to donate to buy food for my brothers to survive. Save the orphaned children of Gaza

A very, very urgent appeal to those with compassionate hearts 🚨 My children have been without food for two days and have been drinking sewage water. I appeal to you to donate now and as soon as possible. I want to buy food. My children are crying from extreme hunger. Please donate and do not ignore.

I am an orphan child. I am 16 years old. I have six brothers who are orphans. My father died and left me to provide for my brothers’ needs. I cannot provide for the needs, and now the cold is severe and my brothers are crying from the severity of the cold. They need heavy clothes to protect them from the cold. Please, save the children of Gaza. Gaza has been under bombardment for 104 days and the bombardment is still violent. Save the orphaned children

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