‘I prefer pigs myself’

First it was Grovel
Janner, notorious serial paedophile and former President of the  Board of Deputies of British Jews and mainstay of Labour
Friends of Israel and now Daniel Taub, Israel’s former Ambassador to the
UK and a religious Zionist.  How many more skeletons are there in
the Zionist cupboard?  What is it that
leading Zionists find so attractive about paedophillia? 

When one adds this to
the those, like Manis Friedman, a senior rabbi with Lubavitch, who acts as an
apologist for paedophiles comparing paedophillia to having diarrohea and on record as saying it taught victims a useful lesson one wonders what it is  about paedophillia that is so attractive to Zionist big whigs.  
‘Don’t worry Daniel, I have problems with my son, Andrew too’
I would suggest that
one of the reasons why many Zionists are attracted to having sexual relations
with children is that it is a consequence of basing your life on the domination
and exploitation of others.  Either way
Taub must have found himself at home in London given the widespread tolerance
of the practice in ruling class circles.
Needless to say it was
only after Richard Silverstein broke the story that other papers such as the
Guardian and Ha’aretz broke the story (though both papers refused to credit
Silverstein).  See 
Taub was refused his
request for an extension to his term as Ambassador because of the scandal and
was recalled to Israel.   This explains
the hurried nature of the appointment of Israel’s Goebbels, Mark Regev, as
Ambassador to St. James.
Tony Greenstein
3, 2016 By Richard
Tikun Olam breaks the story of the Israeli ambassador who cheated on his wife
with men and boys–inside the ambassador’s residence!
former ambassador to the UK has been accused of
inviting men and boys
 for trysts late at night when his wife was not
home.  A British policeman filed a complaint with Israeli authorities
about the incidents.  A further investigation by the foreign ministry’s
inspector general found that UK-born Ambassador Daniel Taub,
who was ambassador from 2011-2015, violated security protocol by not
notifying his chief of security of the identity of the visitors.  The
purpose of recording visitors is in order to prevent Israeli diplomatic
personnel from being blackmailed or compromised.  Since MI5 knew of
Taub’s activities, the Israeli foreign ministry was concerned that he might be
compromised by them or that one of his paramours might attempt to extort
payments from him.
security is provided by the Shabak, which would be aware of the incident.
 But my attempts to elicit comment from an Israeli security source were
met with silence.  Though the story has been reported in the Israeli
media, no one has yet identified Taub by name.  This is peculiar because
there is no judicial gag order against reporting his name.  This is one
hot potato!
questioned about the matter, Taub claimed he had never invited a minor into the
residence.  He added that the visitors were all adults and that their
purpose was “therapeutic” (!) in nature.  Though none of the Israeli
reports have spoken outright of sexual activity, how could there not be?
asked to explain why the police officer would claim minors entered his
residence if that wasn’t the case, Taub claimed that he and the policeman had
exchanged words and the officer had been offended by something the ambassador
had said to him.
some odd reason, Taub’s explanation satisfied the Inspector General and
the investigation was suspended.  But when Taub requested that his posting
be extended, the foreign ministry refused and he was summoned back to Israel.
 That’s why Mark Regev, Bibi Netanyahu’s foreign media spokesperson was
recently appointed to take up this post.
in the government see Taub’s behavior as a grave violation of “ethical-moral
norms” (!).  As a result, a report of the incident was noted
in Taub’s personnel file.  The former ambassador was slated for
promotion but his candidacy for any of these positions had been delayed while a
deeper investigation is undertaken.
a good thing the Queen knew nothing of Taub’s proclivities when she had this
conversation with him when he presented his credentials to her on taking up his
new post:
Queen asked him how it felt to be serving as ambassador in the land of his
birth. He replied: 
I said that I felt tremendously privileged that it fell to
me to raise my children in their historic homeland after two millennia of
exile, but I am also aware that in that arc of 2,000 years the greatest period
of opportunity for my family was found here in Britain, and I hope to express
my appreciation for that by deepening ties of cooperation between our countries.”
knew what sorts of “opportunities” he had in mind?
in 2011, when then foreign minister appointed Taub, there was a furor among the ranks of the
diplomatic corps
, since he was a junior official who’d never served
overseas in any capacity nor supervised a diplomatic staff.  Critics of
the appointment said that Lieberman ran his ministry as a local branch of
Yisrael Beitenu, rewarding his cronies and pals.  The appointment seems to
have been blessed by Lieberman’s then number-two, Danny Ayalon.  If only
the complaints had been heeded, so much scandal and embarrassment could’ve been
to Haaretz’s Amir Oren, Bibi Netanyahu, who is the acting foreign minister, knew of the Taub
scandal last summer
.  The prime minister was more concerned with
closing the lid on the incident rather than getting to the bottom of it.
 He feared it would tarnish both the foreign ministry’s and his own
fact, Oren says after Taub returned home, Bibi nominated Taub to take up a
highly sensitive, senior foreign ministry position.  Though Yediot’s
report said that any promotions have been put on hold.  The Haaretz
reporter also says that Netanyahu’s legal advisor has not objected nor has the
Shabak raised its voice regarding the matter.  Apparently, it’s par for
the course in this corrupt, lawless government.
all the more startling is that Taub is an Orthodox Jew, married and has six
children.  He appears to be gifted intellectually and attended Oxford,
wrote a well-regarding TV show about relations between secular and Orthodox
Jews.  Before his appointment, he was a junior advisor in the legal
affairs unit of the ministry.  Though I’m not privy to information about
his personal life, it appears this is an example of the repression of such
sexual impulses which is almost guaranteed by an Orthodox upbringing, as
homosexuality is a grave sin among traditional Jews.
the Israeli diplomatic corps has been prone to many similar scandals over the
past few years.  I reported here that Israel’s ambassador to Norway, the
late Druze poet Naim
, had made improper sexual advances to one of his
Norwegian house staff.  She reported this to Israeli authorities, who
recalled Araidi from his post.  In that case, the Norwegian press
took up my reporting and published the story in the local press.  I am
seeking British journalists who will do the same in this case.  Araidi,
who was in his 50s, died three months ago after a short bout with cancer.
Israeli consul general Aryeh Scher (l.) and George Schteinberg, suspects in child sex ring
few years ago, Israeli consul general, Aryeh Scher, was found
to be part of a pedophile ring
operated by an Israeli expatriate, George
Schteinberg.  The latter was arrested.  But the Israeli managed to
spirit himself out of the country in order to avoid a serious embarrassment to
Israel.  The foreign ministry permitted him to return to diplomatic service,
shipping him off to Australia, where presumably he’d move to molesting
Australian children.  Australians weren’t too keen on the idea and raised
a stink, causing Scher to withdraw from consideration.
George Shteinberg, Israeli arrested by Brazilian police for leading child sex ring.
only learned about all this after Schteinberg tweeted to me that my mother was a
“whore” and that he would like to “piss” on my grave.  Though Twitter has
made a big show of banning hate
and abuse in its Twitter feeds, it refused to take any action
regarding Schteinberg’s tweets.  Perhaps it bans hate speech when the
media takes notice and embarrasses them.  Otherwise, this policy appears
not to be enforced.  Schteinberg’s Twitter profile features a picture of
him with little children on his knee holding candy and various presents he
appears to have offered them.  Twitter appears to have no problem with
accused pedophile flaunting their proclivities in their Twitter profiles.