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If you are sceptical about Nazi-Zionist Collaboration then try explaining the open alliance between Zionists and the Alt-Right

Andrew Anglin – I’ve just become informed that there is a Jewish-Israel alt-Right.  I’m happy about this…
I must confess to rubbing my eyes at this programme on Israeli TV and the open praise by Andrew Anglin, the openly neo-Nazi editor of the Daily Stormer for Yair Netanyahu.  Benjamin Netanyahu has not said a word about his Nazi supporting son.  On the contrary he has gone out of his way to appear with him in public.  One can only assume that the conversation in the Netanyahu household is supportive of the alt-Right in comparison with their hatred of anything on the left.
This Israeli TV programme seems to have been a plug for neo-Nazis – Israeli and American.  We have Andrew Anglin interviewed and saying that ‘I stand with Yair and his memes and I’m glad to see that there is an ‘Alt Right in Israel who are standing against the corrosive influence in the West of the Jewish people.’

Israeli TV interviewer on Anglin

 The programme interviews a Michelle Ghora who is an Israeli Jew investigating Anglin but who is clearly sympathetic to him.   Ghora says that ‘These people’ (meaning neo-Nazis) have a point to complain about their countries being controlled by a hostile elite (i.e. Jews).’  You couldn’t make it up.  Here you have on Israeli prime time TV, a supporter of neo-Nazis being interviewed about the praise of one of the world’s leading neo-Nazis for the son of the Israeli Prime Minister

You wonder how the Jewish Labour Movement and their ilk have the gall to complain when we call Israel a racist state!
Benjamin Netanyahu makes it clear he stands by his son’s comments
Anglin goes on to say that ‘Yair is the man who is under attack here.  The man can’t be judged by his father.  The man is being attacked by everyone in the world.  All the American Jews are coming out and attacking him.  All these leftist Israeli papers are calling him an anti-Semite.  And what he is doing is standing up against George Soros and the…. liberal Jews.  I’m defending Yair Netanyahu because he’s stood up against the Jews.’
The interviewer, in what is almost a surreal bizarre interviewer then says of Anglin that he seems like ‘a handsome, well spoken man, is there a point to what he is saying.’
KKK leader and holocaust denier David Duke extends his thanks to Yair
Anglin goes on to say that ‘I’ve just become informed that there is a Jewish-Israel alt-Right.  I’m happy about this…. They are using some of our memes, it is based upon our movement, they are bothered, sick of the same people in the same way.’  
However there is an important point that needs to be made here.  Anglin is making a clear distinction between Israeli Jews and Zionists, who are racially aware and Diaspora Jews who are up to their old tricks, controlling other nations.  In this you see the coming together of Zionist ideology, which was always hostile to the diaspora and neo-Nazi anti-semitism.

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