Braverman’s dream (& apparently Jean Calder’s)

This blog is a follow up to Anita Patel’s Women’s Place UK : Whitewashing Zionism. When you’ve been friends with someone for 40 years it comes as a shock to realise that they have become an ageing reactionary, an Islamaphobe in particular. All in the name of second wave feminism.

I don’t often write blogs about those I know personally and I’m doing it now because, as the old saying used to go, the personal is political or at least it can be.

Jean was elected to Brighton Borough Council for the Labour Party in 1987. Her husband, Andy Winter was elected in the following year. At that time she was a socialist. I can remember her speaking vehemently in opposition to the Gulf War in 1991 and Tony Benn praising the speech. I accompanied her on a fact finding trip to Northern Ireland. She was a strong supporter of the Republican movement.

Although not actively involved in the Palestine solidarity movement she was always opposed to Zionism and the oppression of the Palestinians.

When six Labour Councillors were suspended at the beginning of the 90’s for refusing to implement the Poll tax she and Andy were amongst them. 30 years though is a long time in politics.

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