Boy in the Crosshairs of Israeli Sniper Rifle

Boy in the Crosshairs of Israeli Sniper Rifle









Picture of Child in the Crosshairs of Sniper’s Rifle Sight Distributed as ‘entertainment’ on Israeli social media

All comment is superfluous




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  1. Watchful Iris

    The Jewish Chronicle has become part of the hasbarafia machine and a extremist's mouthpiece. Not only does it fail to deliver facts, but it's staffed by right-wing Zionist hypocrites. No fewer than 3 JC employees (Pollard, Lipman, Bright) were seen on Twitter making Catholic jokes when the Pope announced his retirement. Had the shoe been on the other foot….well, you know what would have transpired. The JC continues to host and even shelter the proven liar, Jonathan Hoffman as part of its pro-Israel propaganda agenda. The problem is, the only support it truly gets is from other far right Jewish extremists….who will ultimately be Israel's undoing.


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