Labour’s Progress MPs Should Be Helped to
Join the Tory Party

It’s time for Momentum to mobilise support for Corbyn and begin the process of delection of Progress MPs

The narrow victory of Brexit in the European referendum has split the
Tories down the middle.  The Conservative
Party is in the middle of an unprecedented political crisis as Cameron resigns
and Boris Johnson is the favourite to assume the mantle of leadership.  Division over Europe has been the Tories Achilles

Corbyn demonstrates his boredom at Benn’s actions by sacking him!
Labour’s Right come to the rescue of Johnson
Added to this there is a constitutional crisis as the SNP moves to call
a new referendum over independence whilst seeking to preserve its place in the European
Union.  The break up of the Great Britain
is a distinct possibility as Scotland will almost certainly vote for
independence in a new vote.
It is therefore no surprise that Labour’s Right has chosen this of all moments
to challenge Jeremy Corbyn.  It is
entirely possible that the Tories will have to call a General Election.  Their majority is less than 20.  What Progress fears more than a Tory election
victory is a Labour victory under Corbyn. 
As The Independent reported: ‘Tony
has said he would not want a left-wing Labour party to win a general
election.  The former prime minister said
that even if he thought a left-wing programme was the route to victory, he
would not adopt one.’
Labour’s far-right Tory MP Peter Kyle should be helped to reach his natural political home
Blair’s opinion
represents the views of Progress.  They
don’t want a radical change to the capitalist system.  They don’t want a radical programme which
means the transfer of wealth from the super rich to the poor.  They want to preserve inequality whilst
tinkering around at the edges.
David Lammy MP calls for Referendum to be ignored
It is now essential that Momentum, which  Jon Lansman has ensured remains a toothless
guard dog, now springs into action to begin the process of deselection of Benn,
the multi-millionairess tax dodger Margaret Hodge, Hove’s Peter Kyle and all
the other Labour Tories.
Corbyn has
made a good start by sacking Hilary Benn from the Shadow Cabinet.  He should now pre-empt any resignations by
sacking Angela Eagle, who is equally disloyal, her sister Maria, Israel’s
devoted supporter Fabian Hamilton and any other scab within the Shadow Cabinet.  Stephen Kinnock, son of the Labour traitor
Neil Kinnock, who managed to lose 2 successive elections, Anne Coffey and the
rest of them should go.
disloyalty of Labour’s Right is unacceptable. 
There needs to be a bloodbath and the deselection of at least 50
Progress MPs to encourage the others.
Farage ran a nakedly racist campaign
It is not
necessary for the Shadow Cabinet to cover every equivalent position in the
Cabinet.  A smaller and tighter Shadow
Cabinet is better than a larger and more incoherent body.
The only
question is whether Labour stands for anything radically different from the Tory
Opposition.  It is time to clean the
Augean Stables of the PLP.
Labour needs to make it clear that the Referendum on Brexit is not the final
say on the European Union.  There needs to
be a political fight to win over the heartlands of Labour in the North and to
defang UKIP.  It needs to drain the
poison which says that immigration causes low wages and loss of jobs.  Immigration is a lightning conductor for
fears over jobs, housing and prosperity. 
The idea that immigration causes job losses is nonsense.
If it were true then any country with
unemployment could expel a section of its population and solve the problem of
unemployment!  In reality immigration
creates jobs because it increases demand. 
The deindustrialisation of the North and Midlands was a result of a
deliberate policy of Thatcher to make Britain dependent on financial services
and a candy floss economy of coffee shops and services.
There is
no reason why the referendum on the EU should be final. It was won on lies and
there is no reason for there not to be a second

socialist economic policy is the only thing that can win over the Northern working-class.  New Labour has no alternative.  When Blair won in 1996 anybody could have
defeated the divided Tory party.  In
every successive election Labour lost millions of votes.  Blair’s reign was not a success, quite the
contrary.  Corbyn was elected Labour
leader because of mass revulsion at the Tory’s victory and the half-hearted
response of Ed Miliband.  Now is the time
for courage.  Now is the time to wage war
on Progress MPs.