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From New York to New Zealand the news of Billy Steele’s knock-out punch spread

It’s not often that we have a good news story with a happy ending. In this case it was racist boor and son of wealthy builders, who taunted 3 Black youth telling them to ‘go back home’. What was heartening is that he received no support from fellow tube travellers with his racist outburst. How different this might have been 20 or 30 years ago.

As the youth got off the train one of them launched a devastating hook and Billy’s head was acquainted with the tube floor. It seems that it knocked some sense in him as he decided not to press charges.

The news of this latter day morality tale spread like wildfire, from London to New Zealand, Australia and New York. It was even covered in the Daily Mail and its sister paper The Metro but it is unlikely to have any lasting effect on these garbage sheets who spread news of the ‘invasion’ of desperate refugees stranded in Calais.

As the New York Post described it, Billy was flushed down the Tube!Tony Greenstein

PS:  As Billy Steele was not wearing a face mask on public transport I hope the Police will be prosecuting the idiot.

Man knocked out cold after ‘racist’ rant aboard London Underground train

This racist was flushed down the Tube.

The unhinged straphanger was knocked out cold in a caught-on-video punch aboard a London Underground car after hurling abuse at a group of black passengers, whom he referred to as “pets.”

This is my home and you’re all going back, and you know it as well,” the maniac yells in the shocking video shot on the Central Line, the Independent reported.

“You’re black!”he then shouts in the footage posted on the Twitter account @pktheterrible.

A woman apparently behind the camera then asks: “What’s that supposed to mean? What does being black have to do with anything?”

Shut up!” he yells at her. “This is popular!”

The man begins swaying from the handrail as he shouts “lesser than us, they’re lesser than us” — and calls the group his “pets.”

In another clip, the deranged straphanger approaches a group of black passengers and provokes them as they get off at the Bank Station in central London.

Suddenly, one of them delivers the coup de grâce — a vicious right hook that sends him to the floor in a heap, to some laughter.

A man checks the pulse of the unconscious instigator as a woman says off camera: “Don’t help a racist.”

His knockout garnered 2.2 million views as of early Monday afternoon.

A British Transport Police rep said they were “aware of two videos on social media showing an incident on a Central Line Underground train on 15 August,” the Independent reported.

The investigation is ongoing.

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