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Despite Ceasefire – Large Demonstration Shows How Israel’s Support has Vanished

It was both a march of anger and a march of triumph.  Despite having no weapons worthy of the name, facing the world’s 4th strongest military power, the people of Gaza had triumphed.  Netanyahu, Liebermann and Barak had wanted to level Gaza back to the stone-age.  Gilad Sharon, the corrupt son of the corrupt mass murderer Ariel Sharon (8 years later still on a life support machine!) called for nuclear weapons to be used to level Gaza – in essence a call for Auschwitz methods, an example of the barbarity of today’s Zionists – Israel was forced to pull back.  
Slowly but surely, as a result of the Arab Spring, Israel is finding that it can’t do everything it wants.  As the balance of power in the region changes, Zionism and its bastard fruit is found wanting.

Israel wants to be the regional gendarme, but it is unable to prevent the deep social changes arising from below.

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