Starmer sits in his Posh Restaurant like a Stuffed Dummy as he is told ‘You lied to the Party’ and ‘We may as well have a Tory’

Little did Starmer know who it was who confronted him in Liverpool today.  He will know now!  Audrey White is the original working class feminist.  When she was sacked for standing up for 4 women who were victims of sexual harassment by an area manager, she went on strike and for 5 weeks picketed the store. With its other stores being picketed in Manchester and London the company gave in. Audrey’s fight led to the introduction of the first legislation against sexual harassment at work.

I first met Audrey when I was waiting to be interviewed on George Galloway’s Sputnik programme on RT, which has now been silenced. She was next on.  It was a pleasure and an honour to meet her.

When Starmer decided to sneak into Liverpool to give a speech and dine with a few cronies he should have known that the people of Liverpool wouldn’t take it lying down.

Starmer stood for the leadership of the Labour Party on the basis of 10 Pledges. He has broken every one.  He confirmed today that nothing will be taken into public ownership even though the rail industry and energy companies are clearly failing to deliver.  Profit over People should be his motto, instead it is an anodyne and meaningless New Labour  slogan about Security, Prosperity and Respect.

Starmer promises not to give an interview to or write for The Sun. That is another promise that this liar has broken. The Sun accused Liverpool fans at Hillsborough of picking the pockets of dead fans and urinating on Police who were allegedly trying to save them but who in reality were killed by Police negligence.

Ever since the Scum, as it’s known has been boycotted in Liverpool.  But that hasn’t stopped Herr Sturmer giving it interviews and writing for it.

Starmer pledged to continue the Corbyn legacy and instead has bound himself hand and foot to the City of London and the wealthy and prosperous.  His Shadow Health  Secretary Wes Streeting has promised to continue with the Tories privatisation of the NHS, which means handing over money for the NHS to private companies whose only interest is making profits.

Starmer has also expel hundreds if not thousands of socialists in the Labour Party whilst cuddling up the supporters of Apartheid Israel.  He is, by his own admission, a ‘Zionist without qualification.’  In other words a racist.

Meanwhile who should rise to his defence but none other than ‘Liar’ Lee Harpin formerly of the Jewish Chronicle and now of the equally racist Jewish News. Harpin tweeted that Audrey White was a liar for claiming she was a member of the Labour Party when she had been expelled. The chances are that she will now be expelled because that is what happens to Labour members who tell the truth.

‘Liar’ Lee has a record of making vicious and false attacks against supporters of the Palestinians and Jewish activists.  He has wracked up record libel damages against the Jewish Chronicle.   Audrey White is one of those who was secured libel damages for the Jewish Chronicle’s lies. See White consulting lawyers as ‘litany of lies’ Harpin smears her AGAIN after costing employer substantial damages

Tony Greenstein