Israeli Street Sign in West Bank

An Israeli street sign placed in the occupied West Bank (near Bethlehem) on Road 375 going from El-Khader Junction with road 60 (Tunnel Road) to Ela Valley. The sign is placed just before crossing from the West Bank to Israel near the illegal, Jewish-only colony/settlement of Betar Illit and the Palestinian villages of Husan, Batir and Wadi Fuqeen (Betar Checkpoint, which is not on the Green Line, but rather inside the West Bank). It says in Hebrew:

“Welcome to Betar Checkpoint
This checkpoint is for the passage of Israelis only. It is forbidden to pass and/or drive a person through this checkpoint, who is not Israeli!!

“Israeli” – a resident of Israel, a person who lives in the area and is a citizen of Israel, or a person ENTITLED TO MAKE ALIYAH TO ISRAEL ACCORDING TO THE [JEWISH] LAW OF RETURN, 1950, AS VALID IN ISRAEL” (emphasis added) 

(PHOTO CREDIT: Dudy Tzfati via Roy, TRANSLATION CREDIT: Dudy Tzfati)
…and another such sign just sent to me by a friend:

Posted by Sam Bahour at 12:15 PM

Posted by Abraham Weizfield of the Jewish Peoples’ Liberation Organisation – Note:  

The grammatical logic of this Zionist sign is illogical and self-contradictory, as well. To say that Israeli Palestinians are permitted into a so-called ‘Jewish’ area is contradictory, unless this law means to say that Palestinian Israelis are not Israeli. By deligitimizing the presence of Palestinians in Israel they have in effect, the delegitimization of their own presence in Palestine. If they do not tolerate any national minorities then how do they tolerate themselves!

This concept also invalidates the Jewish claim to be recognized as citizens in any other State in the World. This is an invitation to Antisemitism for 2/3rds of the Jewish People. This indifference to Antisemitism is chronic to Zionism.

 The Sign also defines Israel as the “area”, a Land without borders operating at the whim of the self-determination of the Zionist State of Israel or any such portion, as well. By calling Palestine the name of Israel they also forfeit the greater part of the State of Israel, since it is constructed outside of the biblical boundaries of the ancient Kingdoms of Israel or Judea.

 This display of ignorance is only matched by the neurotic rejection of the original Covenant of Abraham, the patriarch whose legacy was to live in the Land of Kana’an as well as his descendants, forever. This was a promise to all the descendants of Abraham, including the Palestinians issued from Ishmael, the first-born. This is forgotten, and then forgetting the name of the Land – Kana’an, which had 7 Nations who lived side-by-side in the Land of promise and peace. In addition, the peace treaty with the Hittite Nation that was respected by Joshua on the return to the Land from Egypt, is also forgotten. The pretensions of the religious Zionists is beyond belief and credibility when one considers that the Jewish Law of Return if it applies, is granted to even if the person is not religious or perhaps of a similar compatible religion, like Islam for instance. And if so then many of the Palestinians qualify by virtue of their ancestors who are Jewish, among a large undetermined number of Palestinians.

 Such Judeophilia is as we say here in Kébèk, ‘fatigant’.