English Nationalist Alliance (EDL Brighton) Scum Send Me Another Death Threat!

English Nationalist Alliance (EDL Brighton) Scum Send Me Another Death Threat!









Fascists Rally In Support of EDO Bomb Factory (well 5 of them anyway!)

It’s sometimes difficult these days to tell the difference between Zionist and neo-Nazi death threats. One clue is when you are told that it is a pity you and your family didn’t die in Auschwitz. Most neo-Nazis deny that Auschwitz was every anything but a comfortable holiday camp whereas Zionists do accept the Holocaust, albeit they twist it into their own narrative (e.g. forgetting that most Jews who perished were anti-Zionist).
But you have to credit the morons of the English Nationalist Alliance-EDL, 5 of whom got themselves beaten up outside Brighton Station last Wednesday. They are a few sandwiches short of a loaf. The idiots sent me a letter, naturally they don’t have the guts to put their name to it, threatening that if I were to join last Wednesday’s Smash EDO protest then I would ‘get it’. Get what? Brains like them? They don’t say but I suspect they were meaning something like we’ll hide in the bushes to have a pop. Britain’s fascists don’t like protests against an arms company. Even if it is American. Burning kids alive with the bombs that EDO provides the trigger mechanisms for is much more to their liking. Strange how Zionists and neo-Nazis have so much in common! And just to emphasise how accurate their intelligence, if that is the right word, they inform me that they know where I live and they even know my movements. Pity then they couldn’t have got the address right! The postcode is wrong, there is no number, they’ve missed out a line of the address. The miracle is that I ever got the letter. As it is it arrived a mere 5 days after the demonstration! Unfortunately I was unable to go as I had an employment conference in London. No matter, the Unemployed Centre will contribute to the Defence Fund of those arrested. Tony Greenstein





  1. Anonymous

    Turning pictures of Mengele Family into the French. Met the old man's family in South Louisiana on their way to Argentina. I promised my Grandparents on both side that I lived long enough that I would return them to the French. I am sorry that the Israeli's feel that they are their property. They tortured and hunted more than just those of the Jewish Faith. They turned in their own country to Hitler. And, France deserves to have the first shot. They violated the Treatise @ Versailles, their degrees are being revoked as well as their passports. The only valid identification papers will be those issued by the Prefect(s) and hopefully it will be a one way ticket. The rest of the world will have to be satisfied with the pictures.

    Deborah Jannette Adams (Gauthier/Worsham) (Rains/Johnson)


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