The Truth About Israel’s Murder Spree on the High Seas Starts Coming Out

The Truth About Israel’s Murder Spree on the High Seas Starts Coming Out









Israel’s Lies about Murdering Armed Aid Workers on the Mavi Marmara Exposed

Ever since the murder of at least 9, almost certainly more, people on the Mavi Marmara, Israel has taken to the airwaves in a PR blitzkrieg. Far from being the murderous thugs and war criminals that they are, they were the victims of anti-Semitic terrorists! Of course most people in the world don’t believe this utter fantasy (BBC excepted of course!). It is obvious that the 4th strongest military power in the world, which surrounded 6 unarmed ships and shot up one of them, with numerous armed ships of their own, were anything but victims. If people resisted guns with sticks and even had a couple of plastic slings (echoes of David & Goliath!) then they were incredibly brave. Israel of course confiscated all cameras and mobile phones precisely because they didn’t want the truth to get out. But the video below did emerge from Al Jazeera because of satellite transmissions. It clearly shows the terrible atmosphere of fear aboard the Mavi Marmara as bullets whizzed all around. It is clear that the ship was being shot up from the outside. In weeks to come we will no doubt learn whether the killers came with a specific list of people to take out. And until there is a count of all those missing we will also not know how many actually died on board and whether it was more than 20 and how many were injured. If Iran or China or North Korea did this there would have been outrage. The United States would not have blocked a UN Security Council resolution which called for an independent inquiry. When North Korea sank a South Korean vessell recently there was a UN inquiry. Would the USA have been content with Kim Il Jung appointing the Inquiry? Or if Iran had not only seized people outside its waters but killed many of them with live fire? Would the West have been so complacent? The video is compelling evidence. Also I recommend people watch the video of the press conference given by Sara Colborne, Palestine Solidarity Campaign National Director, who was on the Mavi Marmara. Not surprisingly after what she has gone through she looked utterly exhausted and shocked, if not traumatised. Unfortunately it is too long to place here but it is compelling evidence.





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