Why the fuck have you not suspended Luke Akehurst and cut all links between Labour and Labour Friends of Israel?

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Dear Jenny,

Most of us
have never understood why there is a Labour Friends of Israel.  We
never had a Labour Friends of Apartheid South Africa or Labour Friends of
Pinochet’s Chile still less is there a Labour Friends of Burma’s Junta today.
Why then is there a Labour Friends of a state founded on the ethnic cleansing
of ¾ million Palestinians? 
Israel is a
state that has been in permanent occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip as
well as Syria’s Golan Heights for over 50 years. It hasn’t the slightest
intention to give these territories up however it cannot afford to grant their
inhabitants any form of democratic rights without making Israel an officially
apartheid state.  Hence why illusions in the ‘peace process’ continue
to be propagated.
Luke Akehurst – Israel’s shill has worked overtime in support of Israeli war crimes
Labour Friends of Israel calls on the Palestinians to ‘accept responsibility’ for their own deaths
Israel is an
apartheid state in all but name. Yes Israel calls itself a Jewish state but
only in the sense that South Africa called itself a White Christian state.
Israel is a
state which calls itself Jewish. There isn’t even an Israeli nationality (there
is a Jewish nationality and 130 other nationalities but only the Jewish
nationality means anything).
The Board of Deputies, which has been assiduous in accusing the Labour Party of ‘antisemitism’ didn’t hesitate to support Israel and blame those who died for their own deaths
Israel may
not have petty apartheid, no signs saying ‘Jews only’ but the
reality is the same.  In Education there is complete segregation
between Jews and Arabs.  93% of the land is reserved for
Jews.  Hundreds of Jewish communities have a legal right to exclude
Arabs and just two days ago it was revealed that Israeli hospitals routinely
separate Arab and Jewish women giving birth. In Israeli Maternity Wards, Jewish and Arab Segregation Is
the Default
There are,
of course, no signs in the hospitals saying Jewish women only on the doors of
wards just as you won’t see a sign in a Jewish town saying ‘No Arabs wanted
here’.  Nor will you see in the West Bank, any road signs saying ‘No
.  However if a Palestinian should attempt to drive
on a highway the army will quickly disabuse them of the notion.
It is
because Israel is an Apartheid State that its supporters in the Labour Party
accuse opponents, including Jewish opponents, of ‘anti-Semitism’.  That
is why I was expelled three months ago. 
War Crimes in Gaza
Last week
Palestinians in Gaza held the Great March of Return demonstrations. They hoped
to cross into Israel where most of them came from. Even before they got
anywhere near the fence they were mowed down by live fire.  Israeli
snipers, mounted on earthworks, killed over 60 of them and wounded over
2,000.  The ammunition that was used, as Medecins Sans
 have confirmed, consisted of illegal explosive
bullets designed to expand inside the body.  The intention of
Israel’s military was to cause as horrendous casualties as possible.
This is a
war crime yet Labour Friends of Israel put out a tweet stating that ‘Hamas
must accept responsibility for these events.’  
Luke Akehurst, a
former NEC member, went one step further. As Director of We Believe in
 he called for people to give ‘full support’ to
Israel’s murdering army.
My question
to you Jennie is a simple one.  Why the fuck have you not suspended
Luke Akehurst and issued a directive breaking off all contact between the
Labour Party and LFI?
this is what Luke Akehurst and Labour Friends of Israel support
Only this
week a friend of mine has been notified that they are under investigation for
having sent out 2 tweets. The first condemns the expulsion of Marc
Wadsworth.  They wrote that Marc had been expelled ‘on the
evidence of an MP with clear ties to the racist Apartheid State of Israel.
’  The
second tweet notes that the JLM is claiming that Louise Ellman MP is being
criticised because she is Jewish rather than a supporter of the racist State of
Israel.  What possible grounds are the above for investigation?
member, Marianne Tellier, has been suspended for tweeting an image of a Job
Centre sign with the words ‘arbeit macht frei’. As Marianne says, this
image has been widely used by disability campaign groups for several years.
Perhaps the idiots who made these decisions are unaware that the first victims
of the Holocaust weren’t Jewish, they were the physically and mentally
A disabled man was shot dead by Israeli snipers – with the full support of Luke Akehurst and Labour Friends of Israel
Since when
it is anti-Semitic to make comparisons with the Nazi regime?  Are
your employees so ignorant that they don’t understand that campaigners against
Tory attacks on welfare have made similar criticisms for years without in any
way being anti-Semitic? Perhaps the French students in 1968 who chanted
‘CRS-SS’ in reference to the French riot police were also
anti-Semitic?  Comparisons between their opponents and the Nazis are
the staple fare of Israeli propaganda?
Are you are
so intimidated by the fake anti-Semitism campaign of the Zionists, which at one stage suggested that you were anti-Semitic, that you are now running scared and
allowing staff  appointed by Iain McNicol to trample over the rights
of ordinary Labour Party members?
slogan ‘arbeit macht frei’ (Work Makes You Free) best
describes the policy of Ian Duncan Smith and Universal
Credit.  Comparing the Tory’s policy to the Nazis is perfectly
acceptable. If your staff weren’t so thick they would know that this slogan,
which was at the entrance to all Nazi concentration camps, did not just affect
Jews but all victims of the Nazis.  It was first displayed at Dachau
concentration camp and then Sachsenhausen north of Berlin. The inmates of these
camps were largely trade unionists, socialists and communists, not Jews. 
Labour Friends of Israel and its anti-Corbyn Chair Joan Ryan MP
If your
ignorant and bigoted staff knew anything of the history of Nazi Germany they
might understand such simple facts. Making comparisons with Nazi Germany is
perfectly correct when trying to prevent further evils. The fact that the
Zionists don’t like comparisons between what they do in Israel and the Nazis is
even more reason to make them.
The Gaza Ghetto
Let us be
clear.  Palestinians in Gaza were not murdered earlier this week
because they were trying to cross Israel’s border.  There is no
border with Gaza. Israel is unique in not having any borders since a decision
was taken on independence that it did not want to fix its borders when it
intended in future years to expand them.
What the
Palestinians of Gaza were doing was what Jews in the Warsaw and other Nazi
ghettos did. Trying to break out. Gaza has been under siege for 11 years. Gaza
has become unliveable in.  97% of the water is undrinkable. For
anyone, least of all a member of the Labour Party, to openly support Israeli
troops murdering peaceful demonstrators as if they were ducks on a shooting
gallery is outrageous.
Luke Akehurst’s We Believe in Israel has worked overtime to support Israeli war crimes
I demand
that Marianne Tellier is reinstated immediately and that the execrable Luke
Akehurst is immediately suspended, pending expulsion.  I am sure that
he would be welcomed with open arms by Britain First or Tommy Robinson’
Pegida.  What is clear is that he is no socialist and has no place in
the Labour Party.
I suggest
you read and get your staff to read the following article by Ian Lustick, an
Israeli Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania
– Israel’s Massacre of Palestinian Civilians Should Spark
Horror—and Action