As Anti-semitism in the Palestine Solidarity Movement has all but vanished the purpose of this blog has become redundant

Over the past 3 months, posts have become rare on this site.  Other commitments have compounded this problem.

When the Blog started in January 2008 Gilad Atzmon, supported by the Zionists, was running wild over the solidarity movement entrapping not a few people who believed that what Israel was doing was a consequence of something inherently

Today, except at the fringes, Atzmon is a discredited figure.  In 2012, a holocaust denier Frances Clarke-Lowes was expelled from PSC to the fury of the Zionists and Harry’s Place. As I argued then, Atzmon was a deliberately divisive character whose main objective was to cause disharmony inside Palestine Solidarity.  He failed.

Jewish rather than the Zionist settler-colonial movement.  It is like saying that White Supremacy in South Africa had something to do with the genetic make-up of the coloniser

As BDS goes from strength to strength – with Stephen Hawking, the latest prominent figure to join the campaign, Atzmon rails in his seclusion, making occasional outbursts attacking BDS as being ‘Jewish’.

In May 2013 the situation has changed.  Indymedia woke up, the original cause of allegations of anti-Semitism and eventually learnt the lesson.   The movement has taken off.  My greatest privilege was speaking at UNISON’s 2007 and 2008 AGMs where a total boycott was passed by over 80%. of conference.

speaking at PSC Conference

Sadly I don’t have the time or energy to continue, though people can send me individual articles (&; graphics) to put up which I will.  From time to time I hope to post the odd article on my specialism Nazi relations with Zionism during the war rather than covering all stories which others do much better.

I hope you understand.

Lotta Continua
Tony Greenstein