The Mail Online’s Lies about what Ken Livingstone said is Symptomatic of the Whole Fake Anti-Semitism Campaign

The Mail Online’s Lies about what Ken Livingstone said is Symptomatic of the Whole Fake Anti-Semitism Campaign









Livingstone Described How Others had said He Hated Jews – The Mail Reported him as saying he hated Jews!!

Last Monday Ken Livingstone spoke at a Labour Against the Witchhunt meeting in London with Jackie Walker and Graham Bash. This was prior to Jackie’s expulsion hearing the next day. What Livingstone said was extremely clear. Any idiot, even Glen Owen, the Mail Online’s Political Editor could not have been under any illusion as to what Livingstone had said and meant:

Livingstone spoke about the incident when he was ambushed outside Parliament by the execrable John Mann MP with a BBC film crew in tow. Mann accused Ken of being a Hitler supporter. Ken stated:

‘Because it was all filmed on telly it went global and it wasn’t just that. Soon on the Internet you could see things saying I said ‘Jews were like Nazis’ and ‘it’s not anti-Semitic to hate the Jews of Israel’. You can’t have a proper functioning democracy in a world in which the media whether it’s the press or the Internet can just spread lie after lie after lie.’’’(applause)

It is clear as daylight that what Ken was saying was that others were accusing him of saying that it wasn’t anti-Semitic to hate Israeli Jews. However liar Glen Owen decided to twist and distort what Ken had said and change its meaning 180 degrees:

In Ken Livingstone stokes new Labour anti-Semitism row after dismissing problem as ‘lies and smears peddled by ghastly Blairites’ Owen wrote

‘The former Mayor of London continued: ‘It’s not anti-Semitic to hate the Jews of Israel and you can’t have a proper functioning democracy in a world in which the media, whether it’s the press or internet, can just spread lie after lie after lie.’

Glen Owen proved Ken’s point about how the media and in particular the Daily Mail lie, lie, lie. The subheadline was even worse. It stated ‘Former Mayor of London added: It’s not anti-Semitic to hate the Jews of Israel.’

Glen Owen would not have been out of place in Julius Streicher’s rabidly anti-Semitic pornographic daily, Der Sturmer. Streicher was hanged after the war at Nuremburg in 1946 for crimes against humanity because Der Sturmerhad played a major role in inciting pogroms and violence against Jews.

There is no difference in principle between Streicher’s and Glen Owens method when it comes to ‘journalism’. One can assume that Owen is not a certified idiot. The only conclusion one can then draw is that he is a brazen liar employed by a publication that has a long tradition of specialising in lies from the Zinoviev Letter during the 1924 General Election, which led to the defeat of the first Ramsay MacDonald government. Not for nothing did the late Michael Foot call it the Forger’s Gazette. It is no wonder that Wikipedia refuses to allow the Mail Online to be quoted as a source reference. Dishonesty is its second name.

The Mail’s concern about ‘anti-Semitism’ is touching coming as it does from the newspaper that supported Hitler before 1939. Its owner Lord Rothermere personally visited Hitler in 1933. In Nazi Youth in Control [Daily News 4.9.33] Rothermere wrote:

‘I WRITE from a new country on the map of Europe. Its name is Naziland. Of all the historic changes in our time, the transformation of Germany under Hitler has been the swiftest, most complete,’ ….

‘They have started a clamorous campaign of denunciation against what they call ‘Nazi atrocities,’ which, as anyone who visits Germany quickly discovers for himself, consists merely of a few isolated acts of violence.’

All that was involved was ‘The administration of a few doses of castor oil to Communist adversaries.’ Presumably Dachau, where thousands of communists, socialists and trade unionists died was just a figment of the imagination.

[Roy Greenslade’s book Seeking Scapegoats – the coverage of asylum in the British press p.15]

Rothermere made clear his own anti-Semitism and that of his paper when he supported Hitler’s anti-Jewish campaign, referring to German Jews as ‘aliens’, ‘Israelites of international attachment’.

‘THE German nation, moreover, was rapidly falling under the control of its alien elements. In the last days of the pre-Hitler regime there were 20 times as many Jewish Government officials in Germany as had existed before the war. Israelites of international attachments were insinuating themselves into key positions in the German administrative machine. Three German Ministries only had direct relations with the Press, but in each case the official responsible for conveying news and interpreting policy to the public was a Jew. . It is from such abuses that Hitler has freed Germany.’

See When the Daily ‘Hate’ Mail Supported Hitler

The Mail, which even to this day considers Jews as aliens (hence its attack on Ed Miliband’s socialist father Ralph Miliband) combines this with arden support for Israel and Zionism. The Mail hasn’t hesitated to attackGeorge Soros as a financial manipulator over Brexit in much the same way as it criticised Ed Miliband for not knowing how to eat a bacon sandwich.

The Mail’s demonization of refugees and asylum seekers today has a long pedigree. The Mail was the foremost opponent of Jewish refugees entering Britain from Nazi Germany before the war. That was why the Mail employed Katie Hopkins who believed refugees were vermin and cockroaches. On 20th August 1938 it wrote:

“The way stateless Jews from Germany are pouring in from every port of this country is becoming an outrage: the number of aliens entering the country through back door – a problem to which the Daily Mail has repeatedly pointed. On 3rd February 1900 the Mail describedJewish refugees fleeing from Czarist Russia thus:

“They fought, they jostled to the foremost places at the gangways. When the Relief Committee passed by they hid their gold and fawned and whined in broken English asked for money for their train fare.”

We urge all opponents of Labour’s witchhunt to complain here to the Daily Mail. And click here to make a formal complaint. Complaints can also be made to IPSO the Independent Press Standards Organisation (which unfortunately is not independent, being owned and run by the press barons). Or you can emailthem your complaint.

Ken Livingstone’s speech can be found here from 14.20mins.
Suffice to say that the Mail’s lies have now been picked up by The Times of Israel Arutz Sheva YNet the Jewish Chronicle and no doubt other papers. This is how the MSM work. They feed off each other’s lies.





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