The Egyptian Revolution Begins – Is Mubarak On The Way Out?

The Egyptian Revolution Begins – Is Mubarak On The Way Out?









The Overthrow of Mubarak is the Best Present the Palestinians Could Receive

Egypt is, after Saudi Arabia and Israel, the United States closes ally in the Middle East and the recipient of the largest amount of US aid after Israel itself. The Tunisian revolution, itself only half-finished, is beginning to take off. These are early days, but we may be beginning to see the first cracks in over 30 years of stability in these reactionary Arab regimes.

Mubarak’s regime, dependent on torture and repression, may be nearing its final days. Note the contrast between Hilary Clinton’s appeal for calm (presumably the demonstrators are getting too excited!) and the American reaction were say Chinese police to engage in the same brutalities.

The Abbas clique in Ramallah have been joined at the hip with Mubarak’s regime. They have urged it and Israel, as the Palestine Papers show, to increase the severity of the blockade on Gaza. This utterly corrupt group of despots, the equivalent of the Judenrat (Jewish Councils) in Nazi occupied Europe is beginning to seek less secure as it is shown to have offered Israel’s leaders everything and in return gained nothing except their deserved contempt.

Below are two videos which show both the desperation and determination of the demonstrators.

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  1. Miss Costello

    The late, great Sam Cooke;

    "A change is gonna come."

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