Large Lobby for Chris Williamson Outside Labour HQ as Tom Watson and Jon Lansman Sneak into by the Backdoor

Large Lobby for Chris Williamson Outside Labour HQ as Tom Watson and Jon Lansman Sneak into by the Backdoor









Large Lobby for Chris Williamson Outside Labour HQ as Tom Watson and Jon Lansman Sneak into by the Backdoor

As the BBC & the Establishment Step up the War Against Corbyn a 200 strong Lobby Calls for Reinstatement of Chris Williamson

Can you imagine the howls of outrage from the prostitute press and the BBC if it had been Margaret Hodge who was suspended and the NEC had then decided to reject a decision of an NEC panel to reinstate her and instead summon a new panel?

That was what happened yesterday was procedurally outrageous. The panel recommendation to reinstate Chris Williamson was overturned and a new panel appointed.  It’s like a judge rejecting a jury verdict and promptly appointing a new jury.  But of course the press and BBC don’t see it like that because Chris Williamson being a socialist is the enemy.No doubt if the second panel decides to reinstate Chris we will have a third panel appointed.  Because the ‘evidence’ of anti-Semitism is non-existent.

The process is an entire farce. We can assume that the new panel will do their duty and refer Chris Williamson to the National Kangaroo Committee in order that he can be expelled.  Why?  Because the State of Israel via the so-called Jewish Labour Movement (which in fact has a majority of non-Jews in its ranks) has decreed that the most prominent anti-racist in the Parliamentary Labour Party should be expelled.

This process is not taking place in a vacuum.  It is part of the same process we saw tonight when BBC Panorama ran an hour long programme on ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party.  Not once did the programme question the veracity of ‘anti-Semitism’ in the Labour Party despite three-quarters of members rejecting the nonsense of Labour anti-Semitism.

Not once did the BBC programme question why Jewish members of the party had been prominent in the expulsions.  Of course if they had asked those questions it may have turned out that the answer was one which was too uncomfortable for them to handle.

Of course, as this blog has repeatedly pointed out, Jeremy Corbyn made a fatal mistake of accepting the fake anti-Semitism smears.  This allowed his enemies to exploit this concession and go in for the kill. The irony is that the witchhunt of Chris Williamson is being led by a man, Tom Watson, who has a long record of racism stretching back to the Birmingham Hodshrove by-election when he told the electorate that Labour was ‘on your side’ unlike the Lib Dems who ‘were on the side of asylum seekers’.  This ghastly man wrote in Labour Uncut about how he had lost sleep thinking about ‘poor Phil’ – the racist Labour MP that the High Court removed from Parliament after he lied about his Lib Dem opponent claiming that he supported Islamic terrorists.

In other words the anti-Semitism witchhunt in the Labour Party is led by racists such as Tom Watson and the millionaire property developer Jon Lansman who literally owns Momentum.It is clear that the Right will not stop braying until Chris Williamson is expelled. My advice to Chris is to come out fighting and ensure, first of all, that Jackie Walker’s film, The Witchhunt is now shown in Parliament.

Those of us on the Left have a clear task.  To ensure that an independent left is built separate from Momentum. Momentum, because it lacks all democracy, cannot be reformed.  Momentum was initially born out of the Jeremy Corbyn for leadership campaign.  Today it is in the enemy camp. Next week in Brighton and Hove there will be a crucial meeting of the local Momentum group when there will be a contest between supporters of Lansman and his opponents.As the supporters of the United States and British imperialism rely on their good friends Tom Watson and the Jewish Labour Movement to do their dirty work inside the Labour Party we have to break with people like Lansman who have openly allied themselves with the supporters and ‘friends’ of the only apartheid state in the world, Israel.

Tony Greenstein




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  1. Dipak

    Building a separate movement from Momentum is critical and a matter of great urgency. Happy to help.


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