Campaign Against Brighton’s Apartheid Sodastream Store

Campaign Against Brighton’s Apartheid Sodastream Store









Week 4 of the Settler’s Stolen Goodstore Picket Fewer Customers Than Ever

The fourth weekly picket against Brighton’s sodastream saw the first appearance of the Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods group.  On the Zionist side were the genocideal and anti-Semitic fundamentalist Christians who believe that the ‘Jews Return’ to Palestine justifies any and every barbarity – all in the name of Christ!

Unfortunately I couldn’t be there this week but the picket, by all accounts, went very well in my absence.  The same Zionists turned up to mouth the same platitudes about ‘anti-Semitism’ so it must have been quite a shock to see Jewish opponents of racism there. 

The Christian Fundamentalists were there too.  They are the same ones who proclaim that Hitler was god’s messenger boy, sent to drive the wicked Jews to Israel! 

Their religious theology desires Jews to ‘return’ to Israel in order that the Rapture and the Battle of Armageddon can take place, with the resulting death of the Jewsof course as the chosen ascend to heaven.  Of course all this nonsense is a cover for the material interests of the USA.

In the 1930’s Christian Fundamentalists were prime opponents of German Jewish immigration into the USA.  They were the bulwark of the anti-Semitic KKK, so it’s no surprise that Christians 4 Genocide have transferred their allegiance to the Zionists.  In Germany the same Christians formed the Reich Church under Bishop Muller and sought the approval of Hitler.  In order to effect the 2nd coming of Christ any barbarity and injustice is good enough.

PS:    And to the anonymous Zionist poster to this blog.  Don’t bother.  No anonymous Zionist comments are being let through so you will have to post a name AND valid e-mail address.  I know honesty is hard but there comes a time when you have to take responsibility for your murderous views.





  1. Mike

    Some of the Ecostream supporters are extremely aggressive. The guy on the left near the end of the video, with pushed up sunglasses and dark shirt, particularly so. At one point he was inviting demonstrators to step round the back for a "one on one". A police officer took him aside and told him to calm down.

    Do Sodastream condone this kind of behavior? Enquiring minds would like to know.

  2. Anonymous

    You are wasting your time Communist scum. We and the Brighton Police have got you kettled. And unlike Ahava Sodastream will use every means to fight your racist filth.

  3. Tony Greenstein

    It's probably this jerk. He posts quite a lot to the blog but I only rarely print hit verbal diahhorea. He doesn't like communists. At least he's honest since Zionists used to profess they were were progressive.

    Now he talks like the fascist he is. But he believes we are kettled!! And forgets that at Ahava they brought down the English Defence League and Jewish Defence Leage division of EDL. Fat lot of good it did since it proved to everyone that Zionists and Fascists go together like Torville and Dean!

    Yes he's a sad case. He spends his life defending the theft of others' lands and then accuses us of being communists!

  4. Mike

    Point of fact there was only ONE police officer present on Saturday and he was more interested in calming down Sodastream thugs than kettling peaceful protesters.

  5. Tony Greenstein

    Our whining and anonymous Zionist asks:

    'So tell me Tony, why is it that you publish some anonymous blogs from people who dont agree with you and not others.??!! Could it be that you like 'freedom of speech' only when you decide when to use it.'

    It has of course nothing to do with freedom of speech. I am no more obliged to print what an anonymous libeller sprays out than the Jewish Chronicle is forced to print what I write. They don't, even when they quote this blog!

    Freedom of speech means that you can say what you want without fear of arrest or persecution, not that I should allow an idiot who doesn't even put his name, let lone a contact address, to what he writes to take up space on the blog.

    If you want to post on this blog unhindered you have to be polite and not call me 'communist scum'. Communist I certainly am. 'Scum' belongs to the verbiage of Hitler, who called Jews 'soap dodgers' – much as the EDL have an obsession with (racial) hygiene.

    'Hypocrite is a word that spring.'

    I thought it came out in summer!

    Anony writes that 'We and the Brighton Police have got you kettled'. So our believer in 'freedom of speech' applauds kettling i.e. the prevention of the right of protest and demonstration. I guess that is better than the West Bank where they burn Palestinian crops and shoot the farmers.

    Freedom of Speech? I doubt you'd even recognise since you practice necropillia with Joe McCarthy.


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