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Ahava – The Fruits of Boycott

Ahava stands as a magnificent victory for the BDS campaign. It was initiated by Jews 4 Boycotting Israeli Goods, but was soon taken up by others, including the indefatiguable and voluble Michael Shanahan, who regularly upbraided Jonathan Hoffmann for his misdemeanours.

Ahava sold stolen ‘beauty’ produce, as it later had to admit, from the West Bank side of the Dead Sea.

When the Zionists, and their friends, first the EDL and then Christian Zionists, started turning up to counter-demonstrate, the result was that no-one got in the shop, unless they were ideologically determined.

Well Ahava closed 10 days ago and last Saturday 24th September 2011 we held a reunion of activists outside the shop. Because of complaints the landlord refused to renew their lease and now Ahava has no base in London at all.

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