Brighton Demonstration Protests Against Vampire ATOS

Brighton Demonstration Protests Against Vampire ATOS









ATOS – Private Bloodsuckers After Your Disability Benefits

An excellent demonstration was held in Brighton’s Churchill Square today against ATOS, the private company which conducts the Work Capability Assessment which is removing benefits at an alarming rate from the disabled and sick.

Terminal illness madam? Don’t worry, as long as you can lift your index finger you can do some work. Cancer? Don’t worry we’ll find something. An amputee? Well let’s see what you can do.

We therefore staged a pantomime which involved a health professional and a talking computer which interpreted everything as favourable to the claimant working. We received an enormously warm reception from people both in Churchill Square and outside the ATOS headquarters. All that is except from ATOS themselves. When I began speaking into the megaphone, the windows started closing! It must have been hot inside, but the message got through to the scum inside.

Brighton has a very active group, Brighton Benefits Campaign which consists of both employed and unemployed people. We are waging an unrelenting campaign against the ATOS bloodsuckers, Maximus and all the other privateers that seek to make millions out of others’ misery.

Needless to say the Police took time out from investigating employers guilty of employing people in dangerous working conditions to protect ATOS!

Tony Greenstein





  1. Anonymous

    If you are truly disabled there is no issue if your not get lost and stop sponging.

  2. Tony Greenstein

    The point is that there is an issue is you are disabled. A number of disabled people have not been able to withstand the pressure and have simply committed suicide. Were they 'spongers' an offensive term which is never applied to the parasites who gambled with the money belonging to pensions funds and ordinary workers.

    Being blind doesn't mean apparently you can't work, nor does having cancer. But why when there are 2.5+ million unemployed is it necessary to push clearly disabled people into work or into that job market?

    Answer is very simple – the more people chasing a job the lower the wages that bosses can offer. So far from sponging, claimants actually mean you have a decent standard of living relatively working.


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