What are Brighton & Hove Momentum Steering Committee Afraid of? What prevents them from calling an all-members’ meeting?

What are Brighton & Hove Momentum Steering Committee Afraid of? What prevents them from calling an all-members’ meeting?









Ann Meadows – One of the few rats to join a sinking ship, the Tory group in Brighton & Hove Council

As the Slow Coup Against Corbyn Continues Momentum locally and nationally maintains a Trappist Silence

Members of Parliament, courtesy of the Tory Party and their collaborators in the Labour Party, today staged a debate Antisemitism in Modern Society. It would have been more honest if it had been titled Jeremy Corbyn is an anti-Semite. That is certainly what it was about.

With the exception of Margaret Hodge, the allegations of anti-Semitism were not particularised in any way. The debate provided an opportunity for every windbag with a chip on their shoulder to vent their spleen at the left. If anyone doubted that anti-Semitism has been weaponised then here was the proof.

This is what the ‘antisemitism’ smears are about – supporting the most racist state in the world

We are clearly in the middle of a slow coup against Corbyn and the left leadership of the Labour Party.  A leadership which seems frozen like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car.

 Unfortunately Lansman and Momentum nationally have bought into these false allegations and it would seem that the majority of Brighton and Hove Momentum Steering Committee have done so too since they refuse to call meetings of members or stir themselves to do anything.

The Steering Committee’s refusal to call a meeting in the present political crisis (or do they doubt there is one?) demonstrates complete contempt for members of Momentum locally. They are also acting in flagrant breach of policy passed at the last AGM on the democratic deficit in Momentum nationally. Unfortunately we now have a democratic deficit locally too.

‘Yes we are racists’ say the parents of this school, but if we say Israel is a racist state that is anti-semitic!  Eat your heart out George Orwell

Despite all requests, the majority on the Steering Committee led by Anne Thompson, John Bosco and Tim Wilkinson have demonstrated utter contempt for the democratic rights of Momentum supporters. They have no mandate for their behaviour. The last public meeting, in September, was called despite their refusal to provide any help. Nonetheless it was one of the largest local Momentum meetings on record.

Of interest to those in Brighton and Hove is the statement of Lewes MP Maria Caulfield who asked:

Will the Prime Minister join me welcoming Councillor Anne Meadows, who has today left the Labour party in Brighton and Hove City Council, crossing the floor to join the Conservatives, who are now the largest group on the council? Councillor Meadows left the Labour party because of the rise of antisemitism and bullying that she and her colleagues have experienced from Momentum activists—so much so that only seven of the 23 councillors will be standing again in May. Does the Prime Minister agree that antisemitism is rife throughout the whole Labour party?

So now we have it.  The deselection of right-wing councillors was really all about anti-Semitism and the present Committee buries their heads in the sand and pretends that nothing is happening.  Here is the proof, if proof is needed, that anti-Semitism has become interchangeable with being on the Left.

We now have the possibility, on the eve of the Council elections in May of the Tories seizing control of the Council thanks to Anne Meadows. The fact that she could so easily join the Tories, on the pretext of ‘anti-Semitism’ speaks volumes to the lack of any real ideological difference in the views of the Labour Right and people like Warren Morgan and Daniel Yates and the Conservatives.  Political differences are really about wearing a differently coloured badge

I suggest that we need to seize control from the Steering Committee and hold our own meetings and AGM since the present Committee has complete contempt for democracy.

I also suggest that since Jackie Walker has her expulsion hearing coming up it would be good to get her down to speak. We could also show her new film, Witchhunt. We could also invite Chris Williamson MP to speak if he is available. The present situation cannot continue. Tony





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