Israel’s Army Killed 4 Children and Wrecked the Al Tafawk Children’s Centre in Jenin – All in ‘Self Defence’

Al Jazeera Film on Israel’s Propaganda War

In May 2021, as the world’s eyes were on Israel’s attack on Gaza, Israeli soldiers wrecked the Al Tafawk Children’s Centre in Jenin. They even took the time and trouble to tear up the children’s reading books. This is the hate that Zionism engenders.

Last week Israel’s military went even further. They not only wrecked the interior, they damaged the exterior walls of the Centre, punching large holes in them, demolishing the balcony. This is understandable. To Zionism Palestinian children are what Jewish children were to the Nazis. The embodiment of a satanic people.

On October 4 1943, in Posen (Poznan), Himmler explained why it was necessary to kill not just Jewish adults but their children too:

Thus I did not feel I had the right to exterminate – let’s say then, kill them or have them killed – the men while I allowed their avengers, in the form of their children, to grow up and avenge them upon our sons and grandsons.

Al Tafawk Video

The Al Tafawk Centre, which we have helped fund for the past four years, will not be allowed to die and I am therefore asking people to contribute what they can afford to the Go Fund Me Crowdfunder.

The British Shalom/Salaam Trust has also launched an 


The BBC – Allergic to the Truth

Despite killing 4 children in Jenin, making some 35 Palestinian children in the West Bank this year, the BBC apologised because Anjana Gadgil told the truth for once and said that ‘Israel is Happy to Kill Palestinian Children’ when questioning former Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett. Bennet is on record as saying that ‘I’ve Killed Lots Of Arabs In My Life And There’s No Problem With That’.

Palestinians in Jenin confront Palestinian Authority after deadly Israeli raid

Bennett’s claim that the children that Israel kills are ‘terrorists’ is a lie but in the eyes of the Zionists, Palestinians by definition are terrorists.

Jenin – Middle East International

I have therefore submitted a complaint to the BBC about their apology to the Zionist lobby for Gadgil’s remarks and asked them to withdraw it and also apologise for Gadgil having accepted that the term ‘terrorist’ applies to Palestinian children anyway. (see below)

‘Her smile never left her face’

By Basel Adra July 5, 2023

In a previous military raid in Jenin, the army killed seven Palestinians, including 15-year-old Sadeel Naghniyeh, who according to witnesses was shot in the head while standing at the entrance to her home. Her death began reverberating after images of her fellow classmates carrying her body for burial went viral.

Sadeel was shot on June 19, and died of her wounds two days later. Her father Ghassan described the scene to +972:

“The alarms started going off in the camps, we heard screaming, and people began running to their homes. This is a scene that repeats itself in every invasion of the camp. Israeli snipers went up to the roofs of the houses and buildings and began shooting. The clashes were not close to our house, we only heard them. My daughter was speaking to her cousins through the window, and told me that she wanted to go to her uncle’s house. I told myself that it is better that she go and not talk through the window, since doing so is more dangerous because of the snipers.”

This is Kareem! The sweetest child in the Al Tafawk Centre – his father has just been killed and he is homeless! 

The reality of Israel’s treatment of Palestinian children, which the BBC deliberately ignores was highlighted by the new Save the Children Report which showed that:

·                During arrest, 42% of children were injured, including gunshot wounds and broken bones, and 65% of children were arrested during the night, mostly between midnight and dawn. Half of all arrests took place in the children’s home.

·                The majority of children experienced appalling levels of physical and emotional abuse, including being beaten (86%), being threatened with harm (70%), and hit with sticks or guns (60%).

·                Some children reported violence and abuse of a sexual nature, including being hit or touched on the genitals and 69% reported being strip searched.

·                60% of children experienced solitary confinement with the length of time varying from one 1 day to as long as 48 days.  

·                Children were denied access to basic services, 70% said they suffered from hunger and 68% said they didn’t receive any healthcare.   

·                58% of children were denied visits or communication with their family while detained.

·                The majority of children detained are boys – a trend reflected by the survey, with boys representing 97% of the respondents.

The Anti-Boycott Bill

As 1000 Israeli soldiers were launching a blitzkrieg on Jenin Refugee Camp, together with drones and helicopters, British MPs gave a second reading to the anti-Boycott Bill which is designed to protect the right of Israel to commit war crimes and to make solidarity action with the Palestinians illegal.

In Israel’s British apologists are enabling this violence former Guardian correspondent David Hearst wrote that:

‘Every word that Keir Starmer or Lisa Nandy utter in support of the ‘Jewish homeland’ sends a very clear message to Israel that it can carry on doing what it wants.’

Israel has openly fascist and neo-Nazi Ministers in power such as Police and Security Minister, Itamar ben Gvir, who used to hang a portrait of Baruch Goldstein on his living room wall. Goldstein opened fire in February 1994 in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron massacring 29 Palestinian worshippers. Ben Gvir, who used to chant ‘death to the Arabs’, has recently told his supporters to change the chant to ‘Death to the terrorists’.

The BBC’s craven apology speaks volumes about the organisation. But let us have a look at the child ‘terrorists’ that Israel has murdered.

On June 2 a two-year-old Palestinian boy Mohammed al-Tamimi died after being shot in the head near Nabi Saleh by Israeli soldiers while riding in a car with his father. The army later said that the death was ‘unintentional’ and that the soldier would be reprimanded.

Four children murdered on Gaza beach playing hide and seek

In 2014 during Operation Protective Edge Israel murdered 551 Palestinian children. No doubt they too were terrorists, like the 4 children playing hide and seek on Gaza’s beach. Israel later described their death as a ‘tragic accident’.

In 2018 during the Great Return March from Gaza, Israeli snipers opened fire killing 50 children and some 266 unarmed demonstrators. The snipers injured 30,000 others. The bullets they used were deliberately designed to cause maximum damage to the human body.

Israel’s attack on Jenin needs to be seen in the context of the remarks by Ben-Gvir, an ex-supporter of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who called for the murder of hundreds, if not thousands of Palestinians.

Jenin is laying the basis for a second Nakba. Thousands of Palestinians were forced out of their home and forced to wander the streets of the refugee camp, without food or water, as Israeli troops occupied their homes.

Mustafa Sheta described how the invasion began with a devastating attack on The Freedom Theatre, where a group of families had sought refuge. Even the most dishonest Israeli Embassy liar would be hard pushed to explain why this symbol of Palestinian culture was attacked, the road outside being destroyed.

The attack on Jenin refugee camp decimated its infrastructure and obliterated the main roads in the camp.

Hospitals in Jenin treated dozens who were wounded during the military operation but residents said that ambulances, in many cases, were unable to reach and evacuate those hurt.

The Jenin municipality said that the water supply had been cut off throughout the refugee camp because infrastructure had suffered damage in the fighting.

The city’s power grid also suffered significant damage due to operations by the Israel Defense Forces’ engineering corps. Residents said that both electricity and internet service was disrupted. Sami Bakr, who lives in the refugee camp, said:

Israeli Military Bulldozer

“I heard bulldozers, and suddenly we saw them destroying the roads leading to the refugee camp to prevent people from leaving or entering it,” he said. “There are still forces there, and the residents are very afraid. The vast majority aren’t opening their windows.”

Bakr said that residents had been under siege since the morning, without electricity or internet. “There are wounded people who still haven’t been evacuated from the camp because the medical crews can’t enter.

Urabi Hamad, a Jenin resident who lives near the camp, said that in his neighbourhood “we can’t leave or enter” adding:

 “There are still many forces in the area. The media are also still under siege, and the medical teams can’t move. The fear is horrible. We hear shooting and explosions all the time, and we’re afraid it will escalate and expand. There’s a lot of destruction everywhere.”

See Jenin Residents: Ambulances Unable to Reach Many Wounded After Israeli Military Operation – Israel NewsJul 4, 2023

THE FREEDOM THEATRE in Jenin Refugee Camp, leads an emergency online meeting, on the invasion and what you can do

Doing Israel’s Dirty Work – The Palestinian Authority

It would also appear that another purpose of the attack on Jenin was to do the dirty work for the Palestinian Authority Israel’s military subcontractor. The PA hasn’t been able to operate in Jenin refugee camp for months.

Last Sunday the Israeli Security Cabinet decided that they would ‘act to prevent the collapse of the Palestinian Authority’ although this was opposed by Police Minister Ben Gvir with Smotrich abstaining. Smotrich, who is the effective Governor of the West Bank stated that There will be no economic relief for the Palestinians.” 

The Jenin operation didn’t end. Phase Two has already begun.

After a PA delegation to the funeral of Jenin’s 12 martyrs was kicked out of the camp by mourners incensed at PA inaction, a ministerial committee was formed by presidential order to lead the reconstruction effort. Another Fatah delegation composed of members of its central committee returned on Saturday, July 8, to meet with members of the Jenin Brigade. The day after that, yet another delegation made up of PA ministers also arrived and made the rounds. The PA presence started to be normalized. See

According to PAJU, MahmoudAbbas the so-called Palestinian President visited Jenin on Wednesday to a hostile reception. In advance of his coming 1,000 PA security force members were deployed to Jenin. Rami, a Jenin resident was quoted as saying:

“We don’t need any help from the Palestinian Authority … you have been meeting [with the enemy] under the table,,, The Palestinian Authority is our occupier, not Israel.”

It also reported that ahead of Abbas’s visit

PA troops were spotted removing the flags of Gaza-based resistance groups Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), both of which enjoy great support across the West Bank.’

The same Israeli Judges Who Are the Bulwark of Israeli Jewish Democracy Enable the Military Dictatorship in the West Bank

The military subjugation of the Palestinians in the West Bank is backed to the hilt by Israel’s Zionist judges. The Supreme Court has consistently supported the demolition of the houses of families of Palestinian ‘terrorists’ whilst at the same time refusing to countenance the destruction of the homes of Jewish terrorists.

The ‘reason’ for this racist discrimination was explained in a 2015 ruling by Noam Sohlberg in the High Court. Sohlberg justified this openly racist discrimination by claiming that home demolition serves as a deterrent, and that the Jewish public was already “deterred and not incited.” Sohlberg acknowledged the existence of Jewish terrorism, but asserted,

“The difference exceeds the similarity in many aspects, and particularly… regarding mass attitudes: firm, wall-to-wall condemnation in the Jewish community, which is not the case on the opposite side.”

Largest Military Operation in Jenin as Israel Strikes Palestine Hard | Vantage with Palki Sharma

Sohlberg is a settler from Alon Shvut. A Sohlberg doctrine that is relevant to current events is his support for the lenient treatment of Jewish terrorism. As Yoana Gonen explained

From the outset, this was a shameful justification based upon a racist gut feeling rather than facts….  Appalling pogroms and acts of terror committed by hundreds of bloodthirsty settlers have become routine. Houses are torched with their occupants inside; masked Jews hurl rocks at cars and fire guns at Palestinian localities; thuggish gangs go after Arabs on both sides of the Green Line; and rather than “firm, wall-to-wall condemnation,” these acts receive the helpful turning of a blind eye or outright enthusiastic support on the right.

A few days ago Ben-Gvir told lawbreakers at the illegal outposts, “Run to the hilltops, we have your back.” In fact there is a ‘wall-to-wall’ refusal in the right-wing parties to avoid issuing any condemnation, including Prime Minister Netanyahu. Meanwhile, among the Jewish public, a sickening song of praise to the pogrom in Hawara has become a hit and can be heard at protests in support of the judicial overhaul.

Instead of combating the settler violence coalition members launched a grammatical battle over the definition of “terror” and lashed out at officials who called it that. National Missions Minister Orit Strock, whose son was convicted of abusing a Palestinian minor, said it was a “disgrace” to label the Jewish pogroms ‘terror’, and Finance Minister Smotrich described it as “morally unacceptable and genuinely dangerous.”

These events reveal the fraud in Sohlberg’s words, which purport to be an objective legal argument, but in fact stem from Jewish Supremacist notions that inspire Strock and Smotrich. Like these ministers, Sohelberg considers terror to be something that only Arabs engage in and as something that Jews are genetically incapable of.

See The Settler Judge Who Advocates Lenient Treatment for Jewish Terror

Tony Greenstein