Jerusalem Quartet Performance Disrupted in Brighton Tonight

Jerusalem Quartet Performance Disrupted in Brighton Tonight









A Not Too Happy Zionist Ends Up Swearing!

The Theatre Management Warn the Audience of What’s to Come
The Culture of the Oppressor Put Under the Spotlight

For a second time, the Jerusalem Quartet were part of the line-up at the Brighton Festival.  Following on from our successful disruption of their concert at London’s Wigmore Hall two years ago, some of us decided that it would be helpful if we enlivened proceedings somewhat. 

In all there were about 5 disruptions of the JQ and although they were under strict instructions to play on, the disruptions made them inaudible at times.

I won’t rehearse the old, familiar arguments about culture and politics.  This was, of course, the standard line of defence of the defenders of Apartheid in South Africa.  No doubt the Zionists would say that it would have been wrong to disrupt the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra when they portrayed the ‘cultural’ side of Nazi Germany.  And of course when it came to the issue of Soviet Jewry, the last major reservoir of Jewish immigrants in Europe who could form the settlers of the Occupied Territories, Zionist groups didn’t hesitate to disrupt the Bolshoi Ballet and other artistic representations of the Soviet Union.

Hence why the Jerusalem String Quartet’s recital at the Brighton Festival on May 8th was interrupted by protesters objecting to Israel’s apartheid system, its illegal occupation of Palestinian lands, its attacks on civilians in Gaza and its suppression of Palestinian human rights in Israel and the Occupied territories.

The action was taken in line with the call from Palestinian civil society for a boycott of state-supported cultural events. The call is available at

For previous coverage of the disruption of the Jerusalem Quartet see

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I was spotted during the interval and unfortunately missed adding to the heavenly delights, but not before there had been 3 prolonged disruptions with another two to come.  Since the disruptions were in groups it made little difference although it would have been nice to have added my vocal support to Israel’s music ambassadors!

Enjoy the clips of the demonstrators adding to the musical ensemble!

Tony Greenstein





  1. Anonymous

    Sick bastards.

    Disrupting concerts in this way only brings the hate you engender closer to your door.

  2. michael

    It was a wonderful concert. The dignity, musicality and serenity of this fine quartet could not have contrasted more starkly with the philistine slogan-shouting of the feeble-minded individuals who tried to destroy the evening, but who utterly failed.

    The mindless mob certainly succeeded in one thing: alienating all the music lovers in the audience. How they think this will help them in their cause I cannot imagine. But I suspect that thinking is not among their abilities.

    At the end of the performance the quartet thanked the audience for its patience and repeated a scherzo which had been interrupted.

    The final applause was overwhelming. It was an evening to remember.

  3. Tony Greenstein

    I'm sure, on the technical side, it was wonderful. Just as all those Springbok games we disrupted in the 1970's were 'wonderful' as well. But it wasn't the audience we were aiming at. Most of them have already decided that their own enjoyment comes before the suffering that Israeli 'cultural exports' cause.

    I can imagine Michael and anonymous writing the same things having just seen Furtwangler, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra's conductor in 1936/7. Beautiful music, only a few Jewish troublemakers to disrupt it.

    Sorry not taken in. Those who attended the first JQ concert I helped to enliven said the same thing but the message still travelled around the world that Israeli culture will no longer have a free pass.

    If you want to understand why Israeli culture rests on the oppression of Palestinian culture you can read

  4. Anonymous

    You are pathetic and sad people with misguided sentiments. Perhaps you should be spending your time demonstrating outside the doors of all the Arab embassies as they murder and brutally suppress their own populations.
    I wonder how you fund your ineffective cultural vandalism? you do not seem to have a day job – is it on the tax payer?
    The concert was marvelous and you failed to spoil it!

  5. Anonymous

    It was incredibly unreasonable to disrupt this concert. These musicians do not kill people, they are just trying to entertain. Protest outside, yes, but you cannot possibly think that disrupting a concert will get people on your side, if anything it will turn them against you. I agree with the theory of the protestors, but it was awful to take it out on a group of astonishingly talented musicians. What can you possibly have gained from this?

  6. Tony Greenstein

    Anonymous seems to have got his knickers in a twist. 3 e-mails in 3 minutes. Methinks despite the bravado that he understands that Israeli 'culture' is now part of the overall picture.

    Apparently we should be spending our time 'demonstrating outside the doors of all the Arab embassies as they murder and brutally suppress their own populations.'

    Yes but those very same Arab countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Saudia Arabia, Bahrain are supported by the same imperialist power, the USA, that subsidises Israel to the hilt. Is there a connection? Not in the foggy mind of Anon but most people can see that the US uses Arab dictators as junior partners in the exploitation of the region and Israel as its gendarme.

    And even those not directly under US tutelage, such as Syria, have worked very closely with the USA, even whilst retaining vestiges of independence. Extraordinary rendition was one example, the invasion of Lebanon in 1977 to attack the Left was another.

    The other anonymous commentator says we were being unreasonable. Why? Is not Israel's occupation unreasonable? Is not the wanton vandalism and attack on the Freedom Theatre in Jenin, the arrest of theatre workers, the vandalism, the physical shutting down of a Palestinian cultural festival in Jerusalem unreasonable?

    It seems Israel can attack Palestinian culture with impunity but if we bring this to peoples' attention by disrupting the colonists' culture that is unreasonable. Methinks it is unreasonable to expect us to give Israeli artists carte blanche.

    And as the links in the article make clear, the Jerusalem Quartet are willing ambassadors for Israel. Distinguished IDF musicians no less. So less cant and hypocrisy please.

  7. Anonymous

    Yeah, I think you mainly just got people thinking you were a bunch of crazies promoting a decent, honourable cause in a misguided way. I was a younger member of the audience (at the only classical concert I've been to in ages, not that that's a consideration, but still slightly frustrating for me) with a journalist friend and that was the bemused conclusion we came to. A couple of the players play in Daniel Baremboim's arab/Jewish orchestra that seeks to build bridges between the communities. That seems like a pretty good thing to me. Trying build bridges and understanding rather than just pissing people of and not really acheiving very much more than a bit of gossip.
    I'm a musician myself, hope next time I'm playin abroad no one takes me for an ambassador of the fucking British government.

  8. Tony Greenstein

    Although you can hide behind anon it would be more honest to give us your first name.

    No I don't suppose you would be thought to be an ambassador for Britain or this fucking government. But then this fucking government doesn't sponsor artists to act as the sugar on the ugly icing.

    As Yitzhak Lior, Israel's most famous poet, and a stern critic of Zionism, points out in Haaretz of 31.7.08, Israeli artists who are funded to tour abroad sign a contract.

    Section 12 of the contract says that all Israeli artists who receive state sponsorship must sign, states that:

    "The service provider undertakes to act faithfully, responsibly and tirelessly to provide the Ministry with the highest professional services. The service provider is aware that the purpose of ordering services from him is to promote the policy interests of the State of Israel via culture and art, including contributing to creating a positive image for Israel."

    that just about says it all. If you were indeed to sign such a contract then it would be perfectly legitimate to disrupt the concernt of a scumbag who tried to prettify the Iraq invasion etc.

    I'm sure you wouldn't but israel isn't Britain. It is a subsidised watchdog, funded by the USA, in order to wield the big stick over its neighbours. Barenboim's initiative is what wanky 'liberals' like yourself drool over. Try getting your head round the fact that Palestinians who take part in these things then have to go back to the West bank and live in the same shitty conditions, be stopped at a roadblock, see their belongings strewn out over the road.

    Yes that is the lot of students on the West Bank and meanwhile rabid settlers are confiscating their houses in Jerusalem which is being Judaified (don't understand the term – try deJewification, that's what the Nazis called it but in reverse).

    The purpose of the protest was to impact on those outside the concert hall, not prats like you.

  9. Anonymous

    You are fighting a lost cause with a ragtag bunch of losers who think what they do makes a difference in the Middle East – well it doesn't. In fact all your aggressive direct action only manages to do is piss people off and become more pro-Israel. Thanks to your misguided actions our numbers are growing so keep up your campaign which sends people to our websites in droves in search of the real truth about the terrorist state of Palestine and the people who support it.

  10. Tony Greenstein

    Ah yes, we are aggressive. Always the victim is aggressive. Just like those old cowboy and Indian films. The latter were the savages and the former did the civilising.

    There is no evidence that Zionist support is growing except among the far-Right. On the contrary there is a major problem for Zionism of disenchantment amongst American Jews, who are course don't go to Israel by and large because they are not recognised as Jews for purposes of birth, marriage and death.

    As for people going to Zionist websites in droves, I doubt it. That's why you come here!

    And they are unlikely to find out the truth about the 'terrorist state of Palestine' for the simple reason there is no such state.

    In short life does not reside on the Internet!

  11. Anonymous

    Ever the narcissist . Everyone's favourite antizionist Zionist .

  12. Tony Greenstein

    Ah, the ever diminishing Atzmon. I'm accused of being a narcissist. Clearly Atzmon hasn't looked at the beam in his own eye!

    No doubt the latest JQ disruption was an exercise in 'Judeocentrism'. Strange how the anti-Semitic Atzmon considers himself a supporter of the Palestinians when he opposes BDS.

  13. Anonymous

    Oh Tonyle….. You are so touched, that you send the comment twice….
    You are also getting senile…. since when is not supporting a pseudo tribal judeo organization, has anything to do with a fundamental concept of supporting a nation.
    For you BDS= Palestine supporter,.
    For you tonyle not supporting your tribal organization is not supporting Palestine.

    You are doomed, no wander you lost it all.

  14. Anonymous

    Tony Greenstein is not socialist. His sympathies lie with the fascist rulers of the Gaza Strip and West Bank who support the killing of Jews and the oppression of human rights. He is anti-Zionist, a movement dedicated to providing refuge to those threatened by violent anti-Semitism, and his sympathies appear to lie with extreme racists, such as the Palestine Authority, whose penal code sentences people to death for selling land to Jew (whether that Jew is Israeli or not, selling land to an Israeli Arab does not offend that law).

  15. Anonymous

    As much an exercise in futility as Judeocentrism .
    Incidentally , how is that Shekel account progressing . Your paymasters must have deposited a tidy sum by now for services rendered neutering the psc .

  16. Tony Greenstein

    Ah, two Zionists for the price of one. To deal with the stupid(er) one first.

    Of course I've never 'sympathised' with Hamas since I politically oppose them. But they were elected by the people of Gaza.

    Since the Israeli state and Shin Bet helped create them in the 1980's are we to believe Israel actively creates fascist groups? I know the Israeli state was in alliance with the Lebanese Phalange, named after the Spanish Falange and founded by an open admirer of Hitler, but I didn't realise that they were continuing the policy!

    If you support the Palestinians then you support Hamas. Yes this is the demonisation that the stupid anonymous Zionist subscribes to.

    Anti-Zionism was what most Jews were prior to the Holocaust. The Zionists of course did their best to prevent Jews escaping Nazi occupied Europe and openly said that the dead of the holocaust were the price that needed to be paid to sit at the negotiating table.

    The PA is an Israeli creation. It polices on behalf of Israel. If it stipulates death to those who sell Palestinian land (and Jew = Israeli in such a context) then that is their right.

    There is a long history of Arab collaborators selling the land of teh Palestinian peasants to Zionist agents, beginning with Sursuk selling 5000 dunums in the 1920s in the Jezreel Valley, whilst esconced as an absentee landlord in Beirut. The Ottoman Turks had effectively given the land of the peasants over to landlords. So it is understandable that collaborators of this stripe should be killed. Given the death and misery such behaviour creates who can blame them?

    However the PA is hardly the body to meet out justice to collaborators

  17. Tony Greenstein

    Ah my old favourite the mad Jazzman – Gilad Atzmon. Feeling lonely these days? Out of it? As Palestinians abandon you and people get on with support for the hunger strikers and breaking links with Israel, all you can do is poke fun and oppose BDS. No you can support the Palestinians and oppose BDS, as Finkelstein does, and at least he does it honestly unlike you Atzmon. He doesn't pretend to support it to some people and oppose it with others. Nor does he use anti-semitic tropes to justify his opposition.

    We all do what we do Atzmon and you do nothing. It's been a bad year for you hasn't it? No one wants to know you and your American tour was a disaster – low audiences and they walked out when you opened your mouth. In short you are a leftover.

    As you and others may have noticed, I have written nothing about Atzmon of late. When we won the argument the Harry's Place racists dropped their pretence that they opposed anti-Semitism of the Atzmon variety as opposed to everyone who supports Palestine being an anti-Semite.

    They were disappointed and so was Jazzman. But do tell Gilad, I don't know about Shekel accounts (that's your baby) but what about that Israeli informant you hang out with. Your closest friend and collaborator Mary Rizzo left you because of him. She tells me that she began to suspect that you were part of a false flag operation. Is that true? Mary may be contrary but she doesn't like unlike you.

    What is your relationship with Mossadnik Morris Herman? Lovers, sycophant or just tribal solidarity?

    And do try and be honest Gilad. Use your own name for once, we know who you are!!

  18. Anonymous

    The Carmel is just the place for you to spend those hard earned Shekels . You might even decide to retire there and do the cause a mighty big favour .
    Barghouti summed it up . Since when do white anti Zionist zionists set the agenda and speak for the Palestinians . You can't even make your minds up what to boycott . Settlement or everything . Jury still out ?

  19. Tony Greenstein


    I'm not acquainted with the Carmel or other luxury hotels in Israel, unlike your good self.

    But shekels are your currency not mine! Though whether yours are hard earned is another matter since I understand you are also a property speculator.

    Omar Barghouti is indeed correct that white anti-Zionists shouldn't set the agenda. Are you suggesting that Omar and the BNC would disapprove of the disruption of the JQ? I listen very carefully to Omar Barghouti and what he says. If I remember rightly that included, along with Ali Abunimah and the Angry Arab et al. that you are a Zionist and anti-Semite.

    You are wrong though to say that I can't make up my mind what to boycott. I boycott Israeli institutions, goods and their cultural exports – which of course includes you.

    Pass on my regards to Mossad's Morris Hermann and ask him whether they'll take you back now your cover is blown.

  20. Anonymous

    On second thoughts no need to access the Shekel account to draw cash .
    There's no chip and pin system in Israel . You will do just fine .

  21. Anonymous


    why don't you disrupt Atzmon concerts.
    He is Israeli (lives in the UK so what? some of the Jerusalem Q live outside of Israel too…..), he was in the IDF….. for you he works for them…… , all the arguments you raise up regarding the Jerusalem Q apply to Atzmon, so how come I don't see you and your gang disrupt him…….

  22. Anonymous

    You are a mentally sick prick with a criminal record. One day you will be beaten up senseless and we will open the champagne.

  23. Tony Greenstein

    Why don't we disrupt Atzmon concerts? Because his concerts aren't officially sponsored by the Israeli state, he no longer lives in Israel, many of his audience walk out anyway when he opens his mouth and many others support the Palestinians but are taken in by the charlatan.

    The fact that Atzmon is a common and garden racist isn't reason for disrupting his concerts. So too is Eric Clapton. BDS is a tactic and often it isn't appropriate. Since many people wrongly identify Atzmon as a Palestinian supporter the wrong message might come across and in any case boycott isn't directed at Israelis as individuals or because of their national origins but because they tours abroad are in support of the Israeli state.

  24. Tony Greenstein

    After 2nd thoughts I decided to publish the comments of the anonymous Zionist who wishes me beaten up 'senseless' (even so I'll have more sense that the cowardly person who penned this missive but is afraid to give his name).

    Clearly he is one of the more articulate Zionists I've come across but it is proof that Zionists find Boycott goes to the heart of what they believe in.

    Unsurprisingly Atzmon is happy to lend the Zionist prick a helping hand!

  25. Anonymous

    "Because his concerts aren't officially sponsored by the Israeli state"
    You say he is a mosad agent… what happened to you…… that is not sponsored by the Israeli state????.
    let here a better answer, regarding why not disrupt Atzmon concerts in Pizza express Jazz Club or Ronnie Scott's…. haven't seen anyone going out…….

  26. Anonymous

    Why assume some weedy Zionist type posted that comment . Perhaps it came from one of the true ex psc activists you've succeeded in expelling in your recent Judeocentric purge .
    It's obvious you are accumulating a good few enemies as you go about deciding who is appropriate to fight for Palestine and who not .
    Barghouti may have a valid point but just was too polite to identify the ' Greenstein ' type of anti Zionist Zionist subverting the cause .
    My advice keep looking over your shoulder
    Beware the Ides of March !

  27. Tony Greenstein

    Well obviously if Atzmon is a Mossad agent they aren't going to blow his cover by sponsoring his concerts. In any event I doubt he needs sponsoring, given he is or was a property speculator

    I make no assumptions about you Atzmon, since you are too cowardly even to sign off under your own name.

    But don't be shy. tell us about Morrie Herman and you two get up together. it was enough for Mary Rizzo to say goodbye to you as she didn't want to become entangled in your Zionist schemes.

    Of course Omar Barghouti has a point. Let me remind you of the point that he and others made recently:

    'With this letter, we call for the disavowal of Atzmon by fellow Palestinian organizers, as well as Palestine solidarity activists, and allies of the Palestinian people, and note the dangers of supporting Atzmon’s political work and writings and providing any platforms for their dissemination. We do so as Palestinian organizers and activists, working across continents, campaigns, and ideological positions.

    Atzmon’s politics rest on one main overriding assertion that serves as springboard for vicious attacks on anyone who disagrees with his obsession with “Jewishness”. He claims that all Jewish politics is “tribal,” and essentially, Zionist. Zionism, to Atzmon, is not a settler-colonial project, but a trans-historical “Jewish” one, part and parcel of defining one’s self as a Jew. Therefore, he claims, one cannot self-describe as a Jew and also do work in solidarity with Palestine, because to identify as a Jew is to be a Zionist. We could not disagree more. Indeed, we believe Atzmon’s argument is itself Zionist because it agrees with the ideology of Zionism and Israel that the only way to be a Jew is to be a Zionist.

    It is no surprise that you identify with Zionist threats. I'm used to them. They are from the same poisoned well as the neo-Nazi threats I received as well. Only one person was expelled, a fellow holocaust denier who long since dropped out of Palestine solidarity work.

  28. Anonymous

    Oh dear Tonyle
    You appear to be reading too many stories recently about double agents when the only one is you .
    You pride yourself over having purged one stalwart of the Palestinan cause .
    Was that due to your attack dogs administering a three line whip which nevertheless resulted in 20 % ignoring you, or was it due to your involvement with the series of HP articles on the psc .
    Your future was set out in 2007 , when your attempt to derail the psc with two ugly resolutions was swatted away .
    Tonyle forever tilting at windmills , ever the pea Cock
    Who are we today ? J big J small jfjfp lol or the Zionist Fed .
    Gearing up for the Globe Tonyle ? Along with your fellow Wandering Minsterals . Ever the narcissist when you are the problem .
    Take the advice from an old friend ! Pack up and retire to Israel . Take the double kiss from Bibi and fade off into the sunset .

  29. Anonymous

    your claims the the Jerusalem Quartet is sponsored by the government of Israel is not true.
    ) The Jerusalem Quartet’s concerts are not presented by, or sponsored by the Israeli government.
    2) The Jerusalem Quartet does not receive funding or support from the state of Israel, they are a private proffesional quartet, with offices promoters WW.

    If you have any information from your side, bring them up.
    If you don't have any argument, then the same apply's to Atzmon concerts, Let me get back to basic.
    there is NO deference between them, He is Israeli (lives in the UK , some of the Jerusalem Q live outside of Israel too….., both were in the IDF….. .

    So………….. why not disrupt Atzmon?????

  30. Anonymous

    If its the mosad sponsoring….. you think you will know that they sponsor?????
    he could not make a living, with his small gigs, so its for sure they are sponsored.
    his property speculator is a mosad setup.

    Meaning, he is sponsored….. so he should be a target for disrupt…..
    You see you lost your case.

  31. Tony Greenstein

    Atzmon is still sore over the removal of a holocaust denier from PSC. Yes we lost 3 years ago as people didn't take our warning about him seriously. This time they did and 80% voted with us and since most of the rest were batty Maoists I think it can be said that there was virtual unanimity on expelling FCL.

    Of course I have no involvement in HP and nor have I ever gone out drinking with David Toube or Mad Mikey Ezra of HP. Shall we remind ourselves of how close Atzmon is to those who are allegedly opposed to him?

    'Last week, Mikey invited me for a drink with Gilad Atzmon. Mikey’s thoughts on Gilad and his worldview follow, below.
    Gilad was, I have to say, utterly charming and a delightful drinking companion….

    Is Gilad Atzmon a racist? Not in the narrow sense of being preoccupied by genetic differences between people certainly. He is rather, I think, a ‘cultural essentialist’: if such a term exists.'


    We won't mention your joint collaboration with MM will we Gilad?

    The Jerusalem Quartet is sponsored by the State of Israel, and by that I include organisations which act on its behalf. The Jerusalem Music Centre and the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

    See my article

    Reasons for boycotting them include:

    The Jerusalem Quartet should be boycotted because they:

    1. perform for Israeli Ambassadors
    2. accept they are cultural ambassadors for Israel
    3. are sponsored on tours by the Israeli Government
    4. were introduced to the audience by an Israeli Ambassador on stage
    5. have an official status inside the Israeli Army as Distinguished IDF Musicians, a status reported around the world, a status that was never withdrawn and never repudiated by them
    6. are seen by Palestinians as a legitimate target for the cultural boycott on the basis of accurate information.

    they have previously described themselves as Israeli cultural ambassadors, have never spoken out against the ethnic cleansing in the city they name themselves after and are therefore complicit in the continued ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem. They are perfect targets.

    I think I've done my bit re Atzmon. There is a very large difference between Atzmon's racism and that of the JQ. Atzmon is not a cultural ambassador on behalf of Israel, he doesn't (openly anyway) support Israel's policies towards the Palestinians. I repeat the JQ are not a target because they come from Israel but because of the role they undertake. If they were to dissociate themselves from Israel's actions and behaviour and condemn the eviction of Arabs in Jerusalem for the establishment of jewish neighbourhoods and all the rest, then I'm sure people would reconsider.

    I notice Gilad has gone quiet on Morris Herman. Such a nice Jewish boy I'm told. Pity he's mixed up with Mossad.

    Still Palestinians are learning that Atzmon is a honey trap.

  32. alanadale

    Good on you Tony Greenstein for drawing the venom of the viper. Extraordinary how quickly the argument of the Zionists degenerates into puerile personal attacks and invocations of a Fascist Neo Nazi past they are so busy replicating.


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