What’s Left of Labour? Come and hear Professor David Miller who has just been forced out of the Labour Party by Racist Zionists

What’s Left of Labour? Come and hear Professor David Miller who has just been forced out of the Labour Party by Racist Zionists









What’s Left of Labour? Come and hear Professor David Miller who has just been forced out of the Labour Party by Racist Zionists

What are the Prospects for Labour? Come and hear Professor David Miller – driven out of the Labour Party by racists and Zionists

What has Starmer’s Labour got to offer politically in addressing domestic and international issues? Poverty and Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, Palestine, and Kashmir?

Brighton and Hove Labour Left Alliance is putting on another zoom meeting to help you while away all those hours in self-isolation!

Join us for a discussion with Kerry-Anne Mendoza, David Miller, and Katherine Connelly.
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Professor Miller is one of 5 academic authors of Bad News for Labour. Zionist pressure during the Labour Party conference forced Waterstones to cancel the book launch.  Fortunately Brighton & Hove Labour Left Alliance stepped in and held the book launch.

Speaker bios:

David Miller is Professor of Sociology at the University of Bristol and the co-author of Bad News for Labour:AntiSemitism, The Party and Public Belief.

Kerry-Anne Mendoza is a writer, journalist, social commentator, and the editor of The Canary.

Katherine Connelly is a writer, historian, activist, and editor of Counterfire. She led the school strikes against the Iraq war in 2003 and co-ordinated the Emily Wilding Davison Memorial Campaign in 2013. Her biography of Sylvia Pankhurst was published by Pluto Press in 2013.

Professor David Miller forced to resign from the Labour Party this week

According to the Jewish Chronicle’s political correspondent ‘liar’ Lee Harpin, who was arrested for hacking into people’s voice mails, Professor David Miller has resigned from Labour blaming “the Zionist movement” only weeks after he was suspended from the party over allegations that did not involve antisemitism claims.

You might think that this is just another example of Labour ‘anti-Semitism’. Perhaps Liar Lee believes that the Jewish Chronicle’s readership is even more stupid than he is.

The Zionist CST clearly doesn’t understand that academic freedom means the right to disagree with them!

The Zionist movement in Britain has targeted Professor Miller consistently.  On August 14th last year Simon Rocker wrote  about how the Zionist Community Security Trust

“has called Bristol University “an utter disgrace” over its response to a complaint the CST made about a lecture linking it to the spread of Islamophobia.

The community’s defence organisation protested in March over a lecture given earlier in the year by sociology professor David Miller which claimed that parts of the Zionist movement were funding hatred of Muslims.”

Professor David Miller’s statement of resignation

What you might wonder has ‘community defence’ got to do with the contents of a lecture. Did he attack Jews? No he criticised Zionism, a political ideology and movement.

Why was the CST contacting Bristol University? Have they never heard of academic freedom? These Zionist groups monitor lecturers, encouraging students to secretly record them and then like the little McCarthyites they are inform on them to their racist patrons. Let me give the CST and any other Zionists a little lesson in Judaism.

Informing on people, Lashon hara, is the vilest of sins in the Jewish religion. Thousands of Jews have died because of it, not least in the Holocaust because of informers. According to Chabad

lashon hara, negative talk, is a sin that has caused numerous tragedies for the Jewish people, and indeed the world, since the very beginning of history.

According to the first point in the above article

Lashon hara literally means “bad talk.” This means that it is forbidden to speak negatively about someone else, even if it is true.

The Nazi informers told the truth but their crimes were no less for it. Anne Frank was murdered because of an informer.  The fact that the Zionist movement is based today on this sin is proof in itself that there is nothing inherently ‘Jewish’ in Zionism.

There is absolutely no doubt that parts of the Zionist movement, such as the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism fund and deliberately stir up  anti-Muslim racism.

Professor Miller wrote that he believed his suspension

“has much to do with my record of evidence-based research on  the Zionist movement and its influence on the British left and British politics more widely”

and that

“my work shows the Zionist movement is an actually existing transnational network of organisations, which work tirelessly to justify Israel’s ongoing dispossession of the Palestinians. It works in collaboration with the leading Western imperial powers, most obviously the US and UK.”

As Asa Winstanley wrote in New Labour purge against Israel critics

David Miller is an expert on the propaganda operations of state and corporate lobbies. He has documented the methods and history of the pro-Israel lobby for years.’

Amongst Miller’s crimes was suggesting ‘that most claims of antisemitism in the Labour Party were false.’ As the list of Jewish casualties of the ‘anti-Semitism’ allegations grows longer this is becoming ever more obviously true. As the JC noted

“Last year, the Community Security Trust had highlighted how he was “teaching his students that a wide range of British Jewish groups are one of the most important causes of Islamophobia today”.

Mark Gardner, the CST’s Director of Communications claimed that:

“This vile slur includes the Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council, CST and others, including groups that focus on Israel, such as Bicom, UJIA, ZF and JNF.”

Gardner, a virulent Zionist, must be joking. The JNF refuses to lease or rent the 93% of land it controls in Israel to non-Jews. It is a viciously racist organisation.

Israel is the most anti-Islamic state in the world (alongside India). It has passed specifically anti-Muslim legislation such as the anti-Muezzin law. As Ha’aretz wrote The ‘Muezzin Law’ Is a Stain on the Law Books

Israel state policy has repeatedly been to divide and rule between Christian and Muslim Arabs.

Israel  has waged a war against the Al Aqsa mosque, invading it with armed troops to attack worshippers. See e.g. Israeli forces storm Al-Aqsa Mosque with tear gas, stun grenades

Why does Gardener think that the world’s leading neo-Nazis and Islamaphobes admire Israel if not because of its anti-Muslim hatred?  The role call is a long one. As Ha’aretz askedWhy Is Mainstream Jewish Philanthropy Funding anti-Muslim, Far Right Pamela Geller?

As the Southern Poverty Law Centre wrote:

Pamela Geller is currently one of the most flamboyant anti-Muslim activists in the United States. Geller relentlessly pushes her Muslim-bashing on her blog, “Atlas Shrugs,” and is also a contributor to the far-right Breitbart News. …

Geller’s style consists of broad-brush denunciations of Islam, and preposterous claims such as that President Obama is the “love child” of Malcolm X..

Then there is Robert Spencer, Geller’s partner in crime who argues that the Palestinians ‘were invented’.  Both of them have been banned from entering Britain.

To say nothing of Richard Spencer –  neo-Nazi founder of the alt-Right – who declares himself a White Zionist.   Newsweek informs us that White Supremacist Richard Spencer Is a Fan of Israel’s Nation-State Law.

And of course there are British fascists such as Tommy Robinson, who has also declared that he is a Zionist.  And there is Britain First.  See Far-right Britain First fosters ties with Zionist movement

The fact is that racists and fascists the world over love Israel for its Muslim bashing. If the CST don’t like David Miller telling the truth, then that’s tough.  It’s called freedom of speech.

The CST using ‘Jewish Defence’ as a pretext, has engaged in spying on lecturers in an attempt to destroy free speech on Israel. In the same article the CST admits that it supplied Bristol University with a copy of a slide it alleged had been used in a lecture that listed the “Zionist movement (parts of)” as one of the “five pillars” of Islamophobia.

‘The Jewish security group called Bristol University “an utter disgrace” over its response to the complaint and the failure to take action.’

One wonders what action the CST would like Bristol to take? Clearly they want him dismissed.

Rebecca Gould whose ‘egregious’ attack by the CAA was denounced by the author of the IHRA 

We know what the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism demands in the case of lecturers who upset it.  It calls for their sacking. It targeted Professor Rebecca Gould in February 2017 for a thoughtful article she wrote for Counterpunch on how people like the CAA and Israel use the Holocaust as a weapon against the Palestinians.

‘Dr Rebecca Gould, a lecturer at the University of Bristol, has been caught red-handed having written a sickening article about antisemitism.

Even Kenneth Stern, the American academic who drafted the Zionists IHRA misdefinition of anti-Semitism launched a scathing attack on what the CAA had done in Rebecca Gould’s case. In testimony to the US Congress he wrote:

Perhaps most egregious, an off-campus group citing the definition called on a university to conduct an inquiry of a professor (who received her PhD from Columbia) for antisemitism, based on an article she had written years before.26 The university then conducted the inquiry.27 And while it ultimately found no basis to discipline the professor, the exercise itself was chilling and McCarthy-like

Let’s have a closer look at the CST’s sister organisation, the CAA. Its Anti-Semitism Barometer 2019 demands:

‘FULL PROSCRIPTION OF HAMAS. In 2001, the UK proscribed Hamas’ military wing, … However, it has not proscribed its political wing. Hamas is a genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisation which seeks the murder of all Jews worldwide. Article 7 of the Hamas Covenant issued in 1988, which remains Hamas’ governing document states that: “The Day of Judgment will not come about until Muslims fight Jews and kill them.

One could of course dredge up similar war-like statements from the Bible e.g. the Book of Joshua is about a Jewish genocidaire, who is a hero to the Zionist movement and former Premier David Ben Gurion.

The original Hamas Charter, which has always been a dead letter, was disavowed in 2017. Dr. Ahmed Yousef, an adviser to Ismail Haniyeh (the senior political leader of Hamas), claimed that Hamas has changed its views over time since the charter was issued in 1988. In 2010 Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal stated that the Charter is “a piece of history and no longer relevant, but cannot be changed for internal reasons.”

In May 2018 Bassem Naeem wrote an article for the Guardian, Hamas condemns the Holocaust. Strangely enough the Zionists never quote it!

Hamas is not anti-Jewish. Jews such as Ha’aretz’s Amira Hass have lived in the Gaza Strip without any harm coming to them. Jews have been regular visitors to Gaza. Of course when Israeli soldiers massacre their people in the name of the Jews then they will react accordingly.

CAA’s suggestion that Hamas is ‘a genocidal antisemitic terrorist organisation’ is a blatant example of Islamaphobia. Indeed the obsessive Zionist attacks on Hamas for its resistance activities are Islamaphobic.  The word ‘genocidal’ better applies to the State of Israel than  Hamas. Israel has killed thousands of Palestinian civilians in Gaza. Hamas has killed very few Israelis in retaliation for the carpet bombing of Gaza and all the other attacks.

Attacks on Hamas are a regular feature of Zionist propaganda. Zionist organisations like the Board of Deputies justified Israel’s murder by snipers of unarmed demonstrators through the false allegation that they were members of Hamas.  No doubt this included the 70+ children these vile murderers have mown down.

Starmer’s session with the Jewish Labour Movement including handing him a hit list of people to expel

Hamas isn’t an organisation I support politically. It is a conservative Islamist group but the vast majority of Zionist attacks on it are spurious and racist. 

Not once has the CST or indeed any Zionist organisation disavowed the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism and its vile hostility to Muslims.  Indeed they work together and the Jewish Labour Movement, supposedly on the left of the Zionist movement, submitted a joint complaint to the EHRC about Labour ‘anti-Semitism’

Let us have a look at a 2016 CAA Report  British Muslims and antiSemitism.  It is as vile a piece of Islamaphobic propaganda as you will find. It has a picture of a man, we don’t know his religion but he’s dark so that will do, on the front cover holding a ‘Hitler was right’ poster. The implication is clear. All Muslims are Hitler supporters. The fact that this man was an oddity and that Hitler support is the prerogative of the far-Right elude them.

The Report included a full colour (later reduced to a Black and White silhouette after complaints) profile of a Muslim Male which if it had been the typical Jew i would have stimulated cries of ‘anti-Semitism’ from here to Lands End.  The link to the full report including the graphic has now disappeared. The CAA report read:

Today, our analysis of the ICM survey of British Muslims for Channel 4 and Juniper Television shows that the gradual buildup of understanding and friendship between Britain’s Jews and Muslims has been utterly eclipsed by growing antisemitism amongst British Muslims.

On every single count, British Muslims were more likely by far than the general British population to hold deeply antisemitic views. It is clear that many British Muslims reserve a special hatred for British Jews, rating Jews much less favourably than people of other religions or no religion, yet astonishingly British Muslims largely do not recognise antisemitism as a major problem.

It has long been suspected that sections of the British Muslim population harboured hatred towards British Jews. This survey goes some way to identifying pockets of prejudice, but it also shows that the prejudice is horrifyingly widespread.

Imagine if the same were said about British Jews?  There is no doubt that if such a survey were taken of British Jews then you would indeed see the depth of Islamaphobia in the Jewish community as a result of Zionist propaganda against Arabs over the years.

Come and hear David Miller explain why the Zionists are out to get him tonight at 7.00 p.m.

Come and also hear Kerry Ann Mendoza whose Canary news site has been under continual attack from the Zionists and the Labour Right.  It performs an invaluable service in combating mainstream media narratives.

Please REGISTER here for the meeting

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