Settlers Attack Olive Pickers – Colonialism in Action

Settlers Attack Olive Pickers – Colonialism in Action









Armed with the Bible Israeli Settlers Steal the Land With the Israeli Army’s  Complicity

White European settlers, religious to a man (& woman) who ‘believe in the bible’ and god’s promise of 3,000+ years ago, come to uproot Palestinian peasant farmers picking olives.  No matter that the Palestinian have a greater claim than any American colonist to a link with the past.  What you can see is the Israeli army in action – the settlers are not harmed or touched.  Only the Palestinians, as they defend themselves, are arrested and harassed and attacked by the troops, whereas the bigots and the colonists are free to go about their daily harassment.

And of course we see in the West, the same fundamentalists – be they Christian or Jewish – who claim prior rights on the land of  indigenous people because of a ‘promise’ that god made thousands of years ago.  It’s the stuff of colonialism and fascism.

Tony Greenstein





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