DANGER – As Labour Leads in the Opinion Polls the Zionist Lobby is Sharpening Its Knives

DANGER – As Labour Leads in the Opinion Polls the Zionist Lobby is Sharpening Its Knives









BEWARE – More Fake ‘Anti-Semitism’ is on the way – Zionist lobby will do its Best to Dig-up More False
‘Evidence’ to Undermine Jeremy Corbyn and Labour

Every time
that Labour has taken a lead in the opinion polls or seemed likely to do well,
as in the local government elections earlier this year, another long forgotten event or conversation
is raked up to ‘prove’ that Corbyn is an anti-Semite.
As always  these termites within, the Labour Against Antisemitism Groups/Gnasher Jew and all the other trolls have done their best to aid the Tories.  We should be under no illusions that these people are worried that Corbyn could soon find himself in No. 10.
As Labour’s
local election campaign got underway in March Red Tory MP for Liverpool
Wavertree Luciana Berger produced a Facebook post by Corbyn defending a wall
mural showing 6 bankers dining out on Black sweated labour on the grounds of free
speech.  The mural topic had been around
for 3 years with even the Jewish Chronicle dismissing it, but for the Labour
Right and their Tory backers it was another chance to attack Corbyn.
We had the
absurd situation of a meeting 8 years ago addressed by Hajo Meyer, a survivor
of Auschwitz, comparing Israel’s racist practices to those of the Nazis.  Unfortunately Corbyn’s backbone gave way and
he apologised.  Jon Lansman, the traitor
within, added fuel to the Tory/Zionist fire.
Joan Ryan MP can be counted on to do her best to ensure Labour doesn’t gain from May’s crisis
Not forgetting the ludicrous time that Corbyn told a couple of Zionist fascists, Richard Millett and Jonathan Hoffman, that it was a pity they didn’t appreciate British irony, despite having lived here a long time, unlike the recently arrived Palestinian ambassador.  This too was spun as ‘antisemitism.’
The supporters of the
Apartheid regime in Israel and their representatives in the Parliamentary Labour
Party are no doubt contemplating even as I write how to help Theresa May.
Amidst Tory
chaos and in-fighting, with the chances of Maybot being overthrown increasing,
there is a greater likelihood than ever that the false anti-Semitism industry
is also gearing up to produce ‘evidence’ that Jeremy Corbyn is an ‘anti-Semite’.





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