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Israeli Animals Attack the Funeral Cortege of Assassinated Journalist Shireen Abu Akleh

Terror in Jenin

Attack on Funeral Procession

Today I received this message from Jenin:

‘Please share we in danger now

The military attacked our homes this morning about 5am to arrest someone from our neighbours but their anger was too much on the whole of us and on his family as well!  they brought his mom and dad and put their guns on their head to force him to be arrested ! But they used this as an excuse to shoot people. so around 12 people have been shot! 

Then they bombed the home of his family and some homes around! During this time Military were spreading on roof of our buildings and shot on any one who moved 

During this time they bombed the electricity poles so we are without electricity right now

I wish i could tell about everything but it is too much to tell’

If the terror is to stop there are 2 demands we should make:

i. Stop all arms supplies to Israel.

ii. Stop funding Israeli Apartheid.  The United States bears the primary blame for this with its $3.8 billion aid to Israel each year.

If its expressions of concern are going to be anything than pious hypocrisy then there must be an immediate stop to their funding of Israel’s war crimes.

But it goes far and away beyond that. Israel is a ‘Jewish’ state i.e. a state of Jewish supremacy.  Until Israel becomes a normal state of its citizens, all its citizens, from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, and opposed to an ethno-supremacist state, these attacks will continue. 

We should say it loud and clear.  There is no right for an Apartheid State to exist. Just as the South Africa and Nazi states had no ‘right to exist’.  It is human beings who have the right to exist.

Meanwhile the amoral Boris Johnson’s only contribution is to make it illegal to boycott Israel and its daily war crimes and his echo chamber Keir Starmer says nothing worth hearing.

Today there were shocking scenes when Israeli Police attacked the funeral procession of Shireen Abuakleh.  It is really unbelievable.

Even at the height of The Troubles in the North of Ireland British occupation forces never attacked an IRA funeral at which IRA gunmen gave the traditional gunshot salute.

Despite Britain’s many atrocities in Ireland they knew there were limits.  Israel’s armed animals know no limits and have no respect for the most basic human norms. Words cannot express what I feel about these savages.

Tony Greenstein

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