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The Wit and
Wisdom of Jonathan Goldberg QC

‘What sets
me apart is good judgement and discretion’
says Jonathan Goldberg QC in his promotional video.  Goldberg is a staunch and
dedicated Zionist who has worked pro-bono (free) for the right-wing Zionist ‘charity’,
the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism.  It
would appear that mention of me made Goldberg lose both his discretion and
judgement, to say nothing of his mind.
I must confess that I have developed a thick skin
over the years.  Given the variety of Zionist
insults, most of them dedicated to trying to get under your skin, you have to
immunise yourself as if against a political form of rabies. 
Anyone active in the Palestine solidarity movement,
especially if they are Jewish, has to learnt to ignore all sorts of barbs.
Lacking any justification for Israel’s barbarous actions or its racist
ideology, Zionism, Zionists resort almost as a matter of course to personal
The Royal Courts of Justice where Jonathan Goldberg QC practices
However you would expect that the more respectable
and learned of the Zionist establishment to be above that sort of thing.  After all what is the point of an Oxbridge education
if, at the end of the day, you end up mouthing the same type of gutterspeak as
the common and garden Zionist?
Imagine therefore my surprise when a friend of
mine, who converses by email with Jonathan Goldberg, sent me a copy of his
latest offering.  Having heard about my
recent expulsion from the Labour Party Goldberg asked ‘what was the problem with his family.’  Which is the kind of thing you expect the
average gutter Zionist activist to ask.  Because they
work on the assumption that no normal person could possibly be an anti-racist or hate his form of chauvinism.  There must
be some explanation.
What came next shocked even me.  ‘Was he
an abused child.’ 
Presumably if you
support the Palestinians or  before them
the Blacks of South Africa you must have been abused as a child.  Perhaps I thought he had mixed me up with
another QC, one Lord Greville Janner, against whom there were a battery of
accusations of child abuse  Janner though
managed to escape his accusers through a combination of Alzheimer’s and death.
Although I wouldn’t normally have
intruded into a private conversation I felt sufficiently provoked to email
Goldberg and ask him What kind of mental sickness is it that attributes
child abuse to political differences?’

Goldberg’s initial instinct was to try and brush it
off by pretending that he was so high and mighty that corresponding with me
would be ‘dignifying you’.  An hour later, no doubt aware of how this
might look, he came back again.  There is
a saying that when you are in a hole it’s a good idea to stop digging.  Unfortunately Goldberg was too clever, or so
he thought, to pay attention to anything like that.
Back he came informing me that sons (not daughters who
presumably don’t have a mind of their own anyway) who ‘strive’ to ‘dishonour’
(read disagree) with their parents  due
it because ‘it often stems from a history
of abuse, whether verbal, physical or worst of all  sexual.’
Clearly Goldberg chose the wrong profession.  He should have been a child psychologist with
his fount of experience and wisdom.  No
doubt Jonathan would have revolutionised the treatment of autism and bi-polar
disorders.  One can barely imagine what innovative
explanations would have been offered. 
Perhaps their condition was all due to someone taking their toys away or possibly
falling out of bed when young.
I have to confess I kinda lost my
cool somewhat  accusing him of having the
normally diseased
that one expects of Zionist propagandists.  At which point Goldberg responded with a
couple of witticisms, or so he thought and I responded in kind.
Goldberg informed
me that this will be positively my
last communication with you’
except that
it wasn’t.  Clearly I’d got under his
skin.  Cool logic usually prevails,
especially when combined with the promise of a guest appearance on my blog!
Goldberg’s profile on the racist Campaign Against Antisemitism site
Now I had a legal warning.  Jonathan had taken exception to the conclusion
that seemed obvious to me viz. that he as ‘a
prominent QC believes that child
abuse, antiracism and anti-Zionism are directly linked”.

I must confess I don’t
know what other conclusion to draw. 
Goldberg doesn’t’ know me.  I
doubt we have ever met.  Clearly he knows
my father was a rabbi but that is widely known in the Jewish community and
amongst Zionists especially.  The only
logical conclusion is that Jonathan Goldberg QC attributes anti-Zionist offspring
of Zionist parents to child abuse and sex abuse in particular.  
What surprises me is
that someone who is clearly intelligent and capable, with a high reputation as
a lawyer, can espouse such reactionary rubbish. 
It is like all those Nazi doctors of philosophy who commanded the
Einsatzgruppen killing squads in Poland and Russia.  Indeed I made the comparison with Hans
Frank, the personal lawyer to Hitler who became Governor-General of the
Generalgouvernment (Poland). 
It never
ceases to amaze me that the most intelligent of people who specialist in one field can adopt in other
fields the most stupid of theories. 
Because Goldberg is a Zionist he cannot comprehend how anyone can be an anti-Zionist
other than that they have suffered some kind of a trauma. 
What is the explanation
for this?  That support for Israel being
an essentially illogical enterprise.  Israel
cannot be defended today on its merits but primarily by abuse of its
opponents.  It is therefore necessary for
people like Goldberg to cobble together weird conspiracy theories that explain
their opponents actions in terms of a pathology.
It is sad that someone
so obviously talented has devote those talents to supporting defence of the racist
regime in Tel Aviv and the repression that comes in its wake.
Tony Greenstein
Correspondence between Jonathan Goldberg QC and Tony Greenstein
From: JONATHAN GOLDBERG QC <[email protected]>
20 February 2018 02:23
hear your friend Greenstein got his just deserts.
was the problem with his family ? Was he an abused child ?
Jonathan Goldberg QC
20 Feb (2 days ago)
Tony Greenstein
21 Feb (1
day ago)
to Jonathan,
Dear Goldberg,
So with all your erudition and learning you think
that anti-Zionism stem from child abuse?  Presumably there must have been
an epidemic of it before Hitler wiped 6 million of us out.  No doubt the
Bund, who led the Warsaw Ghetto Resistance and the resistance to the pogroms,
were also the product of child abuse?
What a sad and sick little person you must be to
fling around such insults.  One would have thought a Queens Counsel would
be above such gutter insults.  Clearly Zionism has a corrosive effect on
one’s judgement.
Not only are your comments insulting to my dead
parents, although I doubt a prat like you would be bothered with insulting two
orthodox Jews, including a Rabbi. 
What kind of mental sickness is it that attributes
child abuse to political differences?  Do you Zios seem to lack all
personal and human empathy.  Your nationalist madness makes you into quite
crazed and vituperative individuals despite any pretensions to learning or
Maybe you would like to tell me what kind of mental
aberration it is that holds that a child of 16, Ahed Tamimi, poses a threat to
armed soldiers thus necessitating her indefinite detention whilst armed and
thuggish settlers go free?  Is it a psychosis or just a pathology born of
a political aberration?
I am sure that your  vituperative and sick
comments would be of interest to a wider audience.
Unless I receive an apology that is exactly what
will happen.
Tony Greenstein
07:29 (19 hours ago)
to me
Dear Greenstein,
I did not ask to correspond with you and shall
certainly not do so any further and thus risk dignifying you,  save to say
that your dead parents must be turning in their graves at your anti Semitic
antics, which have finally been recognised for what they are even by the Labour
Yours sincerely,
Jonathan Goldberg QC
08:19 (18
hours ago)
to me
I was aware that your father was a rabbi.  
And it has indeed been my sad observation after
very many years of professional experience that where sons strive so
desperately to dishonour their parents and negate everything they stood for
publicly, as you have done so prominently, it often stems from a history of
abuse, whether verbal, physical or worst of all  sexual. 
Tony Greenstein
15:36 (11 hours ago)
Dear Goldberg,
You may be a QC but that doesn’t prevent you from
being a prize idiot and a racist fool.
Indeed you are a bigot for every season. 
Children don’t ‘strive to dishonour’ their parents you pompous prig they follow
their own paths in life which may or may not coincide with what their parents
would like.  I assume that you have no children or none you are willing to
admit to.
I have 4 children and wouldn’t dream of expecting
them to follow in my footsteps.  Your insinuation that my parents were
child abusers is a sickening and despicable accusation that comes from the
diseased mind of a Zionist liar.  It seems in order to explain why I like
many Jews oppose the vile racism of your bastard ‘Jewish’ state you have to
pathologise political disagreements.  You are no better than the old
Soviet psychiatrists.
Rest assured that my corresponding with you grants
me no accolades.  You are someone with a mind that is little different to
that of Hans Frank if you know who he was.
Jonathan Goldberg QC

16:43 (9
hours ago)
to me
Dear dear.
Did we hit a bullseye ?
Jonathan Goldberg QC

From: Tony Greenstein [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 21 February 2018 15:36
To: JONATHAN GOLDBERG QC <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: FILTH
22:19 (4
hours ago)
to Jonathan
no I think you shot yourself in the foot, or was it
the butt?
tony greenstein
Jonathan Goldberg QC
22:39 (4 hours ago)
to me
Dear Tony,
this will be positively my last communication with
you, because I am mindful of the excellent advice of Lord Mountbatten, who said
“never get into a pissing match with a skunk”

Goldberg QC
From: Tony Greenstein [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 21 February 2018 22:20
To: Jonathan Goldberg QC <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: FILTH
23:23 (3
hours ago)
to Jonathan
Dear Jonathan,
The only problem is that it is you who is the
skunk.  It would therefore appear as if you have pissed all over yourself.
Anyone who can seriously attribute opposition to
Zionism and Israel to child abuse is a pretty sick puppy.  Growing numbers
of young Jews, in America especially, are distancing themselves from Israel and
Zionism because a ‘Jewish’ state means discrimination against and expelling
non-Jews, such as the thousands of Black Africa refugees Israel is currently
trying to force out.  Your visceral racism and chauvinism, the product of
a messianic Jewish nationalism stands in opposition to traditional Jewish values
of opposition to racism, ethnic nationalism and chauvinism.  Your contempt
for universal human values such as solidarity,  sheltering the stranger,
solidarity etc. mark out you and your kind as the diseased offspring of the
ethno-nationalism of Europe in the 1930’s. 
I am though sure that other people will wish to
know that a prominent QC believes that child abuse, anti-racism and
anti-Zionism are directly linked, not least because there is always a danger
that you might end up as a Judge.
Au revoir
Tony Greenstein
Jonathan Goldberg QC
23:34 (3
hours ago)
to me
Dear Tony,
you do me too much honour to imagine that at the
age of 70 my ambitions tend to becoming a judge.
I advise you to be very careful how you implement
your threats of publicity.
I understand you are keen on libel actions as a
plaintiff, and you may otherwise find yourself a defendant.
Feel free to quote accurately from my emails if you
so choose.
But to mischaracterise them as you do below tha
“a prominent QC believes that child abuse,
antiracism and anti-Zionism are directly linked”

would of course be a gross and defamatory
distortion of an enquiry made very specifically about you personally, and your
very special position regarding your Rabbi father.
And that, positively is my final word for now.
Yours sincerely,
a prominent QC han Goldberg QC
From: Tony Greenstein [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 21 February 2018 23:23
23:51 (2
hours ago)
to Jonathan
Dear Jonathan,
I thought you could not resist the temptation to
respond.  Mountbatten is not the best person to quote given the mercurial
life he led.
No it’s not true that I am keen on libel actions
but I have had to undertake a few when people insist on telling wicked lies.
Yes of course I will quote you accurately but I
will also put my own interpretation on what you wrote.
You do not know me personally, so you cannot make a
specific point about me on such a basis.  You know nothing about me or my
family or my parents, both of whom are deceased.  For you to make the
grossly offensive comments you did, which strongly implied that they were child
abusers is outrageous.  Nor was your point an inquiry but an assertion.
You wrote, in case you have forgotten:

‘ it has indeed been my sad observation after very
many years of professional experience that where sons strive so desperately to
dishonour their parents and negate everything they stood for publicly, as you
have done so prominently, it often stems from a history of abuse, whether
verbal, physical or worst of all  sexual.’
It is clear that you attributed my rebellion, my
opposition to Zionism and indeed my atheism, which was my first act of
rebellion, to ‘a history of abuse, whether verbal, physical or worst of all
I think that the inference that I have drawn, that
an anti-Zionist rebellion against Zionist parents is a product of child abuse
is a reasonable one but either way I am happy to leave such a decision to a
jury, unless you wish to withdraw both of your offensive emails.
Tony Greenstein

Jonathan Goldberg QC
23:58 (2
hours ago)
to me
Dear Tony,
I have no intention of withdrawing anything.
The point is that I have written to you, and have not publicised what I
If you choose to publicise it to the world you must take the
consequences if the world thinks the less of you. I am not then liable. You
Yours sincerely,
Goldberg QC
From: Tony Greenstein [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 21 February 2018 23:52
00:01 (2 hours ago)
to Jonathan
Dear Jonathan
no you haven’t publicised what you wrote.  I’d
be very surprised if you’d want to. 
I seriously doubt ‘the world’ whoever he is will
think any the worse of me on account of what you have written.  I would
not hold you liable on that account.
However they may think less of you given the vile
nature of what you wrote. 
If you stand by it fine but you do so in the
knowledge that it is indefensible by any civilised standards.
Yours sincerely,
Tony Greenstein
Jonathan Goldberg QC
00:04 (2 hours ago)
to me
Jonathan Goldberg QC
From: Tony Greenstein [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: 22 February 2018 00:01

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