Unbelievable Brutality from Israel’s Military Scum

Unbelievable Brutality from Israel’s Military Scum









The routine murder of Houda Hawajah Houda Hawajah was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Unlike Jewish terrorist settlers, the military didn’t knock on the door – they blew the door away and with it the life of Houda. You can see the terror on the daughter’s face but to the military trash who did this there are other concerns. One smiling Jewish soldier, opines on ‘I don’t know what we are doing here. Clarification maybe. It’s dirty. I don’t know why a good Hebrew boy should be here so far from his home.’ Another soldier with a Nazi mentality thought that the operation wasn’t so bad and approved of it. Presumably if its mother had been murdered in cold blood it would have a different opinion. Despite the pleas of a young girl, these thugs then smash down a wall to get into the next door house. But this tape wasn’t supposed to be broadcast at all. Foreign journalists are banned, unsurprisingly from such operations. Not that you would ever know, since the Zionist Chair of the BBC, Mark Thompson, wouldn’t dream of having such a thing mentioned for fear of upsetting Britain’s friends abroad. As we are told, all 3 networks in Israel agree that if the army doesn’t like the footage it isn’t broadcast. And the army didn’t like it but Channel 2 broke the embargo. Ranaan Gissin, the Israeli government spokesperson was blunt and angry: ‘I would have expected a little bit more, I would call it self-censorship.’ This from someone who would routinely condemn Palestinian censorship. The official army liar went into hasbara-speak. ‘Our action is so difficult to be done. It is at the extremes of acceptance (who by?). But even this smiling Nazi-style liar, when asked about refusing to take Houda to hospital can only say: ‘It’s a mistake’. But that too is a lie. It was no mistake but normal routine to deny injured Palestinians access to medical treatment. A mistake is something that happens by accident. This happened by design.





  1. Gert

    This Ranaan Gissen guy is a Hoffie-like figure: I’ve seen him quite a few times on Press TV and he’s really quite bad for Israel’s image; a kind of a media attack poodle.

    At JsF they claim this is old news, is that right?

    I heart Ranaan Gissen!

  2. Anonymous

    Are you going to help save the Morning Star…….
    or your antisemite dialect see the "Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion" as a historical curio

  3. Anonymous

    Gert, at YouTube this video was uploaded Jan 18, 2009. Viewed 125.000 times.


  4. Anonymous

    your ongoing failure to call out and condemn the Diaspora Jewish nationalists and their historical record of mass murder in partnership with Leninists and Stalinists.

    attacking the Zionists not out of moral outrage, but rather because an indictment of your Jewish nationalists with which the left has had such a long-term, profitable, and enduring relationship in agitation, subversion and totalitarianism, and hopes to preserve at all costs for future joint endeavors.

  5. Anonymous

    You really are the most vile of indivdual. If you had been around in the 1930's I fear you would have thrown yourself into the ovens at a concentration camp as you so obviously hate your religion that much. Were you dropped on your head as a child? Why don't you convert to Islam?

    I suspect you have nothing else to do all day. Please don't tell me you are on benefits and my taxes are paying for you to abuse the internet.

  6. Tony Greenstein

    The last post is interesting, not of course for what it says, but for the fact that it is incapable of defending what Israel's military do, day in and day out.

    So instead of trying to defend the indefensible we have what is becoming the last resort of the deranged an inarticulate Zionist, who just knows he's right despite all the evidence to the contrary. The Holocaust.

    So the holocaust, during which the Zionist movement was happy to collaborate and pretend wasn't even happening,is now the surrogate explanation for anything this trash do now.

    But telling the truth means I 'obviously' hate the Jewish religion? WHy obvious? Presumably he's saying that the religion is responsible for the murder of an innocent Palestinian woman. And who's anti-semitic?

  7. Anonymous

    good on ya. these israeli fucks are the most arrogant in the world. i don't support any fanatics. none.


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