Say no to the victimisation
of Black activists at the behest of the world’s only Apartheid State, 

Veteran anti-racist campaigner Marc
Wadsworth is one of the many members of the Labour Party who have been unjustly
suspended from the Labour Party. The National Kangaroo (Constitutional) Committee
will decide next Wednesday if Marc should be expelled from the party. Judging
by previous cases he can expect no justice.

Marc was first
expelled and then readmitted only to be suspended after the launch of the Chakrabarti Report at a press conference 30th June 2016.  

When Marc questioned why Labour MP
Ruth Smeeth seemed to be trading information with that well known Labour
supporting paper, the Daily Telegraph, he was immediately accused of
‘anti-Semitism’ on the prompting of Kevin Schofield, an ex-Sun journalist.  Marc was making the point about how few Black
faces there were at a Press Conference that was supposed to
be about racism in the Labour Party.
Although Marc had never, at any time, referred to
Ruth Smeeth as Jewish, because he didn’t know that she was Jewish, Smeeth immediately got up on her hind legs screeching ‘how dare you, how dare you’ as if she had been embarrassed by her Black servant in front of polite company.  Immediately the
lies started.  Marc had mentioned the press, therefore it was a
‘trope’ about Jewish control of the media.  That is how these people
Ruth Smeeth, the Lying Zionist MP who faked Victimhood at the Chakrabarti Press Conference
Ruth Smeeth doing her best to damage Labour and oust Corbyn
This week Smeeth has been the
‘hero’ of the false ‘anti-Semitism’ debate in the House of
Commons.  The Tories held the debate in
order to give an opportunity to the Labour Right – Smeeth, John Mann and Luciana
Berger – to attack their own leader Jeremy Corbyn.  It was a Tory-Labour Right love fest. Smeeth read out
10 messages of ‘abuse’ she had received. Only 1 was explicitly anti-Semitic and all of them revolved  around her support for the Israeli state. 

is unfortunate and unacceptable that some people react to support for the self-styled ‘Jewish’
state by resorting to anti-Semitism but the blame rests firmly with those who
imply that Israel is acting on behalf of all Jews.  

See 50 Years After Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood
Speech’ Parliament Debates Fake ‘Anti-Semitism’ and Applauds Zionist MPs
Luciana Berger and Ruth Smeeth

Luciana Berger, Zionist anti-Corbyn MP
Smeeth is a senior
officer in the Jewish Labour Movement.  The JLM is the British wing
of the Israeli Labour Party, a Jewish supremacist, segregationist party responsible for the
ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.  It is a Zionist party which supports Benjamin
Netanyahu’s attempt to deport 40,000 Black African refugees from Israel.

Smeeth is an ardent Zionist.  Her allegations of ‘anti-semitism’ against Marc Wadsworth are a smear whose real purpose is to undermine the Corbyn
leadership of the Labour Party and to outlaw criticism of the world’s only
apartheid state.  It has nothing whatsoever
to do with anti-Semitism.
Stephen Lawrence
As viewers of BBC 1’s documentary
on Stephen Lawrence will have seen this week, Marc was an integral part of the
campaign to uncover the truth about who killed Stephen and to hold the Metropolitan Police to account.

Thanks to the long campaign, two of his
killers, Gary Dobson and David Norris, were eventually gaoled. The MacPherson Inquiry which was held labelled the
Metropolitan Police institutionally racist. 
Despite having played no part whatsoever in this campaign the JLM attempted
to hijack and pervert the conclusions of this Inquiry to suggest that Jewish Zionists, i.e. the supporters of settler colonialism, should
be allowed to define themselves as victims of ‘anti-Semitism’ even
though Jews in this country, unlike Black and Asian people, do not suffer from state or Police racism. In other words Jews who are Zionist
and who object to criticism of Israel can then turn around and say they
are a ‘victim’.

Gary Dobson (left) and David Norris – gaoled for life for the murder of Stephen Lawrence 
This is identity
politics gone mad.  Imagine what use
might have been made of this nonsense if White Afrikaaners had taken advantage
of it. They could have proclaimed
themselves the victim when people criticised Apartheid.  Indeed that is what the National Front and BNP tried to do with their ‘Rights for Whites’ campaigns.
Stephen Lawrence’s Family
At the moment the false
anti-Semitism campaign is in full cry. 
It was started off by another professional Israel supporter, Luciana
Berger MP who produced out of a hat a 6 year old Facebook post by Jeremy Corbyn
concerning a mural in the East End that was alleged to be anti-Semitic.  Berger and Smeeth’s main concerns are for
the Israeli state rather than their constituents.  Smeeth has been exposed by Wikileaks as a
source for the US Embassy.
According to the logic of identity politics, since Jewish Zionists are now a protected minority so should White racists be 

This lobby is extremely important.  It is high time that we derailed this campaign of destabilisation aimed at Corbyn.  It is a tragedy that Momentum, 40,000 strong – is actually aiding and abetting the witchhunt with the active connivance of Jon Lansman.

Please come along to the Lobby and
make your voice heard: Solidarity with Marc!

Wes Streeting ‘shouts in Dianne Abbott’s face’ and arranges march
against ‘Windrush child

Centrist MP for Ilford
North Wes Streeting’s week has resulted in him being accused of having ‘questions
to answer
‘ about a ‘worrying pattern of behaviour‘.
Streeting has clashed twice
with Labour front-bencher Diane Abbott – and has sent an email inviting
colleagues and others to join him next week in a show of strength against a
black Labour activist and ‘Windrush child’.

Diane Abbott

Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has
suffered the most vile abuse – receiving almost half of all abuse received by female MPs in the run-up to the General Election.
She has spoken movingly of the terrible hate-messages she receives on a daily basis.

On Tuesday, she had just
spoken in a parliamentary debate – about personal abuse she has received, the
seriousness with which Labour treats the issue of antisemitism and the measures
the party is taking to combat it. Ms Abbott also made a number of points that
the Haredi Jewish community had asked her to raise – and for which the
community praised her later.
As Home Secretary Amber
Rudd began to respond, Streeting made an intervention – to side against his
own party – and against Abbott’s representations on behalf of the Jewish
community in her constituency.
(left to right)  Wes Streeting, Diane Abbot, Marc Wadsworth
Mr Streeting wasn’t
finished. In a parliamentary corridor, Streeting is alleged to have literally
shouted in Ms Abbott’s face, standing toe to toe with her and screaming ‘not my
party!’, in front of a number of onlookers.
Witnesses described
Streeting’s behaviour as so intimidating that he had to be physically steered
away from the Labour front-bencher.
Marc Wadsworth, left, introducing Stephen Lawrence’s family to Nelson Mandela

Marc Wadsworth is a veteran
black Labour activist. He featured in the BBC’s documentary about Stephen
Lawrence, “Stephen, the murder that changed a nation” this
week, when he was seen introducing Stephen’s mother Doreen to the late South
African president Nelson Mandela.
Wadsworth was suspended by
the party last year after challenging Labour MP Ruth Smeeth at the launch of
the Chakrabarti report, who then walked out of the meeting.
Ms Smeeth quoted Wadsworth
as accusing her of a ‘media conspiracy‘, a well-known antisemitic
trope, but video evidence showed that Wadsworth had not said
His exact words were:
I saw that the Telegraph handed a copy of a press
release to Ruth Smeeth MP so you can see who is working hand in hand. If you
look around this room, how many African, Caribbean and Asian people are there?
We need to get our house in order, don’t we?
Wadsworth’s complaint was
about the lack of representation for BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic)
people – an issue he continues to fight for in spite of his suspension, as he
was instrumental in the recent launch of the Grassroots Black Left
Wadsworth was initially
summarily expelled from the Labour Party but reinstated and suspended after his
lawyers wrote to Labour’s compliance unit pointing out that it had acted
unlawfully and not in accordance with the party’s rules.
Neither the expulsion letter
nor the suspension notification mentioned allegations of antisemitism – that
charge was added over six months later, in January 2017.
Since then, he has remained
suspended – in spite of a public letter of support printed in the Guardian
from twelve prominent supporters including black and Jewish activists –
and Wadsworth has felt so severely attacked that he felt compelled to crowdfund to have full legal representation at
his disciplinary hearing next week.
In the same week as his
issues with Diane Abbott, Wes Streeting sent the following message to
parliamentary colleagues:
Apologies for the impersonal
message, but I wonder if I can enlist you to provide some practical moral
support for our friend and colleague Ruth Smeeth next Wednesday morning (25th
She is giving evidence against
Mark Wadsworth – the guy who abused her at the antisemitism inquiry launch

– and we expect there to be a protest outside against her.
To give Ruth some moral
support and solidarity, I am assembling a group of Labour MPs and Peers
in Westminster Hall at 940am. We will then walk with Ruth to Church House
nearby. We won’t be allowed in with her, but I can’t tell you how much a strong
turnout will mean to her – and how much better it would be if we outnumber the
So, if you can make it let
me know by email or text.
Wednesday 25th April
Westminster Hall
Thanks for your support,
Wes Streeting
Readers will judge for
themselves whether the video above of Wadsworth’s challenge to Ms Smeeth
constitutes ‘abuse’.
But while it is clear that no
abuse of Ms Smeeth en route to the hearing can be condoned, Streeting’s email
also represents an attempt to counter demonstrations in
support of a suspended black activist’s attempt to clear his name of
allegations he insists are unfounded.
Wadsworth told the
It’s ironic that in this week of media attention
on the Tories’ abuse of the Windrush generation, I find Wes trying to organise
a parliamentary protest against me, in spite of the evidence.
My dad came to this country from Jamaica at his own
expense during World War Two to join the RAF to fight against the nazis. He
went back in 1946 but then came back to the UK on the Windrush in 1948 – I’m a
Windrush child.
Given his two or three tweets this week
condemning the government’s treatment of the Windrush generation, I’d have
hoped Wes would be supporting a Windrush descendant who’s fighting for the
representation of black and Asian people in the Labour Party, but it seems
that’s not going to happen.
Taken together with his clashes with Diane Abbott
this week, it represents a worrying pattern of behaviour and Wes has questions
to answer.
The SKWAWKBOX contacted Mr
Streeting for comment. At the time of publication, he had not responded.