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The article below speaks for itself.  How the fascist dross that constitute Israel’s growing neo-Nazi milieu gloats over the death of an Israeli, Richard Lakin, who was stabbed by a Palestinian.  Lakin was someone who was involved in various Israeli-Palestinian initiatives and therefore a ‘leftist’ in the eyes of Israel’s fascists.  

To those who say that this is just a tiny fringe, my response is this.  If Israeli Arabs went on Facebook to gloat about the death of an Israeli who had been stabbed they would be arrested for incitement and be facing a year in gaol at the minimum.  Why does the Israeli state do nothing about far-Rightists who do the same?  The answer is obvious – they operate within the Zionist concensus today against leftists and ‘Arab lovers’ [it used to be ‘Jew lovers’ ‘nigger lovers’ etc.]

Tony Greenstein

Israeli Rapper, The Shadow, and Fans Celebrate Jewish Dead

Jewish neo-Nazi Rapper
 by Richard Silverstein on October 28, 2015
Facebook page defiling the memory of Israeli-American terror victim, Richard Lakin
Hebrew, the word for “victim” is korban, which has a strong religious
connotation akin to a ritual sacrifice.  The term conveys the sense that
the victim offered up his or her life on the altar and it’s meant to ennoble
their suffering and sacrifice.  One would expect this term to be used
reverently regarding Israelis murdered in the current round of terror attacks.
 But not so.
Shurat Hadin’s Facebook Lawfare Page
some Israelis, dying in a terror attack is not enough to establish your bona
fides as a decent human being worthy of mourning.  About a week ago, there
was a terror attack on a public bus in which two Israelis were killed and
several were injured.  Among the most seriously injured was
Israeli-American, Richard
, age 76.  He was a retired school principal who made aliyah in
the 1980s, opened a school to teach Israelis English, and engaged in
Israeli-Palestinian education initiatives.  He volunteered with Yad
, the school which was
torched by Israeli settlers
about a year ago.
The Shadow in all his glory
died yesterday of his wounds.  His body wasn’t even cold
before Shurat HaDin signed him up as the lead plaintiff in its Facebook
lawfare lawsuit.
 I’m not certain how an ambulance chaser like that
signs up a man who is near death for a lawsuit.  But presumably, his
family had power of attorney and signed on his behalf.  It’s terribly
disconcerting that a man who dedicated his life to promoting peace will be
exploited for political purposes by right-wing Israelis who despise
Palestinians.  I can’t help but believe that Lakin would not have
approved.  But clearly his surviving family do.
The Shadow in all his Judeo-Nazi rapper glory
the Israeli gutter-classes on Facebook learned about Lakin’s “extreme leftist”
views they lit up with hatred and venom that is almost too difficult to believe
and too painful to read.  The level of brutalism is beyond belief.
 The Judeo-Nazi
chorus was led, as usual, by the Uber-Juden rapper, The
(aka Yossi Eliassi).  Another Israeli rapper known for his
Subliminal, called for burning Palestinians alive.  It
appears the murdering Jewish thugs who burned down the Dawabsheh home a month
ago, killing all but a little boy who survived, were inspired by Subliminal’s
moral example.  And the next Israeli “leftist” murdered by his fellow Jews
will have The Shadow to thank.
in other western countries there is always an alternative music scene
representing progressive artistic political values, in Israel music is
dominated by crude, violent, nationalist hate.  So what else is new?

Here is a sampling of
the rapper’s Facebook page:

: Today Richard Lakin died of wounds suffered in
the bus attack.  He was an English teacher and extreme-leftist activist
with Tag Meir (a group
against “Jewish terror”).  Which shows you it doesn’t matter how many
leftists there are.  They will work for the Arabs, sell us out, and betray
us in the name of Englightenment.
the terrorist arrives, all your activism won’t do you any good.  The only
thing he will see is a Jew.  For him, your blood is just the same for him
as that of an Orthodox Jew or a settler sitting by your side.
hope that his death will be a slap in the face that will wake them up to the
part they play and shake them out of their illusion in which they’re living and
cause them to take account of their beliefs.  May his memory be for a

: May his memory be for a blessing??  May
his memory be erased!

: It seems that Arabs do good things once in a

: Don’t say his memory is for a blessing.
 A disgusting human being and it’s good he died.  And don’t say I’m
too extreme because that’s the only way the disgusting Left will understand…

: In short, another terrorist died.

: I don’t feel even a small bit of sadness.
 A leftist is just like a terrorist to me.

: An auspicious hour.

: In this case, the terrorist did the State of
Israel a favor.

: Only in this way, when extreme leftists start
dying in terror attacks, will they get some sense.

: We need a “Super Like” button for events like

: Great, one less leftist!

: One less leftist to burn in Hell!

: Irony–at first there was sorrow [at the death
of the Jewish victims], but now it brings a smile to my face because this
should be the fate of all leftists to watch as their illusions
explode in their faces.  I’m really not sorry.  Not even sorry that
he was a Jew or that he died.

: At first I was sorry when I heard he died in
the hospital of his wounds.  But now I have a smile on my face–that
this should be the fate of every deluded leftist alive.

& Amir Kalkabani
: May his death be for a blessing!

: May they all die.  They have it coming.
 I wish them what I wish every terrorist.

: Serious question–does this leftist
teacher get to sleep with the 72 virgins?

: The Shadow, you’re the pride of the Jewish
irony of all this hate and incitement on this pro-Israel Facebook page is that
Shurat HaDin is sueing the same company for allegedly encouraging Arabs to kill
Jews.  The hypocrisy of it all boggles the mind!
I’m not finished yet.  Alas there is more.  Ten days ago, a
Palestinian youth was walking down the street in Hebron.  He was accosted
by a settler who began screaming at him.  He then pulled out a gun and shot
the boy dead
.  After the murder, this is how the victim’s cousin
described the scene:
Sharbati, nephew of the eyewitnesses, added that after the attack, settlers set
up tables on the spot where Quwamseh was killed and distributed food and
drinks, “as if in celebration” Sharbati told MEE. This was still going on at
the time of writing.
is this an unusual occurrence.  Rabbis for Human Rights describes the scene in
Hebron in 1994, only a few hours after Baruch Goldstein committed mass murder
(on the Jewish holiday of Purim), murdering 29 Palestinians:
hours after the massacre, Knesset member Hanan Porat showed up in Qiryat Arba
and blessed the participant with a “Happy Purim” in front of the cameras. He
even reminded them that “it is a duty to be happy in Purim”. Porat,
among the settlement founders of the Yesha council, served at that
time as the a Knesset member on behalf of the Mafdal (National Religious
Party). The cheers of joy of Hanan Porat in the presence of the television
cameras were interpreted as cheers of joy and admiration for the massacre that
recently happened in the holy Cave of the Patriarchs.
the next time you hear hypocrites like these whine about Palestinians who
purportedly celebrate the death of Jews remember this lyric from the Broadway
musical: “Anything they can do we can do better!”
final word on this: I’ve written a number of times here when faced with such
Israeli abomination that I’m really not sure a nation of such people deserves
to survive.  Even if it does, I’m not certain there’s enough humanity
among those who aren’t infected with this cancer to carry on.
Herzl devised the idea of a Jewish homeland he never told us that Israel must
live at all costs. That Israel, in order to survive, is permitted to
lapse into grotesqueness and horror.  Would he ever have imagined
that the Altneuland would be a cesspool of genocidal and even fratricidal

beings live for a reason.  They live for values.  They live because
life means something transcendent.  Is life that is shorn of all humanity
worth living?  Is a nation shorn of all decency worth surviving?

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