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Massacre in Gaza – But if you Condemn It You Will be Called Anti-Semitic

All in a day’s work

 Yesterday was Day of the Land in Gaza and
thousands of people demonstrated near the border fence with Israel.  Gaza has been under a starvation siege by Israel
for more than a decade.  It is a siege by
air, land and sea yet Israel claims it is not the occupying power!

Some 17 people were murdered yesterday and up
to 1500 people injured in a wanton massacre of an unarmed, civilian population
which was exercising its right to demonstrate.
The Israeli state has what it calls an ‘existentialist’
fear of the Palestinians crossing the fence that sorrounds Gaza and entering
the Israeli state.   To understand this
you must understand that Israel was born in fire, the Nakba.  A Jewish state could only come into existence
if the majority of its Arab inhabitants, over ¾ million, were expelled,
ethnically cleansed.  Those who tried to
come back, termed ‘infiltrators’ were shot dead, mainly in the 1950’s.  Thousands are estimated to have died. 
The demonstrations yesterday threatened to
effect a  Return to Palestine for the Palestinians
and nothing is more calculated to arouse Israel’s anger than the idea of a
return of the refugees.  100 armed
snipers were thus engaged to mow down anyone who even approached near to the
The world will no doubt ritually condemn this
massacre whilst moving on.
Thousands of Palestinians gather near the border fence
The Board of Deputies of British Jews, which
has been frothing at the mouth all week over fake anti-Semitism and denouncing what
it calls ‘conspiracy’ theories about the Israeli Embassy controlling its output
enaged in a few conspiracy theories of its own. 
It tweeted in response to the massacres: 
‘Hamas once again using its
civilians – inc children – as pawns.  We
call for calm & a return to negotiating table resulting in a secure, Jewish
& democratic Israel alongside a viable & vibrant Palestinian state.’
A helpful Twitter user amended the Guardian’s ‘shitty’ headline – armies clash, civlians get murdered or slaughtered but the Guardian believes in ‘balance’ – fortunately there were no Guardian reporters covering the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising or they would have reported the attacks on Nazi soldiers as being unprovoked
According to these racists, thousands  of Palestinians protested against the siege
of Gaza and the theft of their land, not because they hate the siege and the
starvation tactics of Israel, but because they have been put up to it by those
wicked people in Hamas.  Hamas has
magical powers of coercion over thousands of people such that it can make them
risk their lives.  Of course these lies
lack all credibility and simply betray the racist mentality of those that Corbyn
appeases.  Palestinians aren’t clever
enough to know they are being manipulated by their leaders, unlike the savages
that Israel employs in uniform.
The rest of the Board of Deputies’s tweet is
equally as hypocritical.  They know very
well that not one member of Israel’s cabinet supports a Palestinian state of
any description.  Neither does the Israeli
Labour Party either.
This however is the group that is responsible for
claiming that all British Jews (except for a few ‘traitors’) support Israel’s
atrocities and them proclaims, in mock horror, that there is a rise in ‘anti-Semitism’.
The wonder is that Jeremy Corbyn plays along
with this fiction forgetting everything he ever did in 30+ years of work in the
Palestine solidarity movement.
Tony Greenstein
According to the committee organizing the march, the Palestinian in the
video is Abed el-Fatah Abed e-Nabi, 18, and was killed as a result of the
shooting  IDF claims Hamas distributes
many videos, some of which are partial and fabricated
  Mar 31, 2018 12:38 PM
capture of video distributed by Palestinian media
Palestinian taking part in Friday’s “March of
” near the Gaza border was shot with his back to Israeli
army soldiers while moving away from the border fence, so appears to show a
video published on Palestinian media Saturday.
According to
the committee organizing the march, the Palestinian in the video is Abed
el-Fatah Abed e-Nabi, 18, and was killed as a result of the shooting, which
occurred east of Jabaliya in the northern Gaza strip.
The video
shows two Palestinians running away from the border towards a large group of
protesters. When they are several feet away from the group, a shot is heard,
and one of the Palestinians, reporedtly e-Nabi, drops to the ground. A small
group gathers around to assist him. According to the committee behind the
march, the video “clearly shows e-Nabi poses no threat.”
Defence Forces spokesperson has issued a reply, saying that Hamas distributes
many vidoes, among which are those that show partial events that have been
edited and fabricated.
acted Friday against violent protests and terrorists activities which included
live fire towards its soldiers, attempts to inflitrate Israel … stone
throwing, bottle boms,”
read the statement. “The forces acted
according to open-fire protocols and in a reasonable manner as they avoided
harming civilians posted there by Hamas, who wish to embarrass Israel while
risking those civilians … anyone who partakes in violent protests puts
themselves at risk.”
An injured woman
E-Nabi is
one of a 15 Palestinians killed in Friday’s demonstrations, in which 758 were
wounded from live fire, 148 from rubber-tipped bullets, 422 from inhaling tear
gas and 88 from other causes.
The UN
Security Council convened Friday night to discuss the events on the Gaza
border, despite the United States’ and Israel’s request to postpone
deliberations for Saturday, due to Passover holiday eve. No
Israeli envoy was present during discussions
In a
statement released Saturday, Israel’s envoy to the UN Danny Danon said
This disgraceful abuse of the holiday will not prevent us from presenting
the truth regarding Hamas’ violent protests, whose only purpose is to ignite
the sector and incite provocations.”
An Israeli
Arab human rights organization
 condemned Israel’s action on the
Gaza border as ‘unlawful’ on Saturday, alerting Attorney General Avichay
Mendelblit that Israel was in breach of international law.         

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