The anti-Semitic  Persecution of Louise Ellman MP
A call to arms by the Jewish Labour Movement which I urge readers to support
A Palestinian child terrorist – putting on an act for the cameras – fortunately Ms Ellman MP isn’t the kind that is easily fooled
Louise Ellman  MP – under attack because she is Jewish – it has nothing, repeat nothing, to do with her support for child torture and beating

It was with horror and
shock that I learnt today, from the Zionist sorry Jewish Labour Movement, of an appalling
attack on Louise Ellman MP by members of her own Party.  And why did they attack her?  Because of anti-Semitism.

The fact that, on 6th January 2016, in a debate
in the House of Commons, on Israeli treatment of Palestinian child
prisoners, she supported the imprisonment, beating and torture of children as
young as 12 is wholly irrelevant. The fact that she accepted the
lies of the Israeli government concerning these children is likewise an attempt to change the debate.  It is Louise Ellman, not Palestinian children, who are the victim.
A Palestinian child terrorist – they start them young – 
As I wrote in a
previous article concerning Ms Ellmann, Time
to Deselect Louise Ellman MP for Tel Aviv North – Apologist for Israel’s
Occupation Forces and Supporter of Israeli Child Abuse – Night Time Arrests,
Beatings and Incarceration of Palestinian Children
, Ms Ellman is one of the
great humanitarians of our time.  There
are no lengths she will not go to to defend the rights of the Israeli state.
It is obvious that the
reason that poor Louise Ellman was being attacked by anti-Semitic members of
Riverside CLP, including disgracefully Jewish members of the Party, was because
she was Jewish.  What further example
can there be of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party?
A Jewish Chronicle article on the anti-Semitic persecution of Louise Ellman MP
I can but congratulate
the Jewish Labour Movement on their timely call to arms to defend the right of
Louise Ellman MP to continue to support Israel’s policy of shackling (Palestinian)
child prisoners, giving them a good beating, forcing them to sign a confession
in a language they don’t understand (Hebrew) and then convicting them without a
lawyer in a military court whose conviction rate is a mere 99.7% (I’m not sure
how the 0.3% slipped through the net).
This is as good an example as it gets of the socialist nature of the JLM.  I can only urge all of
you to give Ms Ellman the support you think she deserves, which is, as Lenin
observed, the support a rope gives a hanging man.

Tony Greenstein