The Times, despite refusing initially, has printed a letter I sent them by way of reply to their article at the weekend.  See Labour Party Witch-hunters Employ the Daily Torygraph to Pursue Bogus Allegations of Anti-Semitism  

The letter I sent them was:

Friday, 08 April 2016
The Times
1 London Bridge Street,
SE1 9GF.
Dear Sir/Madam,
Zachary Spiro
[Labour welcomes back blogger who compares Israel to Nazis, April 2nd]
suggests that my opposition to Zionism and Israel’s virulent racism are
anti-Semitic.  I refute this
entirely.  It is no accident that Spiro
‘forgot’ to mention that I am Jewish.
When the Prime
Minister of Israel goes on Facebook to complain that ‘Arabs are voting in
droves’ then there is clearly something wrong in Israeli society.
Spiro finds it
shocking that I have stated that the Israeli state does its best to prevent Jews
and Arabs marrying or having relationships. 
What is shocking is that organisations such as the fascist Lehava are
funded by the Israeli state in order to violently campaign against Jewish-Arab
liasons.  Lehava is led by a man, Benzi
Gopstein, who openly justifies burning down mosques and churches.
Yes I posted an
article ‘When Nuremberg Came to Israel’. 
Just 3 months ago Israel’s Ministry of Education removed from the
high-school English syllabus a book ‘Borderlife’ which depicted relationships
between Jewish and Arab teenagers because this threatened ‘national identity’.
[see Israel Bans Novel on Arab-Jewish Romance From Schools for ‘Threatening
Jewish Identity’ Ha’aretz, 31.12.15.
Preventing Jewish and non-Jewish relationships lay at the heart of the
Nuremberg Laws.
Most western
societies would find it shocking that a crowd of hundreds of people would hold
a demonstration outside a marriage reception for a Jewish and Arab couple
chanting ‘death to the Arabs’.  In Israel
this is normal.
The horrifying
growth in racism in Israel is indeed comparable to anti-Semitism in Nazi
Germany.  According to opinion polls, over
half of Israel’s population believe marriage to an Arab is ‘national treason’
and more Jews support the expulsion of Israel’s Arabs than oppose it.  Instead of pillorying me you might like to
report on the reality of life in Israel.
The reason that
there is no civil marriage in Israel is in order to prevent the marriage of
Jews and non-Jews.  Hannah Arendt remarked,
in Eichmann in Jerusalem over 50 years ago, the breathtaking hypocrisy involved
in condemning the Nuremberg trials when Jews and Arabs are unable to marry in
Israel.  Perhaps the greatest Jewish
political scientist in the last century, herself a refugee from Nazi Germany,
was also anti-Semitic?
I have been refused
all details of the allegations that led to my suspension.  It was only when  this information was leaked to you and the
Daily Telegraph that I finally knew. 
That is the real story which you should be publicising.
Yours faithfully,

Tony Greenstein