Edward Isaacs is a Liar

I have just had a Facebook message from Edward Isaacs, the racist Chair of the Bristol Jewish (i.e. Israel) Society who spent his holidays in Apartheid Israel with his fellow racist, A J Solomon, Deputy Chair of Bristol J-Soc.

No doubt they had talks with the Israeli Ministry of Dirty Tricks aka Strategic Affairs as to how the campaign to sack David Miller was going. I am sure it is very profitable going on expenses free trips to Israel as ‘victims’.

Isaacs messaged me to say that if I called him a Liar again he would sue me for libel. As Clint Eastwood said in Sudden Impact ‘Go Ahead. Make My Day.’

In my blog I called Isaacs a liar and for some strange reason he took exception to it.

For the avoidance of all doubt Edward Isaacs is a Liar and a Racist. As the latter is a matter of fact he probably won’t sue me, on that account at least!

Tony Greenstein