Hunting Benefit Scroungers

Hunting Benefit Scroungers









Tally-Ho as the Toffs and Tory Press Wage a Campaign of Hate Against the Disabled & Unemployed

This blog has taken a break for a few weeks for a number of reasons, not least the need for me to do some writing unencumbered by the demands of a blog.

Here is an excellent cartoon showing our  hunting and horsey Prime Minister, fresh from his outings with Rebecca Brooks and riding a Metropolitan Police nag, indulging in a sport favoured among the ruling class – demonisation of the poor to protect their class.  It is taken from that excellent site Outrage 

It is unfortunate that politically the unemployed and working class in Britain to day are so politically backwards that many of them fall for this divide and rule nonsense.  Instead of the politics of class solidarity they fall for the campaigns of the Express and Mail in seeking a fresh scapegoat when the real reason  for poverty stares them in the face.

But if one wants to find a real parasite, then who better than Prince Charles, the Royal Family and those who caused the economic crisis?  Why he even employs someone to squeeze this tube of toothpaste – he is by all accounts known as the ‘silver stick’!

His Royal Highness the Chief Parasite

Apart from receiving extra state support, despite his multi-million income from the Duchy of Cornwall, Prince Charles also receives massive funding from the State directly.  as well as having received millions of pounds in ‘set-aside’ grants from the Europe – i.e. you are paid not to grow anything.

Another recipient is the Duke of Westminster, the third richest person in Britain with a fortune estimated at £6.5 billion, who collected £486,534 for his farm.





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