Labour In Exile Network Conference – This Saturday February 27th

 Momentum/Arise Zoom Rallies and Warm Words are No Substitute for Collective Organisation and a Joint Left Strategy

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The decision of Starmer’s Regional Mafia to bar the 3 women on the shortlist for Liverpool Mayor should be the final straw for socialists in the Labour Party. From now on it is or should be all out war. Of course no reason has been given for their decision but no reason needs to be given. Their clear offence is that they were socialists.

In Ann Rothery’s case her crime was being a Black socialist. To Labour’s racist leader this is in itself a crime. The only acceptable Black people to this Zionist ‘without qualification’ are the David Lammy’s of this world.

Labour In Exile Network was formed in the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension and the ensuing suspension of officers of the Labour Party who had the temerity to allow their parties to discuss such mundane matters as whether Starmer was out of his reactionary mind to suspend his predecessor.

LIEN has received considerable publicity in its call for an explanation from Starmer as to why he employed an Israeli spy, Assaf Kaplan, as a member of his staff, with the remit to snoop on members. LIEN has threatened, given the wholesale suspensions and expulsions, to simply reprint its own Labour Party cards. We have also made it clear that we will only canvass for and support those opposed to the present witch-hunt and attack on Labour Party democracy.

If you remember Starmer campaigned, not as the right-wing nonentity that he is but as Continuity Corbyn. He was the unity candidate which was why he didn’t disclose the donation of £50,000 from Sir Trevor Chinn, who has given his largesse to both Labour Friends of Israel and the Conservative Friend of Israel.

I sometimes despair at what I call the Stupid Left – Momentum and their fellow travellers. I don’t have a crystal ball or any unique foresight. On February 4th, two months before Starmer’s coronation, I wrote Keir Starmer is the candidate that the Deep State & the British Establishment want you to vote for.

.I wrote this on the basis of Starmer’s illiberal record over the previous decade as Director of Public Prosecution. He prosecuted Julian Assange, was hostile to victims of rape where the man was acquitted, overseeing their prosecution for making it up, he covered for killer policemen. To say nothing of his being the only MP was was a member of the Trilateral Commission.

Starmer’s record since becoming leader is even worse. On COVID-19 he has supported Johnson throughout. He has even refused to call for the dismissal of Matt Hancock, the hapless Health Secretary, after the High Court found his behaviour in awarding contracts to his friends and cronies was unlawful. His support for the Spy Cops Bill should repel anyone but a Zionist or utter reactionary.

Today even the most stupid member of Momentum realises that Starmer is a liar. A Tony Blair minus the charisma. Unfortunately Momentum and the LRC/CLPD have not come up with one single idea to fight back against the most vicious anti-left witchhunt in the Labour Party’s history. Hence their refusal to call for the removal of Starmer and Rayne, his useless deputy.

The idea behind the LIEN is simple. It is to form a non-geographical CLP along the lines of the non-geographical International CLP. We aim to keep expelled and suspended socialists together.

It is clear that Starmer’s project, gutting Labour of its socialists and ending its reliance on trade unions, is destined to end in failure. In the words of the inestimable Rachel of Swindon, Starmer’s

Sir Keith finds his natural home

mind-boggling inability to lead a once-great party is ensuring a generation of Conservative rule. Let’s be honest here folks, Starmer is a fucking disaster for the Labour Party, and a credit to the Conservative Party.

The Corbyn Project attracted hundreds of thousands of people to the idea that a better world was possible.  They were betrayed by people like Jon Lansman and John McDonnell who thought they could trim their sails to the wind and bow to the ruling class ‘anti-Semitism’ attack that was launched against Corbyn and his supporters.

The time to organise is now overdue.  Although Momentum claims to have 20,000 members it is like the Titanic.  It is unable to turn round in time.  We can be more nimble.

One immediate test will be in Liverpool. Liverpool is the most class conscious city in Britain. Not unsurprisingly that is where I spent most of my childhood (I don’t claim any causal link between the two!). If Anna Rothery were to decide to stand, as people are urging, then it could indeed pose a mortal challenge to Starmer’s hold over the Labour Party.

Liverpool was the place where there were giant rallies for Corbyn. If the Campaign Group and Jeremy Corbyn were to declare their support for Anna Rothery then she could quite easily deliver a body blow to Starmer’s leadership.

If you are not doing anything on Saturday, or even if you are doing something, come to our conference.

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We will be having a range of speakers including Graham Bash, Tosh MacDonald, Chris Knight, Leah Levane, Jackie Walker and Roger Silverman.

We will be discussing a Plan for Change. The agenda is here

Looking forward to seeing everybody

Tony Greenstein