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Suspended for one and a half years from Labour –
I am invited to my Expulsion Hearing with 5 weeks notice

Nearly 20 months ago I
was suspended for comments I was alleged to have made.  Of course I was given no indication of what
those comments were and it would appear that all the things they are charging me
with now occurred after the date of my suspension.

With 5 weeks notice I
have now been told the date of my hearing before the National Constitutional
Committee, December 11th.  I
have to have my response in by December 1st. 
this is the real abuse that anti-Zionists receive but of course it goes unmentioned by the media
This is of course the
kind of justice you expect from Crooked McNicol and his apparatchiks.  My investigative hearing was on May 30th
2016, a mere 17+ months away.  They have
spent all this time assembling a case against me and now they expect me to have
a response ready in under a month.
both the Telegraph and Times withdrew insinuations of anti-semitism

Letter from the Witch-hunters

This article and a similar one appeared in The Telegraph after the Compliance Unit denied me all details of what the allegations against me were

Letter in response to witch hunters

The fact that I have
just come out of hospital after surgery or that I have child care responsibilities
matters not a jot to these dessicated automatons. 
McNicol and his minions are determined to prove to the Zionist lobby and
the Israeli State’s representatives inside the Labour Party that they are
looking after their interests.  After the
fuck up over Moshe Machover, McNicol is determined not to be thwarted a second

 ‘most of the people who have been suspended from the Labour Party for anti-Semitism seem to have been Jewish’  Alexei Sayle 

My response in The Telegraph to the suggestion that comparisons between the Nazis and Zionists were anti-Semitic

I guess it is
flattering that it has taken 20 months in order to try and fit me up on bogus
charges of anti-Semitism.  As Alexei
Sayle said on Sky TV last week, ‘most of the people who have been suspended from the Labour Party for anti-Semitism seem to have been Jewish.’
Of course this is not
surprising since Jewish anti-Zionists are particularly detested by racist scum
like Jeremy Newmark of the Jewish Labour Movement.  Zionists hate anti-Zionist Jews much like the
Nazis hated anti-fascist Germans.  Why
they even use the same insult ‘self-haters’
against us.  The real meaning of which is
that you hate your race and nation and therefore yourself.
Jewish anti-Zionists stand in the same relationship to the Palestinian struggle that White Anti-Apartheid activists bore in relation to the Black Liberation struggle in South Africa
I have written to
McNicol’s errand girl, Jane Fisher, explaining to her that I shall not be
attending on December 11th and that I require far more time in order
to prepare a case.  Given the amount of
time they have allowed themselves there can be no bona fide objections.
once again the Compliance Unit and its NCC lackeys have leaked material to the press
It would also appear
that the press has once again been informed in advance of my being notified.  Although the Compliance Unit refused to
divulge exactly what I had said when I was suspended two weeks later, on April
2nd the Times and Telegraph both ran with detailed versions of what
the evidence against me.  The Telegraph
stated that they had seen material from the Compliance Unit.  This time the Jewish Chronicle has been
tipped off in advance.
Below are some of the
posts that I have carried on my suspension, including a transcript
of my investigation hearing.

Greenstein suspended from Labour Party – Labour Party machine gets its revenge
on Corbyn’s activists as expulsions mount

Disciplinary Procedures would put the Star Chamber to Shame

Party Witch-hunters Employ the   Daily Torygraph to Pursue Bogus
Allegations of Anti-Semitism

The Paper of Record Joins in the ‘anti-semitism’

Labour’s Inquisition – from the banal to the mundane

for the reselection of Labour MP Peter Kyle is a disciplinary offence

The Times ‘clarified’ its Compliance Unit fed article

Below is the letter I
have sent to Jane Fisher in response to an email from her:

It is now important
that Momentum, which said nothing over Moshe Machover, begins to take the witch hunt
seriously.  When Israel’s lobby in the Labour
Party seeks to be rid of people like Ken Livingstone, Jackie Walker or myself
it does this in order to make Labour safe for a pro-American foreign
policy and Netanyahu’s military occupation. 
The Left
on the National Executive Committee also needs to begin growing a backbone.  To date is has said nothing and done nothing.

The NEC Left needs to start opposing on
principle the idea of witch hunting socialists whilst all manner of
reactionaries and Blairites are allowed to run Labour’s civil service.  But for McNicol’s refusal to allow resources to
be used in Tory marginals at the last election, because he was too taken up
defending Progress MPs, Labour could have won the General Election.
Tony Greenstein

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