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A Random Group of Israelis Talk Openly to Abby Martin About Their
Pew Research Centre survey of the attitude of Israel’s Jews to Israel’s Arabs

This is a fascinating video of an interview by
Abby Martin of a random group of Israelis in Jerusalem’s Zion Square.  ‘Who is
the enemy’
she asks them, what do they think of the situation.  Sometimes they hide behind euphemisms.  
It gives the lie to the idea that Israel is just another western democracy stuck onto Asia minor.  The level of racism demonstrated in this random sample of young Israelis would not have been out of place in Nazi Germany.  It is clear that Israel is a deeply sick and racist society and those in Britain and the USA who try to pretend otherwise are parties to Israel’s war crimes.
One American girl says it’s not any specific
nation but people who are interested in being ‘politically correct.’  An Israeli
who follows her is more precise:  ‘Islam is a very bad disease’   He says ‘We
have to kick them away, it will be much better’
though not for those who
are kicked away!  He clarifies ‘not to kill them, just to go back to Arab
  Which was in fact the
programme of the Nazi party – expulsion not extermination.

I think we have the right to hate them

Islam is a very bad disease

Another boy from the fascist
Lehava group says that ‘Jews must not marry
Arabs’ because Jews are a ‘special nation’. 
Now where have we heard that before? 
Umm circa 1935?  A certain central
European country?

An Orthodox young Jew doesn’t
beat around the bush:  ‘May their name and memory be obliterated’
a traditional curse which means, let’s kill them all like the Amalekites.  Two girls laugh and giggle about killing
Arabs and a more serious, intellectual type talks about Jews having ‘the right to hate them.  I wouldn’t trust any of them.’ 
Jews shouldn’t marry Arabs
It might be worth casting our
minds back to a Report brought out last year by the Pew Research Centre
entitled Israel’s
Religiously Divided Society
.  In this
Report we learnt that a plurality of Israelis, some 48% supported the physical
expulsion of Israel’s own Arab citizens as compared to 46% who were opposed.  We aren’t even talking of Palestinians in the
West Bank or Gaza but the supposedly equal citizens of Israel that the Labour
Right and Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian lie about.
struggling to find the right word for expelling the Arabs
It was said by Daniel Goldhagen, a junk Zionist historian, that the Germans were an ‘eliminationist’ people – what would he want to say about ordinary Israeli Jews?

what is so shocking about these 2 girls is how normal they actually are – just ordinary teenagers who find the idea of ‘killing Arabs’ something that is funny and amusing
One religious gentleman summed up
the Zionist lesson – god punished the Jews by first sending the Nazis and now
he sends the Palestinians.  In other
words the Palestinians are simply the new Nazis.   Another girl who is convinced that history provides
the title deeds to the land to the Jews is convinced that the land was barren
before the Jews came here, despite eye witness testimony at the time to the
contrary.  We see here how history is
written backwards, from present day racist assumptions.  Another boy tells us that it wasn’t the
Romans or Persians who kicked the Jews out, in fact they were Hebrew tribes not
Jews, but the Arabs.  Which sits uneasily
with the fact that the Arab invasion of Palestine was in the 7th
century whereas the expulsion of Jews was supposed to be 2000 years ago (which
it wasn’t!).
there’s no answer but 2 carpet bomb them
This is the real Israel, not the
pretend Israel that Israel’s apologists would have people believe.  The racism you see here is a product of a Jewish
settler colonial society.
Tony Greenstein

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