Member of the Israel supporting Britain First 

Touching isn’t it?  They may not
like Muslims, their members may murder ‘race traitors’ like Jo Cox MP, but when
it comes to Israel they just love it!! 
In this Britain First  join the English
Defence League
and the British National
.  Isn’t it strange how holocaust
denying and Hitler loving groups just love Israel?  They don’t mind that it is a Jewish state
because it is the kind of state they admire. 
Being Jewish in Israel is the same as being Aryan in Germany.  The Israeli state operates on the just the
kind of principles they love and support.

Britain First counter-demonstrator confronts Palestine supporter 
Report on Britain First site of the neo-Nazi group joining Zionists in counter-demonstration in Downing Street – birds of a feather!

And as a bonus Israel hates Muslims too. 
They cage them up in the Gaza Ghetto in much the same way that the Nazis
imprisoned Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. 
True Israel doesn’t exterminate the Palestinians (though much of its
Orthodox rabbinate would like to) but compared to any western country Israel is
just about as hostile and anti-Islamic as it can.  It has just banned the Northern Islamic
Movement and imprisoned its leader, Sheikh Raed Salah.  Netanyahu regularly goes on about Islamic
terror.  Israel has the kind of
anti-Muslim policies that Britain First can only dream about.

Karel Dillen of Belgium’s racist Vlaamsblok 
That’s why anti-Islamic politicians and parties throughout Europe fall over
themselves in support of Israel.  There’s
Geert Wilders of the Freedom Party in
The Netherlands, Belgium’s Vlams Beelang,
Heinz-Christian Strache of Austria’s Freedom
not forgetting of course Marine Le Pen’s Front Nationale.
Britain First demonstrator with Zionist
Below is a report on the Britain First website of how the party joined in
a demonstration with Zionist hoodlums at 
Downing Street when Palestine solidarity activists protested the visit
of Netanyahu last year.

Tony Greenstein

broke out yesterday when pro-Palestine extremists protesting Israeli Prime
Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s UK visit faced opposition from pro-Israel groups
outside Downing Street, which including several members of Britain First
(pictured below).
Britain First demonstration outside East London Mosque
pro-Palestine protest was organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)
with the support of various groups including War on Want, Palestine Forum in
Britain, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND), Stop the War, the British
Muslim Initiative and several other leftwing, pro-Islamist extremist groups.
Geert Wilders of Netherland’s far-Right Freedom Party
demonstrators came out to oppose the demonstration and show their support for
Netanyahu and Israel, saying they wanted to promote peace in the region.
tensions mounted between the two groups, heated words were exchanged.
man told police he was called a “dirty Jew” by pro-Palestine protesters.
“Left” and the Islamic community are fiercely opposed to the existence of
Heinz Christian Strache of Austria’s pro-Israel fascist Freedom Party
same Muslims and white socialists that oppose Britain First also show
unremitting hostility to Israel.

First Jewish activists were proud to oppose the motley gaggle of communists and
Islamists that gathered outside Downing Street.