NOT THE FORDE INQUIRY! Why Starmer Sought to Hide and Cover Up Racist and Sexist Abuse & Corruption Amongst Labour’s Senior Staff

NOT THE FORDE INQUIRY! Why Starmer Sought to Hide and Cover Up Racist and Sexist Abuse & Corruption Amongst Labour’s Senior Staff









NOT THE FORDE INQUIRY! Why Starmer Sought to Hide and Cover Up Racist and Sexist Abuse & Corruption Amongst Labour’s Senior Staff

Despite Packing the Forde Inquiry With his Sycophants Starmer Decided to Suppress it

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The Forde Inquiry was set up at in April 2020 as a result of Labour’s Leaked Report which demonstrated conclusively that senior Labour staff had consciously set out to sabotage the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. The Report was aiming to issue its report early in 2021.

The Leaked Report, which was clearly commissioned by former General Secretary Jennie Formby (perhaps her only real service to the left during her tenure) demonstrated that senior Labour officials, led by General Secretary Iain McNicol and his unattractive enforcer John Stolliday, ran an unofficial general election campaign in support of right-wing MPs at a secret HQ during the 2017 General Election campaign.

The Report, in perhaps its only humorous moment, illustrated the grief and tears of these sordid and wretched hacks as Corbyn increased his majority. They were openly disappointed, some in tears, when Corbyn unexpectedly gained not lost seats. McNicol warned his fellow bigots that they were in for an uncomfortable few months.

Unfortunately it took Corbyn another 8 months to force McNicol’s resignation despite the fact that, in anticipation of a coup, McNicol had cancelled the passes of Corbyn’s office on the night of the General Election. It was a sad commentary on Corbyn’s tenure as leader that he refused to confront the Right even as he was betraying his own comrades like Chris Williamson.

Keir Starmer – Labour’s Leader In Need of a Personality Transplant

The Leaked Report included outrageous examples of racist abuse, homophobia, anti-Semitism (ironically) sexism and electoral sabotage by party officials. In short utter corruption.

Starmer however made his displeasure clear. Not at the behaviour of McNicol, Stolliday, Emily Oldknow and all the other crooks and bigots who Labour employed at great cost. His anger was directed at those who had compiled and leaked the Report.

The Forde Inquiry was filled with Starmer loyalists and right-wing toe rags. Yet despite this Starmer has desperately attempted to kick the Inquiry into the long grass. The latest pretext for delay is that it might conflict with the Information Commissioner’s inquiries.

Over a year later the Forde Inquiry still hasn’t reported. Many people believe Forde’s findings are being suppressed because the party’s leadership wants to bury the truth. But we’re not going to let that happen.

That’s why we’re holding the “Not The Forde Inquiry”, to give people the chance to say in public what they would have told the inquiry if they’d had the chance.

Starmer is Labour’s most dishonest leader ever. A born liar who campaigned as a unity candidate and the moment he was elected began undoing Corbyn’s legacy. First Rebecca Long Bailey was sacked as Shadow Education Secretary for retweeting Maxine Peake’s references to Israeli Police training their US counterparts in how to choke, strangle and otherwise incapacitate Black people. This was, apparently, an ‘anti-Semitic conspiracy theory’.

Whilst standing for leader Starmer hid the fact that his campaign was financed by a plethora of right-wing businessmen and hedge fund managers such as Martin Taylor, (£95,000) Clive Hollick (£50,000) and Trevor Chinn (£50,000), a major funder of Labour Friends of Israel and an Executive Member of BICOM, the main pro-Israel propaganda organisation in Britain. Zionist supporters constituted a large chunk of Starmer’s campaign funding but Starmer refused to divulge the source of his donations until the election campaign was over. As Bob Pitt noted:

those party members who voted for Keir on the basis of his assurances that he would continue Labour’s radical political trajectory might ask themselves whether they were well and truly suckered.

Because the Forde Inquiry looks as if it will never report, Labour in Exile Network has organised an alternative Forde Inquiry, namely Not the Forde Inquiry which will take submissions from people who have been at the centre of the witchhunt.

Rebecca Massey (under the flag) and Anne Mitchell (second from right) who was also expelled from Hove Labour Party

They include:

Jackie Walker – the Black-Jewish former Vice Chair of Momentum who was stabbed in the back by Jon Lansman at the behest of the Jewish LabourMovement whose ‘sister party’, the Israeli Labour Party, has just gone into a coalition government in Israel with the far-Right.

Chris Williamson the former Labour MP who was attacked as an ‘anti-Semite’ by the JLM. Chris was stabbed in the back by Jennie Formby and betrayed by Jeremy Corbyn who failed to stand up for him.

Graham Bash the Editor of Labour Briefing, an Executive Committee member of Jewish Voices for Labour who has also been suspended.

Leah Levane a Jewish councillor for Hastings, Leah is co-Chair of Jewish Voices for Labour. Remarkably she doesn’t appear to have been suspended (yet!).

Tina Werkmann Secretary of Labour Against the Witchhunt and active in Labour Left Alliance has been expelled.

Rebecca Massey was expelled on the explicit instructions of the Board of Deputies – this fact was uncovered when a document was obtained through a subject access request.

Contributions also encouraged from attendees at this event

If you have information relevant to the inquiry please email [email protected]. Whistleblowers are particularly welcome!

The inquiry will also hear a special message from film director Ken Loach

Over 450 people have already registered for Saturday’s ‘Not the Forde Enquiry’ meeting at 7pm, which is being run in conjunction with the Labour Left Alliance and Labour Against the Witchhunt. The Morning Star covered the event and above you can see a video interview with LIEN’s Norman Thomas that was shown on RT.




Saturday 12 June, 5-7pm

Join our workshop on shadow CLPs: What are they? And how are they run?

A workshop to discuss the feasibility and possibility of creating Shadow CLPs around the country where we can affect and influence party business and policy from a left, democratic socialist agenda both from within the Labour Party in collaboration with exiles and members and from the outside with direct action and community projects and involvement.

We will have testimonies and examples of current examples of similar activities and how we can work together, using ideas and suggestions already in use and ones we can brainstorm together to build our numbers strength, effectiveness and efficiency .

Key speakers will include

  • Kevin Bean, from Liverpool Wavetree – one of the Wavetree 4 suspended and expelled last year
  • Carel Buxton from East Ham CLP
  • Mike Kennard from North East Cambridgeshire CLP
  • Terry Deans from Plymouth Moor View CLP, suspended V Chair of CLP and Branch Secretary.

There may be other key speaker contributions to be announced. Contributions as always are encouraged from the floor.

If anyone else would like to ensure a spot to contribute their experiences and ideas, please contact Terry Deans at [email protected] or by FB messenger.

Saturday 12 June 2021 at 5-7pm

Meeting ID: 880 4302 3072





  1. David

    Does Starmer want to win an election, or has he other ideas!

    • Tony Greenstein

      it’s a good question. It certainly isn’t his priority. Purging Labour of its left wing is clearly his main task and the Board of Deputies have supplied him with a list of those to expel


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