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Better Late Than Never – The Man Who Justified Every Israeli Barbarity Draws a Line in the Sand

One should, as the good bible tells us, welcome sinners, even those like Saul who are embarked on the road to Damascus. It is never too late to repent, as Elie Wiesel, who grew fabulously rich on his successful exploitation of his having been in Auschwitz (before Bernie Madoff made off with a sizeable chunk!) demonstrates. Now even the weasel has turned as he sees the holocaust being used to justify war against Iran and the huge casualties that may result.

Wiesel has a truly appalling record of turning a blind eye to genocide and oppression when Israel carries it out. He refused in the 1980’s to put pressure on Israel to stop supplying the Guatemalan Junta under Rioss Mont, the Protestant Fundamentalist, which was committing genocide against the Mayan Indians, over one hundred thousand of whom were butchered.

Likewise Wiesel put pressure on those attending a conference in Tel Aviv to pull out when, despite Turkey’s pressure, a session was held on the Armenian genocide. This was according to Yehuda Bauer of Yad Vashem. (reference – Norman Finkelstein, Holocaust Industry).

Elie Wiesel: Should be no comparison between Holocaust and Iran

Jennifer Lipman, April 19, 2012

Holocaust survivor and human rights advocate Elie Wiesel has cautioned against comparing the Iranian threat to the atrocities carried out by the Nazis.
Mr Wiesel, 83, told Globes that it was “unacceptable and impossible to make comparisons with the Holocaust”.

The survivor, who was born in Romania and was a prisoner in Auschwitz and Buchenwald, said: “Iran is a danger, but to claim that it is creating a second Auschwitz? I compare nothing to the Holocaust.”

He added: “Only Auschwitz was Auschwitz. I went to Yugoslavia when reporters said that there was a Holocaust starting there. There was genocide, but not an Auschwitz. “When you make a comparison to the Holocaust it works both ways, and soon people will say what happened in Auschwitz was ‘only what happened in Bosnia.’ “

His remarks came as both Israel’s president and prime minister expressed concern about Iranian nuclear ambitions during speeches at the official Yom Ha’Shoah service in Jerusalem.

Benjamin Netanyahu warned: “Those who dismiss the Iranian threat as a whim or an exaggeration haven’t learned a thing from the Holocaust.”

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