Tonight Rottingdean & Coastal Ward told Warren Morgan to Resign

Warren Morgan, the leader of Brighton and Hove Council, has been in the
forefront of making
false accusations of anti-Semitism
.  People
may remember that Morgan attacked the Labour Party as ‘anti-Semitic’ on the
basis of 3 complaints from other Progress supporters.  Morgan has demonstrated through his
leadership of the Labour Party his hostility to Jeremy Corbyn.   

After an Israeli Jewish speaker at the Free Speech on Israel meeting at
Conference, Miko Peled, said that people should be free to debate anything,
even Holocaust denial Warren Morgan went and spoke to the Tory press accusing the
whole conference of ‘anti-Semitism’. It was a direct attack on Labour at the
very time when Theresa May was on the ropes. 
Theresa May was very grateful and used Morgan’s attacks on the Labour
Party at the following Question Time.
Morgan provided the Tory press with helpful anti-Labour headlines
Morgan gained lots of Tory press headlines with his threats that the
conference wouldn’t be invited back to Brighton again.  The right-wing press had spun Miko’s words as
saying that Holocaust denial is a legitimate form of debate and even that he
himself supported Holocaust denial. 
Warren Morgan took advantage of these lies and went on record as saying
that because I was in the same room as Miko, I should be expelled!
Last year Morgan told deliberate lies to get the results of an election annulled
Well tonight Rottingdean & Coastal Ward was one more Ward to condemn
him.  It passed a resolution calling on
Morgan to apologise and retract his allegations and an amendment calling for
him to resign was also passed.  This
follows on Queens Park Ward which also called on him to resign and even his own
ward, East Brighton which called on him to apologise.  Pavilion Labour Party has dissociated itself
from his call and said that the Labour Party Conference will always be welcome
in Brighton.
Warren Morgan’s helping hand to Theresa May
There was no antisemitism to fix
Warren Morgan is a detested figure in Brighton and Hove Labour Party.  If he had any dignity he wouldn’t wait to be pushed.  He would go of his own accord given his past
record of lies. However Morgan is someone who is completely oblivious to what
others think of him and survival not dignity is what is on his mind.
Tony Greenstein
Warren Morgan encourages former Labour councillor Craig Turton to engage in abuse