Brighton Sodastream Shop – Possibly the Quietest Place on the Planet

Brighton Sodastream Shop – Possibly the Quietest Place on the Planet









 Jewish Chronicle Tries to Incite the Police into Banning the Demonstration
Jewish Chronicle’s Hysterical Leader
The Jewish Chronicle’s Wishful Thinking

In the Jewish Chronicle’s Orwellian World a Peaceful Demonstration is ‘Anti-Semitic Mob Rule’!

Stephen Pollard, Editor of the Jewish Chronicle learnt his trade at the feet of the most unscrupulous and malevolent of all newspaper proprietors, Richard Desmond, when he was Editor of the Daily Express gave Pollard his first journalistic break.  Pollard is an unabashed free marketer and holds the view that, in the “battle to save western civilisation“, the “Left, in any recognisable form, is now the enemy”.

Editor of the Jewish Chronicle – Pollard sees the Left as the main enemy and is a neo-con member of the Henry Jackson society

As Tim Walker of the Daily Telegraph of 15.10.11 noted ‘The tycoon, who once goose-stepped around a boardroom and accused all Germans of being Nazis during a meeting with executives of The Daily Telegraph, was criticised at the Leveson inquiry.’   Desmond owned ‘adult’ TV channels Television X, Red Hot TV and others and a host of porn magazines such as Asian Babes and Big Ones.  None of which stopped him funding New Labour under Blair!

Mob rule in Brighton (1)



Mob rule in Brighton (2)
Mob rule in Brighton (3)
Mob rule in Brighton (4)
Mob rule in Brighton (5)

Sodastream Brighton Is Already Damaged Goods – No one Wants to Buy Stolen Goods

I tried a small experiment today.  I went back to Sodastream shop and took some pictures, about an hour after the last demonstrator had left.  According to Simon Cobbs, the EDL supporting Zionist who organises the counter-demonstration,  ‘Dr Lucas rejected claims that if the protests did not move from directly outside EcoStream, the store would close.’

Not a shopper in sight

Of course to Cobb and the Zionists the fact that a demonstration is successful in persuading people not to shop somewhere is evidence that they are being intimidated and the protest should be banned.  Protests, after all, should only be allowed when they have no hope of persuading anyone of anything!

Simon Cobbs – the overweight Zionist who likes to assault people from behind – a thorough reactionary who when not shouting ‘Jews Out’ is complaining about people on benefits.  On the Zionists’ EDL wing.

I was, therefore, curious to see what trade was like when we were not there.  Perhaps Cobb was right.  After all, even a stopped clock, and Cobb is somewhat repetitious, is right twice a day.  I went expecting to see a few customers.  Surely curiosity, if nothing more, would lead to people go in to see what the fuss is about.  Maybe some people are nervous and shy and steer clear of demonstrations altogether.  But that can’t be true when we aren’t even there.  I certainly expected that the shop would be busier than during the demonstrations, when the only custom seems to be from the demonstrators  opposite.

Richard Desmond – Britain’s largest porn merchant – gave Pollard his big break

I was therefore staggered that during the time that I was outside, filming and observing, for at least 10 minutes, not one person went into the shop.  Indeed, if you want peace and quiet in Brighton, probably the best place to go is not the library, which is a hive of activity these days but Sodastream!  You can be sure that other readers/visitors won’t interrupt you.  Perhaps Sodastream should think of putting big cushions on the floor, getting rid of the counters that no one buys from anyway and instead offer courses on yoga and transcendental meditation.  Not only would the demonstrations stop but trade is likely to increase significantly!

Lights a flashing but nobody’s a comin’ or callin’

The Jewish Chronicle however is playing an entirely different and thoroughly disingenuous game.  It is trying to change reality through the use of deliberately false and hyped reporting.  The editorial in this week’s Jewish Chronicle is entitled ‘Mob-rule by the sea’.  Of course the JC hasn’t bothered to send a reporter, still less interview one of the counter-demonstrators.  Today it is no longer, as it once was, a paper of record.  Truth is an expedient.  The screeching of the JC betrays the mentality of Lord Haw-Haw – mix in a nugget of truth [there is a demonstration, it can’t be denied] together with a bucket load of lies.  It is no wonder that circulation has dropped from around 40,000 in 2,000 to around 25,000 today under Pollard’s stewardship.

Harvey Garfield goes round photographing people – he dreams of being a secret spy!

I also took the time out to video a representative sample of just how peaceful the demonstration is – people talking, asking questions, quietly waving their flags, running a stall and on the opposite side waving the Israeli flag and butcher’s apron.  Despite provocations from Jonathan Hoffman’s uglier twin, taxi driver Harvey Garfield, who stuck his camera in peoples’ faces (the Zionists tried that trick at Ahava – fat lot of good it did them) and the Christian woman in blue who is so fascinated with Bondage, Submission & Domination (she thinks that that’s what BDS is about! she comes along every week in hope), usually with a distorted picture of me to attract the punters.

And to enliven proceedings this week a group of about 8 kids – about 12-14 in age – came along to demonstrate and shout in support of the Palestinians.  This riled the Zionists even more as they accused us of  ‘brain washing’!!

I have removed the photograph of a group of children demonstrating in our support as the Zionists have begun trying to target them.  No one, however young is it seems safe from the prurient attentions, abuse and false allegations of Simon Cobbs and his freakish ‘Christian’ friend Jill Young, people who spend most their lives justifying ethnic cleansing and the theft of land.


But the JC is determined not to let truth get in the way of its campaign to have the demonstration banned.  So the headline this week was ‘Protests turn nasty outside Ecostream’ with a picture showing 2 sets of demonstrators intermingling. In fact, at the shop’s request, the Israeli demonstrators went to the other side of the road as the shouting between the 2 sets of demonstrators was deterring shoppers.  Fat lot of good it’s done them as no one wants to be seen buying stolen goods anyway.  

Bedraggled Zionist Demonstration

But the real purpose behind the distorted and untrue coverage of the Jewish Chronicle is to provide a basis for an application to the High Court to issue an injunction against the demonstration, on the grounds of fear, intimidation etc. etc.  The only problem is that the evidence is against them.  Despite accusations of having been spit on and been subject to anti-Semitic abuse, the opposite is true.  3 members of the PSC demonstration have been assaulted, including myself.  Simon Cobb grabbed one demonstrator from behind and gripped his neck.  Another woman had a megaphone pushed in her face and I was attacked by a mentally ill transvestite who goes by the name ‘Chelsea’.

The only anti-Semitic abuse that there has been has been by the same Simon Cobb who thought it funny to shout ‘Jews Out’.  Not that he’s the first or the last Zionist to do so.   Since the Palestinian demonstration usually has a number of Jewish people on it the idea that we would demonstrate against Zionist racism whilst indulging in anti-Semitism is wishful thinking.  As for spitting, it is strange that there have been no reports of this or abuse.  ‘Twould seem that the Zionists are once again in the game of invention.  

Police Tweet – mentions we’re peaceful as usual but nothing about ‘mob rule’

 If you read Sussex Police’s twitter feed than the Police Liason Officer says ‘Looking forward to peaceful protest and good communication (as usual)!’  Hardly sounds like mob-rule.

The mad Christian Zionist woman in blue protests we are ‘brainwashing’ kids who turn up to support us!

What there has been is one conviction under the Public Order Act, where a passer-by  (not an ‘anti-Israeli activist as the Jewish Chronicle has twice stated) was convicted of making a Nazi salute in the direction of the Zionist demonstration.  Apparently someone else was also arrested for this today.  It is to be hoped that s/he pleads not guilty because what was almost certainly intended was a form of satire, in other words irony.  People see Jewish demonstrators in favour of ethnic cleansing [the Christian fundamentalists on the Zionist demonstration call the Palestinians who are being evicted and having their land stolen ‘occupiers’ – the Jews were there 3,500 years ago!] and people give a Nazi salute as if to say, you of all people should remember the evils of racism.

Bored security guard

Indeed I can remember the 3rd demonstration I attended in my life.  It was at Twickenham back in 1970 against the touring South African Springboks.  A crowd of thousands outside the ground chanted ‘sieg heil’ the Nazi chant at those attending.  Did it mean we were therefore Nazis?  Of course not.  We were indulging in a form of political irony.  Those who demonstrate in favour of racism and ethnic cleansing cannot expect a free pass.





  1. Glenn Williams

    Nice one Tony. I think for extra effect they could get some branded tumbleweed to decorate the shop. Looking at the article author's twitter feed shows exactly how biased her reporting is. She is entitled to have a slant on her articles but she is not entitled to print downright provable lies and the article should be reported to the PCC. She's not even interpreting the evidence to push her own case, she's just making stuff up.

  2. Naomi

    Thanks to Tony for demonstrating yet again what a rubbish job the JC is doing, and what a disservice to British Jews who feel obliged to toddle out and buy it once a week. Hopefully at least half of them realise it's peddling an Alice through the Loking Glass view of the world.

  3. Glenn Williams

    This afternoon one of these charming and delightful counter protesters has made a claim on Twitter that the youngsters pictured returned after the demo to racially abuse them.

    Since they all left with an adult this seems quite unlikely and I'm guessing it's yet another case of just making stuff up as per the JC article on the basis that generally it's harder for kids to defend themselves against accusations made by adults. Of course they need to have proof and I would suggest that since they have had to rely on circulating your photo they have absolutely no evidence and will again end up exposing themselves to ridicule and will achieve nothing.

    Funny that after their incessant filming they don't have their own footage of the supposed "incident". But they say they have already contacted BHMF and will be contacting schools in an attempt to identify the youngsters.

    They're really not happy they turned up are they.

  4. Anonymous

    Tonys taking kiddies pictures.. Naughty naughty.

  5. Anonymous

    Hope the parents approve of you taking photos of underage kids and plastering it on your sleazy blog.. ESP after youve been writing about bondage, and submission, and domination :-0 And then you talk about children:—-o Most parents I know would think it's a bit… You know.. A bit… suspect

  6. Stephen Hoffman

    As usual Tony don't let the truth get in the way of a good story. Some of those involved in protests against Veolia have got violent. The JC is just reporting it. Just because, you disagree with it you go onto pathetic personal attacks on the JC, its writers and Simon Cobbs. Even Caroline Lucas, hardly a friend of Israel, has said she recognises and will look into concerns people have about how the protests have got out of hand in relation to Ecostream. I have no problem with freedom of protest whatsoever, but this does not excuse violence, which is against the law.

  7. Glenn Williams

    These supporters of the shop really are a slightly sorry and pathetic bunch aren't they.

  8. Tony Greenstein

    I think anonymous demonstrates what a sad sicko he is. It's perfectly legal to take pictures of children, it depends on what the purpose is.

    The unemployed centre takes hundreds of pictures of children on outings and sends them to those who funded the outing. Only someone with a twisted and warped mind would think that there's anything wrong in taking photograph of a child or children taking part in a protest.

    I wasn't writing about bondage or domination. I was merely commenting on the Christian woman, Jill, who believes that BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) refers to her obviously keen interest in things to do with Bondage and Domination. I guess that that is one reason why some people become involved in these fringe 'Christian' sects.

    The parents were very happy about their children asserting what they believed in. Not all of us are authoritarians.

    But I also note that it's not beneath scum like Anon to allege that the children came back, conveniently no one recorded it, to yell 'anti-Semitic' abuse. So children too who don't agree with Zionist ethnic cleansing are also anti-Semites?

    I tend to think that the indoctrination of Israeli kids and that appalling photo I once put up of a young Israeli girl writing a message on a missile destined for Lebanon is the real pornography – the pornography of war.

  9. Tony Greenstein

    As usual, the same unsubstantiated allegations. 'Some of those involved in protests against Veolia have got violent.' Who, when, where? And in your concern about violence, you might consider the violence of the occupation that Veolia benefits from.

    If the JC was just reporting it they would presumably have interviewed some of the protestors. But Pollard is on record as considering BDS an abomination, so the JC tells one side of the story only. And that is the lying side. Wasn't aware you could make a personal attack on a newspaper!

    Cobbs tried on one occasion to attack me but his actions were pointed out to the Police at the time and he feigned innocence. All the violence has been from the Zionist side because they can't take the fact that Sodastream is a polluted brand in Brighton and increasingly internationally.

    Caroline Lucas said she wanted hard evidence of your fabrications about anti-Semitic comments, spitting, anti-gay remarks etc. Since you have made everything up that will be difficult.

    Remember we are the ones who oppose groups like the EDL. You of course do not oppose British fascists, just as you didn't oppose European fascism and the Nazis. Reason? Anti-semitism and Zionism are two sides of the same coin. Both operate on the assumption that Jews don't belong in the diaspora.

    And of course the EDL/BNP/Breivik et. all are pro-Israeli/Zionist (& of course anti-Semitic!).

    You say you have no problem with freedom of protest whatsoever, but this does not excuse violence, which is against the law. Agreed. Please tell your Zionist friends that.

  10. Stephen Hoffman

    I meant Ecostream not Veolia. For a start those who have supported Ecostream have not engaged in any violence whatsoever. I therefore don't need to tell "my Zionist friends" as you lovingly refer to them anything, because they have done nothing wrong.

    The BNP is a disgusting racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic group, which the vast majority of Zionists have nothing to do with. The same applies to the EDL. As a proud Zionist, I believe I speak on behalf of many, that I have no truck whatsoever with the BNP and EDL.

    If you want to look at dodgy alliances, have a read of a great book by Nick Cohen: Whats Left. This documents how those on the far left have engaged and supported Islamic Extremist groups, who are homophobic, misogynist, antisemitic and hate moderate muslims (who are the vast majority of Muslims). Yet blinded by hatred of Israel, the far left joins in partnership with them. I've seen this first hand, when at PSC demonstrations the Hamas and Hezbollah flags have been held up high. Perhaps you should talk to "your friends" about that.

  11. Glenn Williams

    False allegations of violence seem to persist despite evidence to the contrary posted by the police over the course of the protests as has been pointed out.

    In addition the claims made by Ms. Williams and Mr. Cobbs are both totally untrue.

    Mr. Cobbs says "I told the guy who chained himself outside the shop that if he wanted to bully someone, he could bully me,” Mr Cobbs explained. At no stage did he talk to the guy chained to the shop. He did assault a legal observer and did use the words to him. I should know I was next to him when it happened and gave a statement to the police quoting those very words. He attacked the legal observer from behind while I was talking to him and facing Mr. Cobbs who headed straight for us and was taken away by the police immediately afterwards. At no stage did he interact with the guy locked-on.

    As for Ms. Williams she claims that far from assaulting anyone she had her phone knocked out of her hand twice. She was questioned by police immediately after the incident as was another witness. Presumably if Ms. Williams' version of events as reported in the JC is true she would have told the officer and it would be recorded. Again I was there and spoke to the officer and no mention was made of this occurring. Why would the police attempt to get the victim to accept an apology if Ms. Williams had said that evening that the phone had been knocked out of her hand twice?

    Lies, false allegations and insults is the only language that seems to come from these people.

  12. Tony Greenstein

    Ok, easily made mistake but what I said still holds. I have personally seen Simon Cobb try and assault people and one occasion he tried it with me. I was struck by a gentleman going into the shop and then he tried the same coming out and when I blocked him, forcefully, he complained to the Police who had seen his original actions and did absolutely nothing.

    I have also been assaulted by 'Chelsea' the transvestite.

    No of course your supporters have done nothing wrong. How many members of the NF and BNP have told me that. Maybe the hysterical woman who screamed outside Batsheva that I would have no one to say kaddish for me when I was dead (being an atheist I don't give a flying fuck!) is just another example of the hysteria of your supporters.

    Yes you are right. The BNP is a disgusting racist, antisemitic and Islamophobic group and likewise the EDL. Strange then that the EDL marches wit Israel flags and the BNP describes itself, and was even described by a Board of Deputies spokesperson in the Guardian, Ruth Smeed, as Britain's most pro-Zionist parties.

    At Ahava, Zionists like Jonathan Hoffman (only Vice Chair of the Zionist Federation) and the EDL were virtually holding hands. It was only belatedly, after about 3 months, that JH sent an e-mail to the Police to ask for separate pens. The racism of those outside the Rachel Corrie concert a few years ago, with comments such as 'paki' were a thing to behold.

    You say you want no truck with the EDL/BNP but it's strange that never, not once, have Zionists participated in mobilisations such as that in Brighton on April 22nd last when probably a couple of thousand Brighton people poured on the streets to put an end to the EDL march. It took careful preparation. People such as myself from PSC were involved in that. There were NO Zionists for one simple reason.

    Zionism starts from the premise that anti-Semitism cannot be fought, that it is a natural phenomenon of the non-Jew to the Jewish 'stranger'. You know that is true and I could cite a host of Zionist writers to prove the point [Klatzkin, Herzl, Pinsker, Ruppin etc.]

    I haven't read the book by Nick Cohen and I've read enough from this pro-war turncoat but quite simply, support for the Palestinian people, who elected Hamas when faced with the collaborationist Fateh under Abbas is not the same as political support for Hamas. Likewise we support the opposition of Hezbollah to the Israeli blitzkrieg on Lebanon and salute that, not any alleged anti-Semitism of theirs.

    In fact despite being pilloried a number of Israeli Jewish women live in Gaza undisturbed indeed they are petitioning the Israeli government to visit family in Israel.

    That hardly seems compatible with the picture of Hamas as neo-Naz etc. Just as Ahmedinajad of Iran, for all his many crimes, presides over a state with 25,000 Jews, including one in their parliament (Majilis). Again hardly what Nazi Germany did. It is Zionism which has created what anti-Semitism there is by portraying its actions as 'Jewish'.

    Yes Hamas are undoubtedly homophobic. They are politically reactionary and if you google or search this blog you will notice a number of articles criticising Hamas politically so you and Nick Cohen are still wrong.

    And if you are talking mysoginy and homophobia, Hamas cannot better the haredim and ultra-orthodox, quite the contrary. Or did u miss the story about women being forced to sit at the back of Jerusalem buses?

    Hezbollah and Hamas are supported in so far as they resist the occupier, whoever that occupier is. This is a long debate in the Trotskyist and revolutionary movement. Just as the Left supported the feudal reactionary Haile Selassie against Mussolini's Italy in 1935-6.

  13. Anonymous

    Cobbs has also been seen chanting "Kill the jews" outside the shop, not to mention inviting protesters round the back for a "one on one". The man is unbalanced. No wonder Ecostream asked him to move elsewhere!

    What Zionists don't seem to understand is that waving Israeli flags in peoples faces is counter-productive, NOT because members of the public are anti-semitic but because they saw on their TVs Israeli citizens picnicking and sipping beer on the hills above Gaza while death and destruction rained down on women and children below!

  14. Anonymous

    Gonna get arrested, Greenstein. You can teach the inmates how to rig polls, steal creditcards and fiddle with kiddies. Have you packed the case?

  15. Tony Greenstein

    I had to think long and hard before publishing the above, obviously libellous comment, from Simon Cobbs. I've done so only in order to demonstrate what a pathological liar the leader of Sussex Friends of Israel is.

    Suffice to say I do none of the above and if I did 'fiddle with kiddies' then given I have 4 children, including one disabled boy, I'm sure my custody, caring and access rights would have been removed.

    But this is the standard trope of fascists and anti-Semites, both of which Cobb is. Watch this space for more concerning the latter!

  16. stone

    Hmm, good job! This is really something!


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