Calling for the reselection of Labour MP Peter Kyle is a disciplinary offence

It is apparently a disciplinary offence to call for the resignation of Peter Kyle MP – a man who supports private involvement in the NHS
On bank holiday Monday, having been suspended
on March 18th and supplied with my list of crimes, I faced the
person who was my Inquisitor. 
Accompanies by Christine Shawcroft of Labour’s National Executive
Committee as my silent witnesses, I met Harry Gregson, Labour’s SE Regional
organiser.  Harry had a whole bundle more
tweets to question me over thus demonstrating how absurd the process was.
My interrogator – Harry Gregson – Labour’s SE Regional Organiser
First I was suspended without any reason
being given, then I found out what the reasons for my suspension were via the
Daily Telegraph as Labour’s Compliance/Constitutional Unit had leaked the
details, or some of the details.  The
whole process is devoid of anything remotely resembling natural justice.  So blatantly unfair is this process that
Labour’s General Secretary Iain McNicol’s only response was to complain that I
had besmirched the name of those who had leaked details of my charges.
Christine Shawcroft of the NEC was my silent witness – Christine was herself suspended last year
I have now transcribed what was slightly
more than an hour’s interrogation. 
Amusing points for me were when, in response to a question as to why
I  had 
described Zionism as a form of Jewish anti-Semitism, I asked Harry
whether or not describing Jews as vermin might count as anti-Semitism.  He refused to answer!  Of course I had already telegraphed the
answer to him, by supplying him with an article Classic zionism and modern
anti-semitism – Parallels and influences (1883-1914) by an Israeli scholar
Jacques Doron in the Journal of Israeli History.  The exact quote was by one Pinhas Felix
Rosenbliith, who later became Minister of Justice in Israel.  He described Palestine as “an institute
for the fumigation of Jewish vermin.”
Torquemada – A man whose picture adorns Labour’s Compliance Unit
One thing was clear from the
interrogation.  It wasn’t about any
actions of mine but solely concerned with my views and beliefs.  This demonstrates that it isn’t a question of
any actions I have undertaken but my opinions which are on trial, something
which is explicitly ruled out under the Labour Party’s own rules and
constitution.  That is why the Zionist Jewish
Labour Movement is seeking to amend the rules in order that someone’s beliefs
and views when it comes to anti-Semitism are indeed an expulsion offence.  Of course the JLM will be the arbiter of what
constitutes anti-Semitism.  Hence if,
like Jackie Walker and myself, you are Jewish and have been to the fore in
anti-fascist and anti-racist campaigning, that will be no defence.  Because the anti-Semitism the Zionists are
talking about is not a form of racism but opposition to the State of Israel –
and that certainly is an offence under New Labour.
One of the questions was about ‘how Israel’s policy is about waiting for the remaining holocaust survivors to die.’  The answer lay in the above article from Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper
The interview took place at the Labour
Party offices at 99 Church Street in Hove as it was a bank holiday and nowhere
else could be booked.  It did entail
entering a building with the local MP Peter Kyle’s  photo adorning it, however I had taken the
precaution of wearing a silver cross and covering myself in cloves of garlic!

The transcript can be viewed here